Buying a New Or Used Dirt Bike? Which Is the Best Option for You?

The hardest choice people have when buying their first dirt bike is whether to buy new or used. Although every choice has its pros and cons, I think buying used dirt bikes is a great way to save a lot of money. However, buying a new model have a lot of advantages and this can also be excellent.

What should I buy, new or used dirt bike? Used dirt bikes are designed for people who want to save money and get enough quality but are willing to settle for a lesser quality while new dirt bikes are designed for people who have the budget and don’t mind spending money on a quality model. It’s important to know that new models are the recommended option but if you do not have the money, used models were probably the best option for you.

There is no clear answer on which to buy, and this depends on many different factors, so it is very important that you read through this guide to know everything about used and new dirt bike — the differences, advantages and disadvantages, and what suits you best.

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Used dirt bikes

Used dirt bikes are a great idea to save a lot of money, and in fact, they can sometimes cost cheaper than the original model by almost a hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars but with that, buying used has a lot of risks and disadvantages due to its quality much poorer than the original model because of eroded parts. Also, it can sometimes be even worse if the original model of the used you want to buy has some parts that are not durable, so imagine when they become old fashioned and sold as used dirt bikes.

Another risk of buying a used is that you will not know if the model the seller sells to you is stolen or not because there are tons of sellers who steal dirt bikes and offer them used. Although I wrote an article on how to know if a used dirt bike is stolen before you buy them (click here to read), sometimes, you won’t know for sure if the bike is not stolen.

In my opinion, used models would only be suitable for those who really want a bike but don’t have enough money to pay the full price of the new model and are ready to settle for lesser quality. While you can always make a repair for the used bike, note that this pays you and will not bypass the original price of the model, but this is all up to you. However, I would not advise you to buy used bikes if you have the money to buy the new model, always remember that buying a new bike is the best option but not for everyone.

Also, always remember why people sell their bike, below are some reasons:

10% of people sell their dirt bikes to upgrade.
10% of people sell their dirt bikes because of financial difficulties.
80% of the people sell their dirt bikes because of its oldness or some kind of troubles. source

Disadvantages of buying used dirt bikes

  • Less in quality – Most used dirt bikes that are sold are not in the best condition, and of course, it all depends on the seller and how the seller makes use of the bikes. But with this, I believe that used bikes come in parts that are worn out and not in the best condition. Also, the cheaper the bike is, the more you will be sure that the parts of the bike and its overall shaft are not in the best condition.
  • The used dirt bike may be stolen  Many sellers are found selling used bikes that they stole, and this is very common nowadays, so you must be very cautious in this regard.
  • There may be hidden problems – You may easily fall in the hand of a cheat seller who sells used model that looks good externally but the components themselves are very outdated and not working properly, and sometimes, the problems will not arise immediately but will pop up after a few days or weeks. So, I would recommend you take the bike to someone who will check that all parts and components are in good condition.
  • No Warranty – Usually, when you buy new dirt bikes, you will get a full warranty for at least a good couple of years, so if there is damage to the bike, the hydrogen agency will give you a warranty to cover the damage but this is not the case for used bikes. Sometimes, the warranty still covers the used bikes but it is difficult to use it again, so the warranty you get from the seller will be of a few months or even a year but not full responsibility like a new bike.
  • Design and Color Selection – When you want to buy a new model, all the designs and colors of the model will be presented to you to choose from, but for used bikes, you will have to settle for just the one color that the seller offers you. Talking about the design, the last year’s design cannot be compared to this year’s design. I will expand on this later in another article.

Advantages of buying used dirt bikes

  • More cheaper – It’s obvious that used bikes are cheaper than new ones, but in most cases, you can find used bikes sold for a very low price of up to thousands of dollars. Yes, even my friend bought used dirt bikes for about $2,000 of different from the original price and he still did not get the best quality of the bike, but he did go and repaired all the parts and made the bike look like a new. With this repair, he still saved a lot of money because repairing is not costly, so it is a good thing to think.
  • More parts – Sometimes, some good sellers have good parts and will give you parts borrowed together for used dirt bikes at no extra charge, such as maintenance and cleaning equipment, stand, accessories and more which is something you do not get when buying new dirt bikes.
  • Seller’s Advice – Another advantage of buying used bikes is that you get the seller’s advice because it is only the seller that knows the best about his bike and can give you lots of tips on when to ride, how long to maintain the bike, and even riding tips that you can’t get from a new model.

Who is meant for used dirt bikes?

Used dirt bikes can certainly be a great choice for anyone who wants to save money and willing to take all the risks and disadvantages because you can always buy used dirt bikes for a very low and affordable price as well as fix them at a low price. A good idea is to buy used bikes as a novice rider that want to learn how to ride, and after a few months, buy a newer, more advanced dirt bikes to invest more money. Again, it is very important that you read all the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used bike before you decide which one to buy.

You will always remember that you have one of the following reasons as your personal reason for buying a used dirt bike.

You need to buy a used model if…

  • You will not use dirt bikes regularly and will only use it on weekends.
  • You are a beginner rider who needs a used model as a way to learn how to ride, probably for less than 2 years, and after that, you will move to a more advanced model.
  • You found a good deal at a low price, maybe from your friends or close family or someone you know very well, and of course, the model is in relatively good condition.
  • You do not have enough money to buy a new model and you are willing to pay less money to get a less good quality bike.

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New dirt bikes

New dirt bikes are, in my opinion, the best option for buying more from used, mainly because once you buy a new one, you will be calm and won’t have to worry about liabilities and hidden damages that may occur.

Also, in general, no risk is involved. You pay the money and get exactly what you paid for. It is also important to know that the dirt bike companies always add and upgrade their models every year, so you definitely get the best performance by buying a new model compare to used ones where you buy an old model that won’t give you the new performance of the model, not to mention the latest model, this is a huge drawback to buying a used bike.

Disadvantages of buying new dirt bikes

The truth is that there are not too many downsides to buying new dirt bikes but many advantages, the main downside is that the price is more expensive than used, so you have to note that.

  • More expensive price – Buying new bikes cost more expensive. There is nothing to do, and sometimes, it was even in differences of hundreds or thousands of dollars from used models, and if that is a serious factor for you and you cannot afford to spend the money on a new one, then used is the best option for you.
  • Taxes you have to pay – When you buy dirt bikes on the internet on sites like eBay or Amazon, note that you will have to pay tax on it, which of course varies according to many different factors but it is very important that you take this into account in the final price so that you will not be surprised.

Advantages of buying new dirt bikes

  • You know the history of performance and maintenance – The best thing about buying a new bike is that you will know all the problems and repairs of the bike right from the start, which gives you a very big advantage.
  • The dirt bike comes in new quality out of the nylon- In new dirt bikes, you get all the pieces straight out of the nylon which is fun and the best thing. There are no injuries or problems with the bike and you take them straight out of the box and go out with them.
  • Warranty – Another benefit of buying a new dirt bike is that you have a warranty of a good few years, and the best thing is that when you run out of the warranty period, you can always extend it for another time plus extra cash which will usually cost you less, from $100.
  • You can sell the dirt bike – This may be something that you didn’t probably think of. You can sell a new dirt bike after using it for a while if you have no time for it again, maybe due to your busy schedule. But you may find this difficult for a used bike because people don’t want to buy bikes that have been sold used for 3 times or more. So, this is a big advantage for new bikes and worth taking into account.
  • Less Maintenance – New dirt bikes will need much less maintenance than used because used will require maintenance every time due to its components being older and less good, and you will even see that you have had more problems with used dirt bikes than new ones.
  • Choice – When buying a new model, you can choose any type of color you want, and another plus is that you get the newest designs of the model.
  • You get the latest improvements and technology – For those that do not know, when you buy a new model, you get the best performance and improvements of the latest model, and sometimes, there is a huge gap in performance from the same model that just came out a few years ago. For example, the Yamaha yz125 model has made changes and upgrades very large in its severity in recent years, which was much better than its model a few years ago and will give you a better performance as well.
  • Feeling new – I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I like more than getting new dirt bikes straight from the nylon and showing it off to my friends. This may sound sneaky, but I really love that feeling that you can never really feel when you buy used no matter how many repairs and improvements you make.

Who is meant for new dirt bikes?

New dirt bikes will suit people who want to get new quality bikes straight from the nylon without any risk of problems, and of course, ready to invest the money.

If you ask me personally, I would only recommend buying new bikes for advanced or medium riders because beginner riders need only a few months to learn how to ride and this is not so for advanced riders. Advanced riders only need a new bike to get the best performance of the same model.

You will always remember to buy new dirt bikes just because of one of the following reasons:

  • You have the money and you are willing to pay the full amount of money for the new dirt bike.
  • You are an advanced or new rider who needs dirt bikes for a good few years.
  • It’s important for you to get new dirt bikes out of the nylon without any problems or risks and you want to get all the newest technologies and the most beautiful designs.


To summarize, I have presented to you in this post all the things you need to know about buying used or new dirt bikes, so it is very important that you read the entire article and pay attention to all the tips I have shown.

In addition, if you have a certain question about which purchase will be best for you — new or used — or any other questions or an opinion on the article, feel free to write me a comment and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Thanks for reading, until the next post


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