The complete guide for the beginner ATV rider

10 years of riding experience in one Book …

Are you too confused beginner ATV rider???

I was there too… Hello My name is Gon I am the founder of I have about 10 years of experience in ATV riding I chose to write the book The complete guide for the beginner ATV rider Because I feel that most beginner ATV riders just get lost do not know where to start do not know where they are getting into and worst of all pay tens of thousands of dollars for new ATV that they do not need at all

Look when you are A beginner ATV rider there are lots of elements and things you need to take care of that no one has taught you so instead of trying for yourself and looking for misinformation from the internet I wrote you the best in-depth step by step all the tools you must know before you even buy an ATV

So what is my book about & what will you learn

The book The complete guide for the beginner ATV rider will give you all the basic knowledge you need to know to start at the end of dirt ATV in this book you will learn

You will learn …

Welcome to the book & what to expact
Part 1: What is an ATV Hobby & does it do for you?
Part 2. Best ATV brands in the world & How to choose one
Part 3: Types of ATV
Part 4: Pick the Right ATV for Yourself?
Part 5: How to choose ATV for kids & youth?
Part 6: recommended ATVs
Part 7: The Ultimate Guide to ATV Safety Gear
Part 8: Safety tips When Riding on ATV
Part 9: Tips for Teaching Kids How to Ride an ATV
Part 10: tips for protecting your ATV from thieves

Why you should buy my book

As someone new to ATV the worst thing you can do is go and read posts online they are confusing short and ineffective they do not explain to you in-depth the things and concepts you need to know and in most cases, they are written by amateur people who do not really know what they are talking about and very misleading

The advantage of my book is that you will get well all the basics and concepts you need to know to start riding an ATV I will guide you step by step how to build foundations and of course another benefit you will get my knowledge including 10 years of experience

There are limited copies…

It’s important for me to note I only have 50 units of the book The complete guide for the beginner ATV rider and I am selling it to you at a special discount only for the coming week instead of $ 20 for a price of only $ 6.99

No refunds after the purchase

If you want to contact us for inquiries and questions, feel free to send us an email to and we will get back to you within a few hours

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