When Is the Best Time to Sell a Dirt Bike?

One of the most common deliberations most people have is when is the best time for them to sell their dirt bike. Selling your dirt bike at the right time has a big impact on the price, but I see lots of people selling their dirt bikes at a low price because they sell at the wrong time.

so when is the best time to sell a dirt bike? the best time to sell your dirt bike is during the following months: March, April, and May mainly because these months are the time the weather gets warmer and allows people to get out to ride. People purchase dirt bikes in these months than other months, which allows you to increase the cost of your dirt bike and will also get a lot of customers in a short time to buy from you.

However, it is important to note that selling dirt bikes during other months is not unequivocally bad; it is just that you will have very few people to buy from you which will bring about lowering your price. People spend a lot of money to purchase dirt bikes during spring because they will want it faster since it’s the riding season, unlike during the winter where they spend less. So, there are several advantages of selling your dirt bike during spring.

If you want to know why the best time to sell your dirt bike is during spring and why it’s less advisable to sell your dirt bikes in other months and other things associated with selling your dirt bike, then keep reading because everything is explained in this article.

But before I begin, I recommend you look at the guide I wrote on how to sell your dirt bike in 10 easy steps Click here to view.

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So, let’s get started.

Why during the spring (March, April & May) is the best time to sell your dirt bikes

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The spring months are undoubtedly the perfect time to sell your dirt bikes, and this is not only applicable to dirt bikes but also other different vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs, cars, and even skateboards. This is because the spring is the period immediately after winter, giving more sunny and hot outside for riding dirt bikes.

Here are some of the main reasons why during spring is the best time to sell your dirt bike:

  • Chance to get more buyers – During spring, a lot of people will surely contact you, especially in April and May, where it is the peak of the season. During this time, you get more buyers that they will even compete to purchase your dirt bike, which of course, can make you increase the price. This is because immediately after winter, people desperately search for dirt bikes to ride and can settle on the price.
  • You will sell your dirt bikes faster – In spring, there is a high chance you will sell your bike within a few days, or even in a few hours because you will get more buyers faster, unlike during winter, where people hardly look for dirt bikes to buy. During winter, there will be less demand which can discourage you and most likely make you forget about the ad or can even result in selling at a lower price.
  • You can increase your selling price – When you have more buyers competing for your dirt bike, you will have higher possibilities of selling your dirt bike at a higher price because a lot of people will be willing to buy your bike and are ready to settle for the price. So, if a buyer doesn’t agree with your price, you will have another buyer ready to settle for the price, unlike during winter where you don’t have the option to sell higher because you certainly have few buyers or even none.

Those are the 3 main reasons why selling your dirt bike in the spring is the best and most recommended. But if you are not chanced to sell during spring, don’t worry, just keep reading because I will show you a few other options.

Is it a good idea to sell my dirt bike in other seasons?

The truth about selling your dirt bikes in other seasons, especially winter and autumn, is that it isn’t really a good idea and has lots of drawbacks, while even selling in summer is better, but it depends on what time of summer it is. If it is at the end of summer, you will have fewer customers and demand because it is just the end of the season, while if it is early summer, you will have a better sale because it is mid-season and people do look for dirt bikes. But selling in the summer month is still not as good as selling in the spring. Below are some main reasons why it isn’t a good idea to sell your dirk bike during other seasons:

It will take you much longer to sell your dirt bikes

In my opinion, the first and most annoying reason for selling your dirt bike in other seasons is undoubtedly the time it will take you to sell your dirt bikes, especially during winter and fall when it rains. During this time, most people stop riding dirt bikes and fail to buy new ones because no one wants to worry about dirt bike storage places and fuel replacement because old fuel destroys the engine over time.

Therefore, there is very little demand for dirt bikes during other seasons that you will have to wait for a few months or at least weeks before you get a buyer, which can make you feel desperate and forget about your dirt bike. It can even make you lose money if you advertise on websites that charge every month for uploading on their site.

Low chance of selling your dirt bike at a higher price

The despair and long time of waiting for weeks without seeing a buyer will make you lower your price every time to attract a buyer. Also, since there are fewer buyers, there would be no competition among them and this can make you lower your price. The truth is that most people who are looking for dirt bikes in winter are willing to buy cheap, and in most cases, people significantly lower their prices when selling in winter.

You need to understand that if during spring is the best time for you to sell your dirt bikes, then the best time for buyers to buy dirt bikes is during winter and fall. So, people who are looking for the cheapest deals are people who buy during winter. Of course, there are also people who buy at a higher price during spring.

You will deal with sucking people

In most cases, people who buy dirt bikes in other seasons, especially fall and winter are stingy people because their aim of buying during those seasons is to save as much money as possible since it is known that in winter, sellers sell their dirt bikes at lower prices. So, you will see that people who always bargain the price are not people who buy in the spring months because they do not have time to argue and are willing to pay all the money needed to buy your dirt bike as quickly as possible.

In general, those are reasons why selling your dirt bikes in winter or fall is not a good option, and by the way, selling in the summer is a bit better, but not like in the spring months.

In addition, note that if you have a very popular Honda or Yamaha dirt bikes that provides crazy performance, the truth is that even during winter, you will be able to sell them because they are models everyone desires.

Pros & cons of selling in each season

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  • Spring season – Spring time as I’ve shown you is, of course, the best time to sell your dirt bike because it is just the beginning of the season and there are lots of buyers who want to buy from you and are willing to settle for the price because they want to buy a dirt bike in the fastest way. But it is important to be as quick as possible because the window of opportunity for spring is very short, a total of 2 to 3 months.
  • Summer season – Summertime is the second-best time to sell your dirt bikes and includes 4 months, from mid-June to mid-September. It varies across countries and it isn’t bad to sell dirt bikes in summer because it is still a hot season. And as I’ve said earlier, the summer season is a good time to sell bikes because you have lots of buyers but less at the end of the season. So, the summer season is less recommended to sell dirt bikes because you’ll have more people to argue the price.
  • Winter & Fall season – Winter & Fall season (from September to March) is the worst season to sell dirt bikes because it is just the end of the season where it rains and heat runs out which causes most people to quit riding on a dirt bike for at least some months. Also, people be on a lookout for cheapest dirt bikes in these months, which can make you sell your bike at a lower price. So, it is not recommended to sell during these months.

In any case, the summer, fall, and winter months are not recommended months for selling dirt bikes.

What should I do if I missed the spring months? 

If you missed the spring months or even the summer months, you need to first realize that it isn’t too bad since you still have the option to sell the dirt bike in a few months’ time. Then put your dirt bike on sale even if it is winter time, but don’t expect to get lots of buyers because you may only come across folks you didn’t expect and you won’t be disappointed.

After that, I would even recommend you look for friends or people in your area looking to purchase dirt bikes while if they don’t agree on your price, I would rather advise you to wait as long as possible until spring season.
But I can also understand that it isn’t easy to wait for months when you already have an offer. So, if you have no choice, sell the dirt bike.

What should I do if it’s cold or hot all year in my country?

If you are a different case that it rains most times of the year such that it is mostly cold or even if snow mostly falls, like in Canada. First of all, chances are that your country doesn’t have many dirt bikes and you’ll have shorter periods for warm. So, I recommend you first look for those months that it warm in your city, precisely spring to sell your dirt bike.

On the other hand, if you live in places where it is mostly warm, like in Brazil or Africa, you have a huge advantage because you have a longer period for the riding season. So, you can sell your dirt bikes at any time.

Tips for selling your dirt bike

I believe most people reading this guide are selling their dirt bikes for the first time and don’t really know the steps and tips needed to sell dirt their bikes in the most efficient way. So, I decided to briefly show you all the tips and steps you need to take when selling your dirt bike:

  • Clean your dirt bike – Before you start advertising your dirt bike, you must first ensure your dirt bike is clean and smooth so that you can create a first impression for your dirt bike and people will be thrilled with its beauty.
  • Check your dirt bike – To avoid jumble and unpleasant buyers, you must make sure there are no technical problems with your bike. So, check every part of your bike and see that everything is working properly. Also, check the engine wheels, suspensions, frame, and shorten all parts of the dirt bike.
  • Set a price for your dirt bike – It’s very important not to compromise on the price and try to make as much money as possible from selling your dirt bike. Try to raise the price as much as possible and argue about it.
  • Take pictures of your dirt bike – You need to take some beautiful pictures of your dirt bike to attract buyers to your bike and give them a first impression. To do this, simply put your dirt bike in a clean place with good lighting and take some very nice pictures of your dirt bike.
  • Choose a site and post an ad for your dirt bike – The last step is to simply find a site that sells used dirt bikes and make sure you write a good ad, while it is important to note that the best and most trusted site for selling your dirt bikes is Craigslist. I recommend you read a guide I wrote on how to sell dirt bikes on Craigslist click here to view the guide

Those are the 5 main steps of selling your dirt bike. If you follow them, you will be able to sell your dirt bike easily.

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For any questions, you may have or opinion on the article, feel free to write us a comment, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, until the next post.


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