Why Do Car Drivers Hate Motorcyclists?

There are a lot of people wondering why car drivers hate motorcyclists. There has always been this debate and the truth is that it is not just motorcyclists; it can be any rider except for cars from buses or ATVs, and if you have ever gone cycling and felt a bit hated and disliked, you should read this post.

So, why do car drivers hate motorcyclists? There are many reasons why car drivers hate motorcyclists, but the main reason is that motorcyclists have a pretty tough image. Not all but some motorcycles just do stupid things and actions that can just lead to an accident, which can endanger other car riders and lots of car riders get upset.

There are other reasons and little things such as riding too fast, or breaking mirrors of other car drivers and, in general, motorcyclists and car riders create lots of different conflicts between themselves because there are other types of vehicles that ride differently and that can create problems and disagreements between riders and drivers on the road.

Now, you need to realize that although there are motorcyclists that do idiotic things on the road that endanger people’s lives, it does not mean that all bikers are bad. There are lots of motorcycle riders that I even personally know they were probably the nicest people you will ever meet. So, it’s important to understand that not every rider is an Idiot; some are exceptional.

If this topic interest you so much, keep reading because, in this post, I will show you all the reasons that explain why car riders hate motorcycles so you can avoid doing things that make car riders get nervous. I will also give some tips on how you, as a car rider or motorcyclist, can get along with each other without hatred or argument.

So, let’s get started.

Reasons why car drivers hate motorcyclists?

There are some significant reasons why car drivers hate motorcyclists. These reasons are not just about the silly things motorcyclists do, but it is important to note that not all motorcyclists do the things on this list. So, it is important to take that into account.

Car drivers hate motorcyclists doing stunts

What car riders hate most is motorcyclists doing stunts on crowded roads. The truth is, stunts are the worst thing motorcyclists do and they don’t only risk their lives doing it, but also risk other car riders because it is very scary, and I can understand that.

That’s why if you’re a motorcycle rider, don’t do stunt because it’s very dangerous. No matter how well you know to do a good stunt, it doesn’t mean you have to do it in the middle of the road because it doesn’t impress anyone and chances are you will get loads of hate rides near you. Some might even call the police.

If you want to do stunts on your motorcycle, do it only on open lanes or abandoned riding lanes tailored for stunt or even in the parking lot and not in the middle of a busy road.

Car drivers hate motorcyclists riding in groups

One of the things that not only car drivers hate but every driver you know is that motorcyclists ride together in large groups such as motorcycle clubs.

The reason why car drivers hate motorcyclists riding in groups is that group riding can cause a lot of problems like roadblocks, mid-road celebrations, traffic jams, overloads, and more problems. So, it’s not just that a car rider is relatively stressful and more difficult to handle when one motorcyclist riding, but being in groups can cause many conflicts.

By the way, my advice if you will organize a large group of motorcyclists, I recommend you to plan a route where there are not a lot of cars and even in the late hours when there are no traffic jams that will create unnecessary clashes.

Car drivers hate when motorcyclists ride too fast and aggressively (trying to be dominant)

Car drivers really hate when motorcyclists ride at crazy speeds and try to be homeowners on the road and think they can do what they want and ride the way they like.

There are several reasons why car drivers don’t like motorcyclists who ride too fast and aggressively. But the main reason is the very aggressive and scary driving not only because of the noise of the engine that makes deafening noise, but also the speed and the wind that scares a lot of people. The worst thing is that there are motorcyclists that ride at high speeds and very close to car drivers, which scare car drivers and that it is just awful.

Therefore, as much as riding a motorcycle can get you excited, you should know how to set boundaries and not ride in a fast and aggressive way.

Car drivers hate motorcycle riders becoming “snakes.”

When I talk about motorcycles becoming snakes, I mostly mean when motorcyclists get in and go between cars at a traffic jam or traffic load.

When a motorcyclist takes advantage of the fact that he can switch between cars, not only is it more dangerous, but it also makes the car riders focus more without hurting the motorcycle rider than it really does focus on traffic jams. And generally, it slows down the traffic and, in short, car drivers hate it. Besides, chances are that when you become ”snakes“ on the road, you will get at least one note from a car driver.

Cars drivers hate when motorcycles break mirrors

Something that is not legal and annoying about motorcyclists is that they take advantage of the fact that they are out of the car and have space and just break the mirrors of cars and worse, deliberately scratch the frame of cars.

Usually, if motorcyclists break the mirror of cars, it was because the car driver annoyed them, and worse is that it was done intentionally to ruin other people’s cars. Sometimes, the reason could be that they are really crazy or members of a motorcycle gang.

Here is a video showing a motorcyclist breaking the mirror of a car.

Car drivers hate that motorcyclists are starting to become traffic cops

One of the things that car drivers really hate – and the truth is that I hate it too – is when a car rider made certain mistakes and motorcyclists just come and start thinking they are traffic cops and can behave the way they want toward other people. That is no longer polite or respectful.

When I talk about when motorcyclists start to become traffic cops, this is reflected in a lot of things from smashing mirrors, screaming at other people, and even honking or pulling the throttle and that angers a lot of car drivers.

Car drivers hate motorcycles engines making too much noise

I have already written an article that will show you all the reasons why motorcyclists ride loudly on their motorcycle that you can click here to view, but I will explain it shortly.

There are four reasons why motorcyclists ride noisy engines

  • People love it
  • Motorcycle riders want to look cool
  • Riding at high speeds
  • Riders are not considerate

Now, let me tell you a secret – not only do car drivers hate motorcycles that ride at high speeds and make load noise from the engine, but everyone hates it for some reason.

I am a car driver, you are a motorcyclist = you are different from me

In the end, I can say lots of things about motorcyclists and cars and their differences. But there is one thing that, in my opinion, makes motorcyclists and car drivers so dislike each other, and the truth is that there is no justification for neither motorcyclists nor car riders; both are equally guilty.

If you think about it for a moment, there is always a certain rivalry or hatred between the one who differs from you in terms of nationality and religion. Hence, it is precisely between riders, and so the only thing you can do is learn to get along with each other and on the road.

Car drivers hate inexperienced motorcyclists who do not know the traffic laws

Car drivers hate inexperienced motorcyclists or riders who don’t know the rules of transport, and they find it very annoying. The biggest problem is that motorcycle riding requires a lot of tanning and learning time, and it can take a good few months until you really become a very good motorcyclist. What can make a lot of car drivers hate some riders is because they are not experienced enough, which can cause some serious accidents.

How motorcyclists and cars can share the road?

If you find it difficult to share the road and ride with motorcyclists or vice versa, then don’t worry. First, even though there have always been differences of opinion and type of barrage between motorcyclists and car drivers, you can always try to fit in with each other.

Here are some tips to help car riders and motorcycles share the road and get along with each other and even prevent accidents.

Be alert and look twice before each action

The biggest tip I can give both motorcyclists and car drivers is to look twice before each action. Believe me, if you, as a driver or rider, will pay more attention before each action, you will save people and significantly avoid other people’s lives from being at risk.

So how can you, as a rider, be more alert? So, the truth that we start with motorcyclists, it’s pretty well known that motorcyclists need to pay more attention when riding more than car drivers. First of all, motorcyclists can make sure they ride only being alert plus they can take a safety course, and do not listen to too much headphone music while riding.

For car drivers, I recommend not touching the phone at all, not concentrating on your children from behind, and also not listening to radio music with loud voices and, of course, pay attention as much as possible to motorcyclists and look out for them because they can sometimes be invisible.

Be expected!!!

Another useful tip I can give to car drivers or motorcyclists is never to do unexpected things like riding in an aggressive way or stunts and crap things that can cause accidents. So, it’s important to always be expected on the road and never play games.

Be alert in the dark!!

This tip goes more for car drivers than motorcyclists

You need to understand tons of motorcycle accidents happened because drivers didn’t pay attention to motorcyclists. So, not only do you have to pay attention to motorcyclists constantly, but it’s also a must at night.
Also, as a motorcyclist, you should ensure to wear reflective clothes that look well to other car riders at night.

Treat each other with respect

If you as a motorcycle rider or car driver want to get along well with other riders, then the number one advice I can give you is to respect the other riders around you and not treat them as strangers. Always think of this, if this man or woman was your father or mother, how you would be treated to him or her?

For some reason, people lose it on the roads and treat each other in a very disrespectful way. So, if you want to get along with other riders, respect them.

  • For motorcyclists, do not break other drivers’ mirrors and do not play the same gangsters or traffic cops on the road.
  • For car drivers, do not be stigmatized for motorcyclists, do not curse them but speak nicely with any motorcyclist that come to talk to you.

Stay in your lane

This tip is mainly for motorcyclists because they are generally much more likely not to stay in their lane. The truth is that changing your lane when riding is a very big factor that creates a lot of problems and conflicts between motorcyclists and car riders. So, always stay in your lane and never try to do things like bypassing people in a traffic jam, getting stuck between cars, and not riding close to cars.

Related questions

  • Are motorcycle riders bad? Motorcyclists are not bad people for the most part, but yes, there are the riders who do idiotic and stupid things that endanger lives, which are mostly teenagers in most cases. But in general, motorcyclists are very nice and good people.
  • Why do Motorcyclists Break other cars’ mirrors? Sometimes, motorcyclists break mirrors of car drivers usually because the car driver has annoyed them.
  • Do a lot of clashes happen between motorcyclists and car drivers? Not always, but yes, there are certainly many clashes between motorcyclists and car drivers on roads. So, it is not uncommon to find a car driver and motorcyclist arguing with each other.


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