Why Do Motorcyclists Break Side View Mirrors off Cars?

One day, I got into YouTube, and by chance, I ran into a video showing motorcyclists breaking the side mirrors of cars. I didn’t understand why motorcyclists can be so bad and come to a case that they break the side mirrors of car drivers. So, after a little research, I came up with an answer.

So, why do motorcyclists break the side mirrors of cars? Motorcyclists break the side mirrors of cars for two main reasons. The first reason is that the car driver annoyed them on the road. The second reason is that the motorcyclist accidentally rode too close to the car, causing him to take the mirror with him. The second reason is less common and happens accidentally, but in most cases, when this happens, the motorcyclist will try to escape.

Besides, it is important to note that I personally do not like motorcyclists breaking the mirrors of car drivers, but not all motorcyclists are disgusting and do terrible things, there also some good motorcyclists. I personally know some very nice motorcyclists that if a car driver made a certain mistake, they would not try to break the car mirrors but would talk comfortably with the car driver and even fix the mirrors of the driver and move on their way.

If this topic interests you, keep reading because, in this guide, I will dive deeper into areas such as why motorcyclists break car mirrors? Is it even legal? What should I do if a motorcyclist breaks the side mirror of my car? How can I avoid these problems?

So, let’s get started.

Reasons why motorcyclists break the side mirrors of car drivers?

There are a few specific reasons that explain exactly why motorcyclists break the side mirrors of car drivers. It is important that you know them so you can avoid having motorcyclists break your car mirrors.

  • A motorcyclist will break the side mirrors of a car because the driver did something that made the rider nervous – the number one reason why motorcyclists break the side mirrors of cars is because the car driver probably made a certain mistake on the road, which also causes the motorcyclist to be annoyed and brake the side mirrors. However, both acts are wrong and illegal. I have even seen motorcyclists who, most of the time, got annoyed by a car driver and they not only broke the side mirror, but also broke the window of the car and began to confront the driver of the car, which is already a very extreme case.
  • Evil – Sometimes, motorcyclists who are just bad will break the side mirrors of cars just for fun, to give them some satisfaction. However, this is not very nice. Unfortunately, some bad motorcyclists think they can do everything while their gangs are usually the people who break the side mirrors of cars deliberately or for fun and even worse.
  • Accidentally – The last reason why motorcyclists break the side mirrors of car drivers is that it may be accidental. Sometimes, a motorcyclist can ride too close to a car and unexpectedly, because of the high speed, breaks the mirror of the car and even completely removed it. Although some motorcyclists will stop and make sure the car driver is compensated; however, there are those who will run away.

If you a motorcyclist, I advise you not to break the side mirrors of car drivers. Even if they made a certain mistake, that does not give you a reason to break their side mirrors.

If you think the car driven won’t find you, you are wrong because there are many ways through which the driver can catch you. It could be through your motorcycle identification number. They will call the police and if you are caught, you will pay a very big fine. Besides, it is also a criminal offense and even if the car driver made a mistake, that does not give you a reason to ruin the mirrors of other car drivers.

If you think that car drivers are suckers, you are wrong. There are car drivers who are even crazier such that if a motorcyclist breaks their side mirror, they will not be afraid to go and confront them and even give them back. So think twice before you plan to break a car driver’s side mirrors.

Is it legal for motorcyclists to break the side mirrors of car drivers?

The short answer is, no. Breaking a car’s mirrors is illegal, and it’s not only about hanging on a motorcycle, but anyone who breaks down car mirrors has committed a criminal offense. The truth is, even when a car driver makes a mistake, you cannot destroy any part of his vehicle.

You need to understand that you will be in big trouble if you break the mirrors of a car. If you are found, straight you will be prosecuted because it is a criminal offense and worst, you could end up getting a criminal record from a court, which means it will affect your future.

I know, as a motorcyclist, how difficult it is to hold back and sit quietly when a car driver accuses you of his mistakes. But even then, you can’t destroy any part of his car. Believe me, if you want to get good revenge on the driver, you can take a camera with you, snap it, and send it to the police.

Here are some examples of cases where it is illegal

  • The first case is that when a car driver irritates a motorcyclist, the motorcyclist will want to illegally and intentionally destroy the side mirror of the car driver and after that, escape in what is called a hit and run. This is considered a criminal offense called vandalism – damage of personal property and you may receive a very large fine.
  • The other case is when a motorcyclist accidentally breaks a car mirror and went to the car driver and apologized and compensated him. This won’t be considered a criminal offense. But if the motorcyclist tries to run away after he accidentally breaks the car driver’s side mirror, it is considered illegal.

In general, you need to remember that if you are a motorcyclist, it is illegal to break the side mirror of other car drivers. Yes, they can find you and blame you, and from there, it can roll into court, and you can get a criminal record. Therefore, never think about breaking the side mirrors of car drivers.

If you are a car driver and a motorcyclist broke the side mirror of your car, you need to always know that you can file a claim. Also if that happened to you, and you probably don’t how you can find the motorcyclist, keep reading because I will now show you how to find a motorcyclist that ruined your side mirror.

What should I do if a motorcyclist broke my car side mirrors?

If you think that a motorcyclist broke the side mirror of your car and ran away fast and you still cannot catch him, you will be surprised to know that there are several ways through which you can catch the motorcyclist even when you could not find details about him.

This section is intended for car drivers. Now, I will discuss the possible ways you can catch the motorcyclist who broke your side mirror

Take a photo/script of the motorcycle

The first thing you should do as a car driver in case a motorcyclist breaks your car mirror, is to take your phone and take as many pictures as you can. While it is important to take pictures of the motorcyclist, I recommend you take the photo straight when the motorcyclist looks like he came to attack you. So, try to take a picture of the motorcycle and try to do it as quickly as possible.

Also, when you take pictures of the motorcycle, try to photograph his identification number so that you can know the identification number of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle ID number (identification number)

If your phone’s battery is dead and you cannot take a photo, the best thing you can do is look straight at the motorcyclist’s identification number and try to remember the first digits. This can be very helpful to the police, and I am serious. Even if you can remember the first two digits of the motorcycle number, it can significantly help the police.

Record the motorcyclist

Recording the motorcyclist is less recommended, especially if you have the option of a camera that is much more effective. But if you have someone sitting next to you, it can be a great idea to ask him or her to record and while you take photos.

Also, if you have plenty of time, I recommend opening an app while recording in the background of your phone and at the same time taking photos.

Call the police

Once you have evidence, you need to call the police immediately and not wait. You must, when the motorcyclist broke your mirrors, call the police to give them details and police will be sent to find the motorcyclist.

Color and Motorcycle Model

It is important that, besides the identification number, you also remember what the color of the motorcycle is and what it’s the brand. This information will greatly help the police.

Contact Your Insurance

Once a motorcyclist breaks the side mirror of your car, then don’t worry because your insurance will cover the damage.

The only thing you should think about when the motorcyclist seems to be threatening you is to do one of these things straight away and prepare to take evidence, especially if the motorcyclist looks very nervous.

What to do when a motorcyclist breaks the side mirrors of your car.

  • Don’t upset the motorcyclist – I know it’s hard, especially if the motorcyclist is unjust. If the motorcyclist made a mistake, the best thing you should do is try to not annoy the rider. I know it’s hard but you will see that if you decide to argue with the motorcyclist, it will only make things worse.
  • Talk nicely to the motorcyclist (not to curse). The worst thing you can do is curse the motorcyclist or point him a triple finger; even if he cursing you, I know how hard it is not to reply. But remember that the motorcyclist has the advantage and that he can harm your car. So, it is important that you hold back and do not curse them because, in most cases, it will end by hurting not just the side mirrors of your car but even more parts. You don’t know how crazy the motorcyclist is.
  • Agree with the motorcyclist – Even if it is challenging, the worst thing you can do is not to agree and argue with the motorcyclist. Instead, agree with him because it will calm the tension.

Related questions

  • Can motorcyclists smash my car mirrors? It is cranky, but yes. If the motorcyclist gets very annoyed, on rare occasions, he can break your car mirrors, which is illegal, and the fine is very heavy and hard.
  • Can a motorcyclist break the mirror of my car if I annoyed him? Yes, some motorcyclist will. However, you should never, as a motorcyclist, break the side mirrors of other vehicles. It is illegal no matter what the driver did; you can’t damage his property.
  • What is the monetary fine imposed on a motorcyclist who broke my car mirrors? The truth is that it is not given, and a specific number shows what the fine is for breaking car mirrors. It changes from country to country, but I estimate it is at least a few thousand dollars, and it is also a criminal case according to the police.


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