How to Join a Motorcycle Club in 10 Steps? (Complete Guide)

One of the most amazing things that exist in the world of motorcycle riding is motorcycle clubs which is just like being an actor in a TV series.

A motorcycle club is, in my opinion, the most fun, exciting, and the best way to be around other motorcyclists to feel part of something bigger, but most people have no idea where to start and how to get into a motorcycle club.

Joining a motorcycle club is not a difficult thing at all and even easy, but there are some simple steps through which you can join a motorcycle club, as explained in this guide. So, in this guide, I will show you everything you need to know about joining a motorcycle club.

Here are the steps you need to take to join a motorcycle club:

Step 1. Understand if motorcycle clubs are for you (pros & cons of a motorcycle club)
Step 2. Buy a motorcycle & learn how to ride
Step 3. Know the rules of the club
Step 4. Know the rules of the club when you do group riding
Step 5. Look for club members (hang around)
Step 6. Start hanging around with the club members
Step 7. Get the prospect status
Step 8. Pay the money
Step 9. Join the club formally (get the patchwork status)
Step 10. Go for riding with the club and enjoy its benefits

First and foremost, what is a motorcycle club?

A motorcycle club is a group of people who love to ride motorcycles and in which that’s what they do for most of their lives. In each motorcycle club, they behave to each other like brothers and family that everyone will do anything for one another. In general, a motorcycle club is amazing, and in most cases, it is usually a group of a brand or major type of motorcycle.

For example, there are motorcycle clubs of Harley riders, Honda riders and even other types of motorcycles like sports motorcycle or adventure motorcycles while there are also motorcycle clubs by gender and race like gays or lesbian. So, it varies and depends on where you live.

It’s important to note that almost every city in the world has at least one motorcycle club that you can join.

In addition, motorcycle clubs are not motorcycle gangs, and there are huge differences between the two organizations. Motorcycle clubs comprise 99% of people that deal with only motorcycling and do not deal with the law and 1% of people that are more involved in crime and law, while motorcycle gangs consist of people that deal with gunshots, drugs, and prostitution which is really illegal.

Generally, most motorcycle clubs are legal and consist of good people who just want to create a community around a motorcycle.

Step 1. Understand if motorcycle clubs are for you (pros & cons of a motorcycle club)

Before I start showing you the steps you need to take to join a motorcycle club, you must first know if a motorcycle club is for you because you need to understand that a motorcycle club is not suitable for everyone, and it has its pros and cons.

For example, if you do not have time for motorcycles and you spend most of your time with your family and work, then I can tell you that a motorcycle club is less suitable for you because it really needs a lot of time.

In addition, if you are the type that likes to be respected by people, then a motorcycle club will not suit you because in the beginning, you will have to do things like changing oils and fixing things, which you may not like and it will take time before you get your respect in the club.

Here are some pros and cons of joining a motorcycle club. I hope in the end, you will be able to decide if you want to join a motorcycle club or not.

Pros of a motorcycle club

  • Brotherhood (friend’s support, both on the road and off-road) – The biggest advantage of motorcycle clubs is that you will meet people who will really like to be your friends and even part of your family, and these people will be willing to help you with anything you want. It is one of the best and funniest things to do, and these people will not only help you on motorcycle issues but also on personal issues or any type of help you need. And most importantly, you will never be alone while riding because lots of people will ride with you.
  • Accommodations (connections) – A pretty cool advantage that motorcycle clubs have is that when you are on a trip, you don’t have to worry about hotels if your club has one of its branches or if there is a motorcycle club in that area. You will get a direct sleeping place and meet with people in that area to ride with you and show you all the hot spots in their area. Further, you will get more respect and different treatment from them at nightclubs and will even get discounts on all kinds of things.
  • You get much more information about motorcycles – I assure you that when you join a motorcycle club, you will get lots more information about motorcycles, such as how to ride your motorcycle better, how to handle and maintain your motorcycle and the life span of your motorcycle. No YouTube video will give you this better than a bunch of people who have years of knowledge about motorcycles and are willing to share this information with you
  • It’s just cool – Some will agree with me on this and some will not, but let’s be honest, being a part of a motorcycle club and organization is one of the coolest things. You’ll look cool while riding together with other bikers. And generally, being associated with this great organization is one of the most exciting and meaningful things you can do in your life.

Cons of a motorcycle club

  • False fraternity – While you will meet lots of friends that will become your family member, you will also meet people who won’t like you and people who only think about themselves and not other members of the club. So, you have to take into account that you will also meet bad people.
  • Rivalry – There is a very large and intense rivalry between motorcycle clubs and it can reach very low levels. There are lots of people who take this rivalry very radically, which can include verbal and physical fights or being automatically target, and you will feel it especially when you meet other members from another motorcycle club.
  • You have to sacrifice your freedom – Belonging to a motorcycle club involves sacrificing lots of time, especially if you just join the motorcycle club where you will be told what to do, where to be, join in doing things and even a must to wear your uniform, which you may not like. Therefore, joining a motorcycle club requires much of your time and is not suitable for everyone.

The rules of motorcycle clubs are great, but it has various advantages and disadvantages that you have to take into account. So, I hope with these pros and cons, you will able to decide if a motorcycle is right for you or not.

Step 2. Buy a motorcycle & learn how to ride

closeup photo of white and black motorcycle

Having decided that a motorcycle club is suitable for you, you have to buy a motorcycle because there is no such thing as joining a motorcycle club without a motorcycle. You also have to learn how to ride, and be sure you can ride at a higher skill and than most average riders, and only after that, you can go to the next step.

In addition, if you haven’t bought a motorcycle yet and you are willing to join a motorcycle club, I highly recommend you check the types of motorcycle clubs in your city before deciding which motorcycle to buy. While cruiser clubs and sports motorcycle clubs are popular, it may not be in your area, so first check the type of motorcycle club in your area and use that to determine the motorcycle you want to buy.

Step 3. Know the rules of the club

As there are thousands of clubs all over the world, each club has its own rules. So, first of all, I encourage you to ask a club member what the club rules are and follow those rules if you want to be a member of the club in the end.

The following are the most basic rules most clubs will require from you:

  • Respect club members – The most important rule common to all motorcycle clubs is unequivocally to respect all club members and to show everyone camaraderie and love. And you will see that if you respect the people around, you will automatically be honored by them, which increases your chances of being accepted into the club. While if you won’t respect people, it is better to get your way from the club.
  • Do the required mileage per year – Joining a motorcycle club is a very big commitment, and if you want to stay in the club for a long time, you will have to meet the required number of miles each year because each club has a yearly minimum mileage, and if you refuse, you will lose your place in the club.
  • The motorcycle club is the first priority – You must always be part of all the club activities, and you must come to the club every time the club calls you. And the truth is that every time the club calls you, your presence is part of the norm no matter what might have happened to you. You have no excuses, such as your relationship issue or you have no strength except death, illness or debt.
  • Behave properly in meetings – Every time a meeting is ongoing, you must be there, especially to respect other people and carry along with what the club’s directors and leaders have to say.
  • Prove your riding skills – This doesn’t happen in every club, but in some clubs, you will be tested for racing with other club members where you have to win. But if you lose, you won’t get into the club or you won’t be promoted.
  • Be alongside your friends in physical and verbal violence – Sometimes, your club members may need you to fight other club members, and you would have to be there for them to prove your loyalty to the club.
  • Be obedient – At first, you may be asked to do some boring things you do not like, and if you refuse to do them, you significantly lower your status and chance to join to the motorcycle club.
  • Nurture and respect your uniform – The suit and equipment the club gives you signify your identity and you need to be very careful with them. Do not tear them and make sure you clean them constantly.
  • Departure is tough – Keep in mind that to terminate your membership with the club is difficult, so you have to know that before joining the club.

Step 4. Know the rules of the club when you do group riding

black and white Royal Enfield motorcycle

You have to understand that the way you ride alone is not the way you ride with the club members when doing group riding. This is because the club will require you to do some things and not do some things and it varies between clubs because it takes time. So, it’s important that you take this into account and give yourself the time to get used to the club’s riding laws.

Step 5. Look for club members (hang around)

Before joining a motorcycle club, you need to search and hang out near them. Look for the club members or search on social networks to see what places they have been to, sports events they have done and slowly start showing yourself to them. While if you barely meet the club members on the road, that’s already bad news.

Here are various ways by which you can find club members to apply for a motorcycle club:

  • Restaurants
  • Event (Motorcycle shows)
  • Social networks
  • Convergence
  • Bars/Clubs
  • Motorcycle party

Your goal is to first and foremost find members of the motorcycle club and just be neutral. Don’t try to impress anyone or try to be tough or pretending to be what you don’t because club members know all these tricks. Just be yourself, and you will see that the members much appreciate people who are honest and true.

In addition, do not go straight to club members that you want to join their club. Instead, begin the discussion by talking about motorcycle-related issues or you can even invite one of the club members for a drink and make him feel comfortable near you, and only after that, you can ask if you can join their motorcycle club. By doing this, you will see that in all cases, their answer will be yes, and they will give you either a phone call, a business card, or an open night invitation.

In general, be humble as much as you can, and like I said, try not to be tough or pretending to be what you don’t. Just let them see the real you.

Step 6. Start hanging around with the club members

Once you’ve received an invitation from club members to go for a ride or anything related, it’s time to start hanging out with them because inviting you to hang out with them doesn’t mean you have been accepted into the club. It simply means they want to watch you for a bit before deciding.

It is important to understand that you are not trying to impress anyone, yours is to remain humble and do what the club members want. And the purpose of hanging around with them is to see that you are ready to accept their rules and regulations and see if those rules and regulations are suitable for you.

Step 7. Get the prospect status

After hanging out with the club members without any problem, the club will vote for you as a prospect, which means that you are likely to become a member of the club.

When you get the prospect status, the club will give you the bottom two parts of the three patches. The prospect status is not fun because you will have to serve the club by doing things you wouldn’t like, such as repairing motorcycles and replacing oils. In short, you will serve people and it is a kind of degrading status, but you need to remember that it is for a short time. So, you just have to be humble and do what people want from you, and believe me, you are going to learn a lot of things and gain knowledge during this time.

I know it’s not fun but it is part of the process which I believe will pay you. It is important that you show your willingness to learn from riders and the club so that you can be accepted, since the whole purpose is to pick you up and teach you about the club as well as give you more knowledge.

But if you feel it lowers you and you don’t like serving people, then a motorcycle club is probably not for you.

Step 8. Pay the money

Some people think that motorcycle riding is a cheap hobby, but it is not, especially when you are in a motorcycle club where you have to pay the club’s money, money for sewing your uniforms, money on fuel repairs, etc., and it varies between clubs. You need to consider this. So, if you won’t be willing to pay the money, then a motorcycle club is not for you.

Step 9. Join the club formally (get the patchwork status)

After a while of being a successful prospect because it will take time for the club to vote for you and accept you as a member, you will receive your new patch and uniforms and will also receive more respect that you will feel huge pride, but a patchwork member also takes a long time to accept.

Like I said, the prospect status takes time and each club has its own rules. In some clubs, the prospect status lasts for years, while in others, it lasts for months. So, it varies.

When you are a patchwork member, you are an icon in the club, you are responsible for all the club members, and you have full responsibility for everything going on in the club.

Step 10. Go for riding with the club and enjoy its benefits

You have successfully completed your motorcycle club membership process, and it’s time to start enjoying your motorcycle club. Go for rides with the club and have new experiences with your motorcycle.

Related questions

  • What age do I need to be to join a motorcycle club? You can join the motorcycle club at any age, but I encourage you to look for a club that has your age group. For example, if you’re 18, you wouldn’t want to hang out with a bunch of old guys at 60, and vice versa.
  • How much does it cost to join a motorcycle club? – There is no specific amount to become a member of a motorcycle club because it varies between clubs.
  • Where can I find motorcycle clubs? – Every city has motorcycle clubs. Just look for those who are members and join through them.
  • How can I join a motorcycle club? – Through social networks or meeting club members at bars, motorcycle events, or restaurants.

For any questions, you may have or opinion on the article, feel free to write us a comment, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading, until the next post.


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