Where Should I Store My Dirt Bike? (A Complete Guide)

I know a lot of cases where people are very confused and do not know where to store their dirt bikes. This causes a lot of confusion and mistakes, and the truth is that even when people find an excellent storage place for their dirt bikes, they do not know how to do this which causes damage to the dirt bikes especially if they store their dirt bike for a long time and they do not worry about it.

So, where am I supposed to store my dirt bikes? The best place you can store your dirt bikes is without a doubt your home or garage. The home or garage is by far the two best places you can store your dirt bikes. A storage unit would be an amazing option too, that will safely store your dirt bike without any problems.  In short, as long as your dirt bike is in a closed place that no one can damage the bike, it means the bike is in a good and safe place.

But with all that, you can’t just take your dirt bike to your garage or home and just leave it there, expecting it to be amazing after a while. You will definitely have to worry about a few different things in your dirt bike, like gas, unloading tires, and more, to keep your dirt bike in good condition.

In addition, there are many more things you need to know about safely storing your dirt bike, which I have prepared for you in this guide that will show you which places are best to store a dirt bike and which places are the worst for storage, including tips for storing your dirt bike.

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So, let’s get started.

What places are most recommended for storing your dirt bike? ( & the pros and cons of each place)

In your family home or your private home

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If you are still living with your parents or you have your own private home and you do not have a garage, then your family house or your home is an excellent option for storing your dirt bike because the home is a very safe place to store your dirt bike. So, if you have a spare bedroom that no one use and your family members agree to use it for storing your dirt bike, then home storage is really a great option for you

But before you jump into it and take your dirt bike to store it at home, it’s important to take into account that storing your dirt bike at home has a few pros and cons that you should know.

Advantages of storing dirt bikes at home

  • Prevent dirt bike from theft – The biggest benefit of storing your dirt bike at home is undoubtedly prevention from theft. Storing your dirt bike at home is 100 percent secure compared to outdoor storage, where there are loads of people that anyone can just crack the lock and steal your dirt bike.
  • Prevention from exposure to Cold Temperature – Another advantage of storing your dirt bike at home is that your dirt bikes won’t be exposed to very cold temperatures that can damage the battery, the frame, coloring and more, which is a huge advantage especially in the winter where outdoor storage can be a disaster and cause big damage to your dirt bike.

Disadvantages of storing dirt bikes at home

  • Kids or pets are likely to damage your dirt bike – If you have a naughty cat, dog or even a little kid, take into account that they can touch your dirt bike too many times and hit it in any way. The smallest thing that can even happen is if your kid is playing with a ball and hit your dirt bikes with the ball. Therefore, it is important to take note of this.
  • Chance of the dirt bike getting burned – I know this is surprising to hear but the truth is that it happened in very rare instances, instances such as if the dirt bike has been exposed to a particular heat source such as a dryer, shower steam, or even a heater that can heat the dirt bike and interact with it to cause a fire.
  • Hurting home beauty – Storing your dirt bike at home can take up enough space and make your home less beautiful, especially when guests pay you a visit.

With all that being said, in my opinion, the disadvantages of storing a dirt bike at home are very small compared to the benefits and I personally would much prefer the benefits.  So, it is important to take this into account because home is one of the safest places for storage and is even safer more than a garage.


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A garage is another great place for storing your dirt bikes. It is a closed place that is very secure, but the truth is that a garage is only for those who own a private land.

A garage is more safe and secure to store your dirt bikes than outside or even private parking. But garage parking is less safe than storing in your home because garages are still being disturbed by thieves, and every year in the United States, there are tons of thieves that steal equipment from the garage. So, it’s important to make sure you have a garage alarm so that you will know when thieves are trying to break into the garage.

Advantages of storing your dirt bike in the garage

  • Your dirt bike is safe from cold perturbations
  • Your dirt bike is safe from stealing
  • There is no danger of fire

Disadvantages of garage storage

  • There are no downsides

Storage unit

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Another option for storing your dirt bike that is unequivocally the safest is a storage unit, and is particularly an amazing solution for you.

But bear in mind that a storage unit also has a few different pros and cons that you should know before choosing it for your dirt bike storage.

Advantages of using a storage unit

  • Safe from thieves – Storage unit is the best place to store your dirt bike and is 100 percent assured that no one would steal or damage your dirt bike. And if it happens that your dirt bike is stolen or damaged, which occurs in rare cases, you will be compensated with a refund, but in general, you do not have to worry.
  • Climate control from cold and heat – Storage unit offers safe weather conditions for your dirt bike, keeping all components protected from any danger.

Disadvantages of using a storage unit

  • Price – Storing your dirt bikes in a storage unit will cost you an average price of between $50 to $100 each month.  For storage unit that costs more expensive each month, it probably uses higher quality tools and storage conditions, while for a storage unit that cost lower each month, it probably uses fewer quality tools and storage conditions. So, because of this, it is better to pay more on a storage unit to get the best conditions while if you also have the option to have an independent storage unit, you can split the price between you and your partner and save money.
  • Partial access to your dirt bike – A very big disadvantage of having a storage unit is that you won’t have full access to your dirt bike at any time of the day; if you want to have a ride early in the morning or any time of the day, you won’t be able to do so. So, it is important to take this into account.
  • Distance – Sometimes, there may not be a storage unit near your home or even within your city which means that whenever you want to take your dirt bike, you have to drive a long distance to the storage unit to get your dirt bike.

In general, a storage unit is a great option and it is important to note that you must insure your dirt bike and you also need some documents to use a storage unit.


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Another way of storing your dirt bike which I’m sure you haven’t heard of is dirt bike dealerships, and when I talk about dealerships, I mean that there are loads of dealers who have hosting services. So, I would highly recommend you consult the agent who bought the dirt bike to check the offers hosting services from the company.

Storage shed

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A storage shed is almost like a garage, but less secure, and the more expensive a shed is, the stronger it will be.

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Which places are not recommended for dirt bike storage?

Storage in a friend’s home

Storing your dirt bike in a friend’s home or garage at first seems like a promising and excellent option that can be amazing but, after all, can you predict what your friend who gives you his home or garage to store your dirt bike will do? So, the truth is that it may be a pretty good idea in some cases only if you trust your friend but please don’t if you do not trust your friend because I have heard about lots of people who stored their ATV motorcycle or dirt bikes in their friend’s house and their friends just rode and damage their bike, so it is important to be very careful.

Another problem with storing your dirt bike in a friend’s place is that your friend can never really care as you care for your dirt bikes and you can’t know what he does to the dirt bike in your absence. In fact, this is the reason why a storage unit costs more because people prefer to keep their dirt bikes in a safe place that even in the event that an unusual injury occurs to their dirt bike, they still get compensated.

In short, I’m not saying that storing your dirt bike at your friend’s home is a bad option, but I would less recommend it unless if you have a friend you trust. So, if you do have a friend you trust, the best thing is to consider other options for storing your dirt bike.


Storing your dirt bike outside is the most dangerous and worst option of storing your dirt bike. Not only does it expose your bike to rain in the winter that will destroy all the construction of your bike and damage the components, it will also significantly increase the chance of getting your dirt bike being stolen. And I can assure you that within a few weeks, the bad day will come that someone will steal your dirt bike.

You have to understand that it is very dangerous to store or park your dirt bikes outside in a prominent place such as public parking, your garden or anywhere else that is not safe and locked. So, if you do not want your dirt bikes to be stolen by people, then you should avoid parking your dirt bikes outside.

Why is it important to store your dirt bike in a closed, covered, and secured place?

Storing your dirt bike in a close and indoor place is a very important thing to do to make sure your dirt bike is safe. I will show you why this is important for a few reasons below:

  • Theft – There are thousands of dirt bikes stolen every year because of storage in the wrong place, especially in open places like park, garden or if you forgot that your dirt bike is outside for a few minutes, so you have to understand as long as your dirt bike is outside in an open area, there is a high chance that it will be stolen or taken away by someone. Therefore, you must be careful and always put your dirt bike in a closed place, such as a home or garage.
  • Rust – If you put your dirt bike outside during the winter, it will surely create rust on all parts of the dirt bike due to salts and various materials, so that justify why it is not a good idea to put your dirt bike outside in winter because it damages all your dirt bike parts and makes them even less durable.
  • Battery exposure – Winter and cold weather can hurt and kill the battery by causing it to drain, so this is another reason why a closed and warm indoor place would be better for storing your dirt bike.
  • Dirt bike maintenance – Another advantage of storing your dirt bike in a dry and closed place is that your dirt bike will stay clean from debris that can cause injury to certain parts of the bike and create layers of dirt and debris.
  • Dirt bike value – Most of the vulnerability your dirt bike will suffer when parked or stored outside will cause many parts to remain old and in bad shape, which lowers the quality and value of your bike.

I think these 5 reasons are enough for why dirt bikes should be stored in a closed, indoor, and dry place rather than outside in bad weather.

How to maintain your dirt bike while in storage?

If you are not going to touch or ride your dirt bike for long, then here are some tips to prevent your bike from damage while in storage for a long time.

  • Empty your fuel tank – You have to completely empty your fuel tank because leaving gas in your fuel tank for too long will cause corrosion. You must dispose of all your fuel and, after you remove the fuel, you need to run the engine for a few minutes to remove the remaining gas in your tank.
  • Pick up and dismantle the tires – I don’t know why, but most people just skip and don’t attribute the importance of dismantling and lifting the tires. It is important because prolonged storage of the tires with the dirt bike can damage the tires and cause them to get stained due to their prolonged friction with the floor which also causes them to lose air and their quality. Therefore, it is very important to dismantle all the tires and put them on a stand in a closed place.
  • Put a dirt bike cover – You should make sure you cover all parts of your bike to prevent dust or dirt from getting into them and to prevent the frame from getting scratched. So, don’t forget to cover and cover can be anything from a thick towel.
  • Replace the anti-freeze coolant – You need to buy the anti-freeze coolant in winter, so it’s also important to put it inside your dirt bike.
  • Disconnect the battery – If you have a dirt bike that uses a battery, just make sure to unplug the battery and put it in a safe and secure place so that you don’t damage the battery.
  • Replace the oil – Replacing the oil is also important. If you do not intend to ride the dirt bike for a good few months, the best thing is just to remove the oil, but if only for just a few weeks, then you should replace the oil. I recommend you to read a step by step guide I wrote on how to replace your dirt bike oil. Click here to view.

These are the basic tips for preserving your dirt bike during a long period of storage, and this can be from a few weeks to even a few months.

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