What Oil To Use in Suzuki ATV? – Answers Inside

I’ve done a fair few oil changes in my time, and I’m due for an oil change on my Suzuki ATV. I wasn’t sure what oil it takes, so I did a bunch of research to find out what oil a Suzuki ATV takes. While I was at it I thought I’d compile a list of what oil each Suzuki ATV takes, here’s what I found.

Suzuki ATVs should use 10W – 40 Suzuki Performance 4 oil or equivalent. It’s recommended to use oil that is API – SG, SH, SJ, SL, SM, or SN with JASO standard – MA (MA1, MA2). Do not use oil that is API – SH, SJ, SL, SN, or SM.

Each Suzuki ATV has a different oil capacity. In hot weather and cool weather, it’s also recommended to use a different viscosity oil in Suzuki ATVs. So, below I will describe what the oil capacity is for the different Suzuki ATVs, as well as, what temperature ranges 10W – 40 oil is good for.

Suzuki KingQuad Terra Green 2015

How Much Oil Do Suzuki ATVs Take?

When buying oil for your ATV you don’t want to buy too much. In general, an oil change for an ATV is done every 3 to 6 months depending on how often you use it. So, any unused oil can be sitting around for a while. Here’s a table that shows the oil capacity for the different Suzuki ATV models:

Suzuki ATV ModelOil TypeOil Capacity
Kingquad 750Suzuki Performance 4 or Equivalent. 10W – 402.8 L (3.0 US qt)
Kingquad 500Suzuki Performance 4 or Equivalent. 10W – 402.5 L (2.6 US qt)
Kingquad 400Suzuki Performance 4 or Equivalent. 10W – 402.3 L  (2.4 US qt)
Youth – Quadsport Z90Suzuki Performance 4 or Equivalent. 10W – 400.30 L (0.31 US qt)
Youth – Quadsport Z50Suzuki Performance 4 or Equivalent. 10W – 400.95 L (1.0 US qt)

*Do not use oil that is API – SH, SJ, SL, SN, or SM as it is recommended in Suzuki ATV user manuals not to use.

As you can see full-sized ATVs range between about 2 to 3 liters in oil capacity. When you do an oil change, you replace the oil filter. Which will absorb some of the oil. And therefore, you will need to add about an additional 200 mL (0.2 US qt). Which is about 1 cup of oil. So the numbers above are the capacity of the oil tank.

I’ve included the smaller number that way you don’t add too much. I’ve encountered instances where I was changing the oil on a car or motorbike and didn’t know how much oil it takes. So, I would pour some in and then check the dipstick to see how full it was. Which takes a bit more time.

Castrol GTX 10w-40

Do You Have to Use Suzuki Oil in a Suzuki ATV?

Generally, you do not need to use Suzuki oil in a Suzuki ATV. Suzuki does recommend using their oil but also say that any 4 stroke oil will work, provided it has the same specifications as those above namely:

  • Has API – SG, SH, SJ, SL, SM or SN
  • JASO standard – MA (MA1, MA2)
  • Is NOT API – SH, SJ, SL, SN or SM
  • Has a viscosity of 10W – 40

Viscosity is a scientific term, which you may know is how runny a liquid is. A low viscosity liquid is runnier than a high viscosity liquid. The number 10W – 40 refers to the viscosity of the oil at two different temperatures.

The first number is how thick it is in cold temperatures, and the second number is how thick it is when the engine is warmed up and operating. The operating temperature of an engine is known to be 100 °C (212 °F). An easy way to remember is that the W stands for winter.

10W – 40 oil is recommended for climates where the temperature ranges between 10 °F to 110 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C) which covers almost all climates except for extremely hot. Even Hawai’i and Florida in the USA, which are the hottest States in the USA have an average temperature of 77 °F (25 °C). Texas also gets quite hot, and the highest temperature that it gets to in Texas is about 96°F (35°C).

So, 10W – 40 is generally fine. If you ride your ATV in snow, or below freezing conditions most of the time then you may opt to get a cold-weather oil, to provide more lubrication for your engine. You could for instance get 5W – 30 or similar.

Suzuki Oil

How Do You Change the Oil on a Suzuki Quad?

Now that you know what oil to use, I thought I’d cover the general procedure for changing the oil on a Suzuki quad. Here’s how to do it.

There is a nut at the bottom of the engine that gets removed, and the old oil pours out. Before loosening the nut, place a tray or bucket underneath to catch the old oil. After that, you unscrew the old oil filter and screw in the new one. Then replace the nut, and fill it with the new oil.

Before removing the nut you need to idle the engine for a few minutes to make the oil runnier which causes it to pour out easily, and to remove all of the old oil. The old oil is usually much darker because it’s full of contaminants.

For the full instructions refer to the owner’s manual for your ATV. They are also available online at the official Suzuki owner’s manual website.

Can You Use Car Oil in a Suzuki ATV?

It’s common to have some car oil lying around, and so you may be wondering whether it’s OK to use car oil in your Suzuki ATV.

Overall, you should not use car oil in a Suzuki ATV. But, you can, provided it has the same specifications as that listed in your Suzuki owners manual. It’s recommended to use 4 stroke 10W – 40, API – SG, SH, SJ, SL, SM, or SN with JASO standard – MA (MA1, MA2) in most Suzuki ATVs.

However, most Suzuki ATV manuals do not recommend using oil that is API – SH, SJ, SL, SN, or SM.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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