Are Suzuki ATVs Good?

There are a small handful of ATV brands that are fairly well known, and Suzuki is more known for its two-wheel motorbikes. Today I will be explaining if Suzuki ATVs are good.

Overall, Suzuki ATVs are good. They are one of the most successful ATV companies based on their yearly revenue and the number of employees they have. They also have the biggest selection of ATVs to choose from.

In this article I will be covering the data and objective metrics about Suzuki and other ATV brands, so you can see how it compares, and explain which brand of ATV has the least problems.

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Is Suzuki a Good ATV Brand

Suzuki is a household name and has it’s common to see their motorbikes and cars around. ATVs are generally used in remote areas so the chances you come across one, or someone who owns one is less common. Therefore, it’s hard to know if they’re good or not so here’s the rundown on whether Suzuki ATVs are good or not.

In general, Suzuki is a good ATV brand. They have the most ATV models to choose from and are one of the largest ATV companies based on revenue and the number of employees. But, they are one of the least reliable ATV brands based on an independent survey.

I did a full analysis of the main ATV brands, Can-Am, Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki.The metrics I looked at were:

  • The length of the warranty
  • The reliability score (based on an independent survey)
  • The number of ATV models they sell
  • The revenue of the company
  • The number of employees they have

Based on each of these numerical metrics I ranked each ATV from 1 to 6 and gave them a score from 1 to 6, and then gave them an overall score based on the total of each category. Here’s a table that shows the results:

BrandWarranty length*Number of ATV ModelsReliability ScoreNumber of EmployeesYearly Revenue ($USD)Total

The table score goes from lowest to highest. For example, if an ATV brand was the best it was given a 6. This was to make the total score give the highest score to the best ATV.

From the table, you can see that Suzuki ranked second equal to Yamaha. And the only ATV brand that scored better was Honda. Now let’s examine each of the categories to see how well Suzuki ATVs did.

Here’s a table that summarizes this info, followed by another table that shows the rank from best to worst.

CompanyNumber of EmployeesYearly Revenue ($USD)Number of ATV ModelsReliability ScoreWarranty Length*
Yamaha28,000$3 billion1923.99%10 years
Polaris14,000$8.2 billion79.23%6 months
Honda220,000$123 billion750.00%1 to 4 years
Can-Am8,300$4 billion47.89%3.5 years
Kawasaki36,700$14 billion43.69%1 year
Suzuki45,000$29 billion715.20%1 year

Suzuki’s reliability score (based on an independent survey)

The results of a survey that asked which ATV brand is the most reliable show that Suzuki was rated 5th. Here’s the percentage of the votes that each brand of ATV got:

  • Honda – 50%
  • Yamaha – 24%
  • Polaris – 9%
  • Can-Am – 8%
  • Suzuki – 5%
  • Kawasaki – 4%

This does not necessarily mean that Suzuki ATVs are not reliable. But, it can be concluded that other brands are perceived by people to be much more reliable by a significant margin.

Suzuki’s warranty length

The length of warranty that Suzuki provides for their ATVs is on the shorter side. Here’s how the warranty on Suzuki ATVs compares to other ATV brands:

  • Yamaha – 10 years
  • Can-Am – 3.5 years
  • Honda – 1 year – can be extended to 4 years total
  • Suzuki – 2 years
  • Kawasaki – 1 year
  • Polaris – 6 months
extreme atv quad

Number of ATV models Suzuki sells

Suzuki is second equal for the total number of ATV models they sell. This means that have a reasonable selection. Yamaha though has dramatically more than other ATV brands. Here’s a table that shows how many ATV models Suzuki sells relative to the other top ATV brands

BrandRec/Utility ATVsSportTotal

Suzuki’s yearly revenue

Suzuki’s yearly revenue is one of the highest out of all ATV brands. This show’s that they have a good reputation in the ATV marketplace. Here’s a list of ATV brands ranked in order from highest yearly revenue to lowest:

  • Honda – $123 billion
  • Suzuki – $29 billion
  • Kawasaki – $14 billion
  • Polaris – $8.2 billion
  • Can-am – $4 billion
  • Yamaha – $3 billion

The number of employees Suzuki has

Suzuki also has the second-highest number of employees. This shows that Suzuki is a mature company and likely has a very good customer support team. Here’s a ranked list of each of the most popular ATV brands based on the number of employees each company has.

  • Honda – 220,000 employees
  • Suzuki – 45,000 employees
  • Kawasaki – 36.700 employees
  • Yamaha – 28,000 employees
  • Polaris – 14,000 employees
  • Can-Am – 8,300 employees

What ATV Has the Least Problems

If an ATV breaks down it adds to the total cost of an ATV. Most ATV brands have a reasonable warranty of two years or more, but it also costs in terms of the time it takes to take to the mechanic and retrieve it again. Therefore, an ATV that is very reliable and lasts a long time without breaking down is desirable, so here’s what ATV has the least problems.

Honda ATVs have the least problems. An independent survey of over 600 people found that Honda received significantly more votes as the most reliable ATV brand with 50% of the votes. After that Yamaha was voted as the next most reliable with 24% of the votes.

The ATV brand that received the least votes was Kawasaki. However, it can be argued that the brands that received fewer votes could be due to a range of other factors. I provided the full details of the survey in this article about whether Kawasaki ATVs are reliable.

Where Are Suzuki Quads Made

Many companies manufacture parts in different parts of the world, and domestically. Suzuki is originally a Japanese company, and some countries have a reputation for providing low-quality products. So, where are Suzuki quads made?

Suzuki quads made in the USA are manufactured In the town of Rome, in the State of Georgia. Suzuki has many production facilities around the world, including Japan, Colombia, Brazil, Hungary, Egypt, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

The factory in the USA makes has around 200 employees and produces more than 120 ATVs per day, according to the official Suzuki website. It was opened in 2021 and spans over 50 acres.


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