Yamaha vs Honda which motorcycle brand is the best

One the biggest fights and debates among motorcycle enthusiasts are undoubtedly the two Japanese companies Honda and Yamaha that dominate the motorcycle market and are considered the best motorcycle companies of all time and the truth these two companies almost totally identical

Lots of riders think there are a lot of differences between these two companies but the truth of these two companies is the same and instead of arguing with each other sometimes to conclude that everyone has his opinion And there are those who will love Yamaha and some riders will love Honda more

So Which is better Yamaha or Honda motorcycle? these two companies are almost completely identical and it all depends on what type of riding you are and what you are looking for in a motorcycle while These two companies show the most advanced performance on the market and I personally recommend Yamaha more for racing riders and Honda more for beginner and daily riders

I personally like to make the question of which company is better and which motorcycle model is better so I personally recommend you pick the model you like best from each brand from Honda and Yamaha and compare them while I also recommend you to take a driving test on Honda models and Yamaha models you choose and I am sure you will find the answer yourself

In this comparison article, I will show you all the differences that Honda and Yamaha have between this engine, maintenance and build quality designs as well as a detailed explanation of each Separate company and the best models each company has, and my personal opinion too, so if it is something that will interest you to continue reading this article

So let’s get start


red dual-sport motorcycle
תוצאת תמונה עבור Honda logo
תוצאת תמונה עבור Honda logo

Honda is truly an amazing company founded in 1948 it started manufacturing motorcycles since the 60s. Honda manufactures many more vehicle from regular sports motorcycles between this ATV dirt bike and even cars and many more

The most special thing about Honda is undoubtedly the desire and success to achieve the best and most advanced performers on the market every year is between them in all respects from the engine that I think is better than Yamaha engines acceleration or braking systems and of course, Honda engine better in mileage than Yamaha and in general offers, more technological innovations than Yamaha and I am sure many will disagree with me

In addition, Honda motorcycles are in my opinion less beautiful than Yamaha motorcycles featuring a much more complex design style

Anyway, Honda is very reliable it has lots of really amazing models I am sure you will not be disappointed

What is my personal opinion about Honda? In my opinion, Honda is by far one of the best and amazing motorcycle company and although I said it has better technological comper to Yamaha it still does not make it better because my problem with Honda is that their motorcycle just does not excite me more because they are perfect from a performance standpoint It is no longer exciting and it is very difficult to explain it in words you just have to ride a Honda motorcycle and then Yamaha and you will realize that Honda just no longer spoon for me and mostly not like Yamaha motorcycles much more fun to ride and also more beautiful in my opinion

But again it is very difficult to compare these two brands and to say that one is better than the other and what suits me certainly will not suit you so I would love to listen to your opinion and I would love to hear what you think of Honda in the comments

Advantages of Honda vs Yamaha (in my opinion)

  • Offer a more advanced technology than Yamaha
  • Offer better and more advanced engines
  • Better in miles

Disadvantages of Honda vs Yamaha (in my opinion)

  • Less beautiful
  • Less exciting for riding

Top 10 best Honda motorcycles

CRF1000L Africa Twin
Honda CRF450R
CBR600F Hurricane
Super Cub
Honda NR750
Honda CBR1100XX
Honda Gold Wing
Honda CBR900RR
Honda Rebel


תוצאת תמונה עבור Yamaha logo
black Yamaha sports bike in front of building

Yamaha is a huge company very similar to Honda and not only is it also a Japanese company but it even started in the 1960s just like Honda to manufacture motorcycles while however to Honda Yamaha is huge and not only produces vehicle but even refrigerator pianos and other things besides vehicle or motorcycles

Yamaha really makes great motorcycles just like Honda while less advanced in my opinion from the engines and technology it offers but it will be better than the construction and design from honda which is far more beautiful in my opinion than Honda design motorcycle and Yamaha has a very big advantage in its maneuverability and coping ability with obstacles that Are far better off than Honda models

In my feeling Yamaha is much more exciting and more fun to ride on her motorcycles then honda models

In addition from my experience and also friends Yamaha motorcycle was cheaper and easier to maintain again not in all cases because it mainly depends on your type of motorcycle but because Yamaha has less advanced technologies it makes its motorcycles easier to maintain while it is important to note when I say that Honds has more advanced technology and innovations that are really small differences Yamaha still offers one of the best performance just simply Honda has always Was after Yamaha in the performance point of view

What is my personal opinion on Yamaha? Yamaha, in my opinion, is no better than a Honda but certainly displays more exciting and fun motorcycles than Honda and I do not even know how to explain it Honda has a lot of banality and boredom and in my opinion not exciting in the design that I really do not like but again It’s just my opinion some will love Honda much more, it’s really a matter of personal opinion

Advantages of Yamaha comper to Honda (in my opinion)

  • More beautiful motorcycles in design and quality of construction
  • a contestant better in the race
  • Better in maneuvering
  • More exciting for riding
  • Usually require less maintenance (not in all cases)

Disadvantages of Yamaha vs Honda (in my opinion)

  • Less good in miles
  • Less advanced in performance levels (small differences)

Top 10 best Yamaha motorcycles

YZF1000 R1
YZR500 (OW48)
Yamaha YD2
Yamaha YZF-R7 (OW-02)
YDS3C Big Bear

What are the common features of Honda and Yamaha motorcycles? (smashing myths)

Before I move on to the differences between Honda and Yamaha models, it is important for me to show you the same things and features that exist between Honda and Yamaha, and I have decided to do this because I see that many people are confused and think that there are certain advantages of one company to each other

You have to understand Yamaha and Honda identity almost completely do not offer so many big differences will even the differences that I will show later in the article were some that are my personal opinion like beauty and design and really there are some small differences between these two companies and so it is important for me to shatter some myths that many people like to say

Yamaha or Honda motorcycle models are not sold at prices that are higher than each other

I personally cannot see people who claim that either Honda or Yamaha produce more cheaper or expansive motorcycles than each other is really wrong. Most Honda and Yamaha models are sold at almost the same prices and it is true that sometimes there are gaps but it is impossible to measure because the two companies have hundreds of models so it is very difficult to compare prices

Take Harley, For example, you can say that their motorcycles are sold at much higher prices than Honda and Yamaha together unequivocally because it is almost every model of Harley was more expensive

Complete table of compare at uncertain prices ……………

Both Honda and Yamaha companies have the same engine life

Another thing that is the same with the Honda and Yamaha models is the engine life that will usually last you at the same time, and that opposed to what people say Honda has a better engine life because they provide more innovative engines.

By the way, the engine life and also the motorcycle depends on the level of maintenance you invest and how you handle the engine and not related to how good or advanced the engine is, and most importantly not according to if the engine is of Yamaha or Honda it doesn’t matter

Both companies are equally reliable

Lots of people claim that either Honda have more credibility compared to Yamaha and vice versa, Yamaha and Honda are very similar to each other, they have a lot of things in common and because of that both companies are equally reliable and between you choose Yamaha or Honda you will get exactly what you paid and believe me to be satisfied

Both companies have the same level of experience

Honda and Yamaha have decades of experience in making motorcycles. You can’t say that one has more experience than the other. While the two brands also started producing their first motorcycles in the 1960s
Proving that both have the same amount of years and level of experience

Both companies have the same amount of selection of motorcycles

Yamaha and Honda also have tons of motorcycle models just tons of models I am not kidding. It can sometimes be very confusing to pick one model because they have lots of different models. from motorcycle to Advanced or beginner models to short or high riders, racers, and field riders

And by the way, compared to Harley or other companies offering very limited motorcycles like Harel, she has only 30 to 50 models from my mind which is what I love about both Japanese companies that featuring hundreds of models to choose from

Major differences between Yamaha and Honda motorcycles

Honda motorcycles have better performance than Yamaha motorcycles

Honda will always outperform Yamaha from his engine with a much faster and more advanced engine in most cases than Yamaha models and not only does Honda always better from Yamaha in terms of performance while it is important to note that of course, these differences in performance are very small again if really minor differences but nonetheless Honda always introduces the newest technologies on the market

Yamaha motorcycles are more beautifully designed and durable

Yamaha is just an expert on motorcycle design. I personally love the design that their motorcycles come in is very complex and not very boring like Honda models and I think most people would agree with me that Yamaha definitely has a more impressive design for most of its motorcycles. and In my opinion, Yamaha offers the most beautiful motorcycles on the market after the Harley motorcycle models

In addition, Yamaha is much more durable than the Honda models again not in all cases but for the most, the Yamaha simply specializes in building quality better than the Honda while Yamaha models know how to manage better in different weather such as snow or rain

Honda is better at miles than Yamaha

It’s pretty clear already I believe most of you know that Honda motorcycles offer better and long mileage than Yamaha motorcycles yes no huge differences but still significant differences that you do feel the lack of mils when riding Yamaha motorcycles

In most cases, Yamaha motorcycles are cheaper to maintain than Honda motorcycles

Yamaha models are usually easier and cheaper to maintain than Honda models, too. It’s not in huge differences that, nevertheless, every motorcycle will require maintenance no matter what company it is, but also take into account that Honda uses more technology than Yamaha models which require more maintenance.

Yamaha has better coping and maneuvering capabilities than Honda

Yamaha motorcycles are simply monstrous animals in dealing with obstacles, whether riding mud in the snow in rain or anywhere else, which makes Yamaha models better for off-road racing as well, compared to Honda, which can handle obstacles, but not like the models Yamaha does perfectly. And very good

Bottom line: what should I get honda or Yamaha

In the bottom line is that there aren’t a lot of significant differences between Yamaha and Honda motorcycles, so I personally think the best way to find out which company is better for you is to simply take the models you like best from each company and do a riding test on them, so I’m sure you’ll find what is better for you and what you like better

In addition, if you have Honda models and Yamaha you are Undecided I would love if you contact us in the comments and I will help you make a decision


For any questions, you may have or an opinion on the article, feel free to write us a comment, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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