What Is the Most Sold Motorcycle Brands in the World?

When buying a motorcycle, a factor that is important to many new riders is that the motorcycle model is manufactured by a reputable company.

There are a lot of amazing companies, but there are only a few that have managed to beat their competitors and become the best motorcycle companies in the world.

So What is the most sold motorcycle brand in the world? The most sold motorcycle brands in the market are Honda that sells 21,000,000 motorcycles each year, Royal Enfield sells about 900,000 per year, Harley-Davidson, and Yamaha.

If you want to know more about motorcycle brands, keep reading. This post will discuss the 15 best seller motorcycle companies in the world.

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1. Harley Davidson

Hurley Davidson logo

The best brand by far is Harley Davidson.

In fact, Harley Davidson is the most popular American brand in the world. The company was founded in 1903, and they have been making great motorcycles for decades. They are also a very reliable company.

Also, Harley Davidson engines make the loudest and strongest engine noise, which is very important to a lot of riders.

I personally really love Harley Davidson. I think they are by far the best company in the world and produce the highest quality motorcycles on the market.

2. Honda

Honda logo

Honda is one of my favorite companies. Honda is a Japanese company that began producing motorcycle models in 1955 and has produced more than 3.5 million models since 1982, making the company a huge global success.

Also, most Honda motorcycle models come in a sporty look and can ride at very high speeds. The most popular model is the CB500.

Honda are affordable; in fact, their motorcycles are known for having great value for the price.

I personally really like Honda and in my opinion, it is one of the best companies in the world.

3. BMW

BMW logo

Another amazing company is BMW.

A lot of people think BMW is only a manufacturer of cars, but BMW has actually been producing motorcycles since 1920. They use the same materials and high-quality hardware in their motorcycles that they use in their cars.

BMW is a very reliable company. They have been motorcycle manufacturers since 1901. Their most popular model is the S1000RR.

I personally love BMW, and they have proven to be one of the best and most popular brands in the world.

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4. Suzuki

Suzuki logo

Another great company is Suzuki.

Actually, Suzuki has been making motorcycles since 1952. They are strong, high quality, and by far some of the best motorcycles in the world.

The best Suzuki model is the GSX-R750, which has had huge success in the world.

I personally really love Suzuki and I think it is one of the best companies in the world.

5. Ducati

Ducati is undoubtedly the most popular Italian motorcycle company today. Ducati started making motorcycles as early as 1929, and their best model is the Scrambler Icon.

Ducati is, in my opinion, the company that produces the best racing motorcycles. Even though they have a lot of other great models not designed for racing, Ducati’s specialty is racing motorcycles.

In addition, Ducati has a lot of fans around the world (about 20,000 loyal followers and 400 clubs around the world).

I personally think Ducati produces the best racing motorcycles in the world, and I would definitely recommend the company to every racing rider.

6. Yamaha

Yamaha logo

Another amazing Japanese brand is Yamaha.

Yamaha is one of the best motorcycle brands in the world. They started producing motorcycles as early as 1955, giving them a lot of credibility. Their most popular model is the YZF-R6.

Yamaha is known for their high-quality motorcycle; almost every model has a perfect design and structure.

In my opinion, Yamaha is one of the best top 5 companies in the world and a leader in almost all types of vehicles, such as dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and more.

7. Kawasaki

Kawasaki logo

Another amazing Japanese company is Kawasaki, which started making motorcycles as early as 1949. Their best models are the Ninja and KLR. These have become popular models for beginners.

Although Kawasaki is a company that competes with other companies such as Yamaha and Honda, some say that Kawasaki is even better than these companies.

Also, Kawasaki won the prestigious MotoGP championship along with 4 winners in the 350 SMC category; in fact, Kawasaki is a leader in the motorcycle racing market.

Kawasaki is undoubtedly one of the best Japanese company in the world and is also my favorite Japanese company.

8. KTM

KTM logo

Another company that makes amazing motorcycles is KTM. KTM is a company based in Australia that started off producing sport scars and building jet turbines.

In addition, KTM manufactures dirt bikes, ATVs, and many other types of vehicles that are very successful around the world.

Today KTM is a supplier to some of the best companies in the world and I personally love KTM.

9. Triumph

Triumph logo

Triumph is a British company that started making motorcycles in 1984. Their most popular model is the Tiger 800 XC, an adventure bike.

In fact, Triumph is a company that was in trouble in 1902 but managed to get out of the financial hardship because of a man who chose to keep the motorcycle division. Since then they have been producing motorcycles.

Today Triumph is the best British company in the world and in addition, 80% of the motorcycles they manufacture are sold overseas and to other countries, which demonstrates that they are a popular and sought-after company all over the world.

10. Aprilia

Aprilia logo

Aprilia is an Italian company that started making motorcycles in 1968 and has won 294 Grand Prix races at the peak of most European motorcycle manufacturer winnings.

Aprilia specializes in making motorcycles for daily life (as opposed to racing motorcycles), and they are very affordable.

Aprilia also produces dirt bikes, Scooters, mopeds, and loads of different vehicles that are very successful around the world.

Aprilia may not be comparable to huge companies like Honda or Harley Davidson, but it certainly offers cheaper motorcycles that provide all the functions a motorcycle should have.

11. Curtis

Curtis logo

Curtis is an American company that started making motorcycles back in the 1990s, so they have seniority, experience, and reliability.

What differentiates this company from other companies is that it produces custom motorcycles, giving customers the opportunity to choose their own materials, hardware, and design.

I personally think that Curtis is one of the most unique companies on the market, and I highly recommend Curtis to anyone who wants to build their own custom motorcycle.

12. Indian

Indian logo

Indian is one of the most popular companies in the United States, and they have made a lot of changes over the years.

Indian started as early as 1901 and made motorcycles in Springfield, Massachusetts, until 1954.

In my opinion, Indian is one of the best companies in the United States, and many say it is even the single best company in the United States.

13. Hero

Hero logo

Hero is the most popular company in India and the second largest company in the world.

46 percent of motorcycles manufactured in India come from Hero.

Hero also produces models for the USA and Canada.

14. United

United is another company that is based in India and is undoubtedly one of the most popular companies there, and in the world.

While almost half of India’s motorcycles are made by Hero, the other half are produced by United.

United also manufactures motorcycles all over the world.

15. Confederate

Confederate is one of the special companies on the market today and one of my favorites.

In fact, Confederate is unique because they make custom motorcycles.

So which motorcycle company is best for you?

Today I told you about the 15 best companies in the world, but which one do you think is the best?

In fact, no company is better than the other because each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is very important to choose the company that provides the functions you already want.

For example, if you want a classic motorcycle, Harley Davidson is the best company for you.

If you are competing in motorcycle racing and you are looking for a good racing motorcycle, KMT will be the best company for you.

If you want a company that offers luxurious and impressive motorcycles, Ducati and BMW are the best companies for you.

And because of that, it is very important to always choose the motorcycle company that suits what you are looking for. Thanks to you! Until next time.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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