Why is your motorcycle helmet sticky?

Is that you used your helmet and found that your helmet is sticky then the truth do not worry because this is a problem that many motorcycle riders are obligatory and is a very common problem especially For people who have had a motorcycle helmet for at least over a few months but the good part is that this problem has a solution

So why is my motorcycle helmet sticking? there are a few reasons why your motorcycle helmet is sticky in most cases because your helmet has been exposed to some chemicals An extended period of time, such as perfume or alcohol or even cleaning products, acid sweat and another reason is because you will store your helmet over time in a closed place like a wardrobe at extreme temperatures (cold or hot)

It is important to know that your helmet has become sticky which does not mean it is bad and you have to replace it because there are some very simple solutions through which you can Resolve this problem like repainting the sticky areas, pouring alcohol, acetone, cleaning and more

If You have this problem of the sticky helmet so don’t worry because that’s exactly why Why I wrote this guide where I will show you why your helmet is sticky, how to solve it completely and also how to avoid a miscarriage and so on as it is interesting you will continue to read

Here are all the topics I will explain to you in this guide

What is are the reasons why the motorcycle helmet is sticky?


Before I show you how to solve the sticky helmet problem then you need to first You need to understand and know why your helmet became sticky so you can avoid it again next time

  • Acid sweat – Acid sweat over time is something that can make your helmet sticky while also sweating over time and you ride long rides Your motorcycle so you may see sticky signs from your helmet after a few months so you have a sweating problem while riding a motorcycle so first of all, I recommend that you have ventilation developed in your next helmet
  • Exposure to Chemicals – A sticky helmet can also be formed because of your helmet Exposed to certain chemicals such as drugs, solvents, cleaning agents, chemicals that damage the helmet, and any other material that you think maybe in contact with the helmet and may damage it
  • Locksmith Helmet Storage – Keeping your motorcycle helmet closed and small like a wardrobe or safe over time can be why your helmet is sticky Often because there is not enough air and because of the confined space it can cause a mold which can make the helmet sticky
  • Helmet Storage at Extreme Temperatures – Your helmet has been exposed to extreme temperatures for too long and it can also be too cold or hot temperatures Can cause a sticky helmet, for example, You ride with your helmet every day for hours in the sun so the sun’s fumes can damage the helmet and make it sticky and sticky symptoms can see the same in a few months the opposite of cold temperatures that make the helmet sticky
  • An old helmet that needs replacement – Your helmet shows sticky signs and it is old And already over 3 to 5 years old so I would recommend you replace it with another helmet because chances are that at 3 years old helmet and it shows stickiness

In general, it is important that you identify which container you see and what they are related to

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How do you remove sticky residue from a motorcycle helmet?

Rubbed the sticky parts with lemon – it may seem strange at first but rubbing the sticky parts of the lime helmet can greatly help prevent or At least ease the feeling of stickiness and make the helmet smoother and less sticky Try a soft scrub with lemon. I tried it on mine that worked. Select a region first to try it.

  • WD40 – Using the WD40 will greatly help you remove the sticky parts from the helmet So I recommend that you take it and use paper and rub the sticky parts together with the material
  • Use acetone – acetone will not only remove the sticky parts from the helmet but Also remove sweat from the helmet and make it cleaner, so I encourage you to take a shot and use it with a rag together
  • Use alcohol – In my opinion, the best way to remove it Completely sticking to the helmet itself is to take a swab of alcohol and wipe away the sticky parts and the best thing about alcohol is that it completely removes the sticky material and makes the helmet smooth while the best thing is that you can use any type of alcohol you want.
  • Wash the helmet – I recommend washing the helmet with you She chose to rub the sticky parts with alcohol or lemon while making sure to use soap and a cloth to help remove the sticky parts
  • Make the sticky parts in a helmet – Another way to help you eliminate the sticky parts is to paint all the sticky parts in the helmet that will create a layer of Paint and cover the sticky parts so you don’t feel the sticky parts while I recommend that you ask for help from a friend or professional who will paint your helmet
  • Contact Manufacturer – You have tried all possible ways and have not been able to remove the sticky parts from your motorcycle helmet then chances are there is a problem that the manufacturer made when making the helmet, so I recommend that you contact the manufacturer himself via Imel and ask for a new helmet and compensation what you can definitely do especially with you have a responsibility that it was already easier to get a new helmet from the manufacturer You have no responsibility, so chances are it is best to buy a new motorcycle helmet

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Is riding a sticky motorcycle helmet is safe & I need to replace the helmet?

The short answer is you don’t worry and think riding a helmet is sticky
Dangerous then it is not a sticky helmet It is a phenomenon that occurs according to other factors not generally associated with the safety of the helmet or helmet

But with this, the only problem with a sticky helmet is that it is very painful and unpleasant to ride A sticky helmet especially you have a hair in which your hair can be created Just stick to the helmet and the sticky parts which can be unbearable and therefore unsightly You have tried all possible ways and have not been able to remove the sticky parts and this is very disturbing to you when riding so I would recommend you change helmet

How to Avoid Sticky Motorcycle Helmet?

There are a few things you can do to maintain your helmet and prevent not only the stickiness of the helmet but you can prevent more helmet problems such as wrecked, helmet cloth Uncomfortable and more

Always clean your motorcycle helmet

You will have to clean your helmet at least once a week for what you want to Avoid the sticky problem because you realize you won’t regularly clean your motorcycle helmet so the sweat and chemicals will penetrate the helmet fabric and just turn the fabric over The inside is sticky and not at all comfortable to ride so always remember to clean your motorcycle helmet while I recommend you click here to see this guide that will show you how to clean your motorcycle helmet without damaging it

Make sure the helmet is at the right temperatures

To avoid sticking to the helmet you need to keep the helmet in place well enough to keep it from extreme temperatures that can damage the helmet and therefore the good place The most you can do is store your helmet in a specially designed bag for keeping your helmet on while I personally recommend you use the bag or even the box that the helmet comes with

Do not use detergents you do not know

You have to be very careful when cleaning the helmet and make sure that you do not use detergents that contain harmful chemicals for the helmet, while I recommend that you use only water and a cloth and clean without soap while you need soap, so you will only use the materials. Easy and soft cleans like baby shampoo or laundry detergent and no soap or any Hard soaps

Don’t dry your helmet on Pan

Pan is very bad for a helmet and can do Very large damage and can harden parts so I recommend you to dry your helmet only in the sunlight after cleaning

Wear a bandana under the helmet

A great way to almost always prevent the stickiness of the motorcycle helmet is to wear a swing under the helmet that will separate The internal parts of the sweat that is created during riding can also save you from cleansing

Oil the Parts in a Helmet

Lubricating parts in your helmet is among the effective things The most you can do to feel more comfortable while riding and avoid sticking to a helmet while you only need to grease the inside of the helmet like the protective hinge and fabric and I personally even recommend you apply lubricant

Do not scrub and rub the outside of the helmet

scrubbing and scrubbing the part The exterior of your motorcycle helmet will only do damage and scratch the protector and instead will only spray water without rubbing

Do not spray perfume on the helmet

spraying the entire helmet very damaging it and parts It’s inside will cause a helmet sticking so you want your helmet to smell good so the best thing you can do is ventilate it and also clean it consistently

Related questions

  • How long can a motorcycle helmet last? It depends very much on your helmet type though In most cases you will need to replace the helmet every 5 years while expensive helmets can last longer than cheap helmets because of the higher quality materials from which expensive helmets are built
  • What is the best method to remove sticky parts from a motorcycle helmet? there are loads Different methods through which you can completely remove the sticky parts that are created on your motorcycle helmet but the best method is alcoholic because alcohol is an adhesive and removes it perfectly
  • Am I supposed to replace my motorcycle helmet if it sticky? No, you don’t have to change your helmet. It shows sticky signs while it is quite common For helmets and I believe that almost every motorcycle rider who has a helmet will find some sticking marks on the helmet at some point and so should not be stressed simply use alcohol or all the methods I have presented in this manual and you can easily remove the sticky parts in the helmet


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