Is the Suzuki Kingquad Good? – Details Inside!

There are many different ATVs to choose from and Suzuki is a very well know ATV manufacturer. Suzuki primarily only has the Kingquad ATV model in a few different sizes. In this article, I will cover whether the Suzuki Kingquad is any good.

As a general rule, the Suzuki Kingquad is good. Based on a range of different metrics such as reliability Suzuki is rated as the 2nd best ATV brand. Honda is the best ATV brand, and their best ATV is the Honda Rubicon. The Suzuki Kingquad has virtually identical specifications to the Honda Rubicon.

To get a good idea of how the Suzuki Kingquad compares to other ATVs, below, I will provide a side-by-side breakdown of the specifications of what is arguably the best ATV on the market the Honda Rubicon, and how it compares to the Suzuki Kingquad.

Suzuki KingQuad Terra Green 2015

How the Suzuki Kingquad Compares to Other ATVs

To understand how the Suzuki Kingquad compares I first thought I’d provide details about how good the Suzuki ATV brand is overall compared to the other top ATV brands. Here’s a table that shows how Suzuki compares:

BrandWarranty Length*Number of ATV ModelsReliability ScoreNumber of EmployeesYearly Revenue ($USD)Total

For each of the categories, I converted the metrics into a ranking from 1 to 6 for each of the different brands. 6 being the best, and 1 being the worst. As you can see, Suzuki is the second best ATV brand equal with Yamaha. 

But, is a little behind the best ATV brand – Honda. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Suzuki is definitely up there with the best ATV brands, and can be considered a very good ATV manufacturer.

Therefore, based on these factors the Suzuki Kingquad is a good ATV. I wanted to dive a little deeper and see how the Kingquad compares to the top ATVs made by other ATV manufacturers to see if there are any specs or features that are better about the Suzuki Kingquad. 

I previously did a deep dive comparison of the best Honda ATVs in this article that compares the different Honda ATVs. It showed definitely that the Honda Rubicon was the best Honda ATV overall. 

So, below is a table that compares the specifications of the Honda Rubicon and the Suzuki Kingquad. It’s worth noting that the Suzuki Kingquad comes in various different sizes and models. I chose to compare the Suzuki Kingquad that is the most similar in size.

SpecHonda RubiconSuzuki Kingquad
Engine Size518cc493cc
Height48.6 inches50.6 inches
Length84.5 inches84.6 inches
Manual or automaticManual and automaticAutomatic
Towing capacity1322 pounds1322 pounds
Front rack weight capacity99 pounds66 pounds
Rear rack weight capacity187 pounds66 pounds
Wheel size25 inches25 inches
Fuel capacity3.9 gallons4.6 gallons
Weight700 pounds to 730 pounds700 pounds

By all accounts, the Suzuki Kingquad is comparable to the Honda Rubicon. The main differences are:

  • The front and rear rack weight capacity
  • The fuel capacity

The Honda Rubicon has 30% more front rack weight capacity and nearly 3 times the rear rack weight capacity. Therefore, the Suzuki Kingquad is not as good as a utility vehicle. For example, for hunting or as a work vehicle on a farm or rural property. 

ATV Rider in the action on Honda sunset background

Is the Suzuki Kingquad 500 Any Good

The Suzuki Kingquad comes in a range of different sizes and is the only Suzuki ATV model that has a 500cc engine. There are a few different 500cc quads on the market, so here’s a summary of whether the Suzuki Kingquad is any good.

Overall, the Suzuki Kingquad 500 is good. By objective metrics such as the load capacity, reliability, and length of the warranty it is one of the best ATVs on the market. The only ATV that is better is the Honda Rubicon which has far better weight capacity on the front and rear rack.

The Honda Rubicon is also cheaper than the Suzuki Kingquad 500. Therefore, on all fronts, the Honda Rubicon is a better option. The Suzuki Kingquad is $9,899, whereas, the Honda Rubicon is $9,299.

Is the Suzuki Kingquad 400 a Good ATV

The Suzuki Kingquad 400 is smaller overall than the Suzuki Kingquad 500. It has a smaller engine, and is not as tall or as long as the Kingquad 500. There are also other 400cc ATVs from many well-known and trusted brands so here’s how the Suzuki Kingquad 400 compares, and if it’s any good.

Overall, the Suzuki Kingquad 400 is a good ATV. Suzuki is the second best ATV brand based on a range of different metrics such as reliability and the length of the warranty. The Suzuki Kingquad 400 is also on par with other ATVs from the best brands of a similar size.

Since it’s been established at the top of this article that the Kingquad 500 is a good ATV. I put together a table that has a side-by-side comparison of the specifications for the Suzuki Kingquad 400 and the Kingquad 500:

SpecSuzuki Kingquad 500Suzuki Kingquad 400
Engine Size493cc376cc
Height50.6 inches48.0 inches
Length84.6 inches81.1 inches
Manual or automaticAutomaticAutomatic
Towing capacity1322 pounds992 pounds
Front rack weight capacity66 pounds66 pounds
Rear rack weight capacity66 pounds132 pounds
Wheel size25 inches25 inches
Fuel capacity4.6 gallons4.2 gallons
Weight700 pounds628 pounds

As you can see the differences are only a matter of the size of the ATV. The Kingquad 400 has a slightly smaller size engine, is slightly shorter in height, and not as long from the front to the back. It also has less towing capacity. 

Interestingly, the rear rack weight capacity is higher on the Kingquad 400 compared to the Kingquad 500. But, all things considered, it’s safe to say that the Suzuki Kingquad 400 is a good ATV.


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