Is Riding a Motorcycle Worth the Risk? (This Will Shock You)

One of the most popular hobbies is motorcycle riding. Although it is dangerous, it is one of the most amazing and fun things to do.

While some love motorcycle riding because it provides them with freedom, excitement, and increased adrenaline, some love it because it provides them with peace. But at the same time, riding a motorcycle can be very deadly and dangerous.

So, is motorcycle riding worth the risk? It’s hard to say whether motorcycle riding worth the risk or not because it is up to you. If you are a rider who rides recklessly and at crazy speeds, motorcycle riding is not worth the risk because it is almost like committing suicide. But if you are the type that rides carefully and in a safe way, motorcycle riding is very worth the risk because there are chances that you won’t make a life-threatening accident.

You have to understand that once you have chosen to ride a motorcycle, you have also chosen the risk of making an accident because a motorcycle is open, so it involves more risk, unlike a car that is much safer.

But with all that, most motorcyclists stay healthy and intact and don’t make a life-threatening accident. And an interesting fact that will surprise you is that those who die from motorcycle accidents are 50 percent of people who don’t wear a helmet and ride recklessly. So, I assure you if you keep with all safety rules and don’t do crazy things when riding, you will be safe without any problems.

In this tutorial, I will show you in detail why motorcycle riding is worth the risk, how dangerous it is, and how to reduce the risk when riding.

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So, let’s get started.

Why is motorcycle riding worth the risk?

A motorcycle is really fun and a pleasure to ride, and there are some key reasons why motorcycle riding is worth the risk, which I will show you here.

So, when you finish reading, you can decide if you want to get the benefits a motorcycle gives despite the risk or not.

1. Motorcycle riding gives you passion

The passion that a motorcycle gives people is crazy. I can’t even explain how much people are addicted to motorcycle riding and take it far more than just a hobby. People really crave it like any other sports, and some people can’t open their day until they ride on a motorcycle.

2. Motorcycle riding gives you freedom

One of the most amazing things riding a motorcycle gives you is by far the sense of freedom. Every second the speed increases, the motorcycle gives you more freedom and a sense of independence and happiness which no car or any other vehicle can give you because money can’t buy this freedom and feeling, and no other vehicles will give you a better sense of freedom than a motorcycle.

3. Motorcycle riding is enjoyable

Probably, one of the most notable reasons I’m sure most people ride on a motorcycle is because it’s very fun to ride. Think about how boring a car can be after riding for a few hours without fun and adrenaline. However, riding a motorcycle gives you fun at the highest speed. Research even shows that motorcycle riding triggers adrenaline and works to improve the thrill. And the best thing about it is that you will never be bored because you can always step up and buy a more powerful motorcycle, and no matter what your riding level is, it takes longer to get tired and bored from riding on a motorcycle.

In addition, if you think about the boredom you get from riding a car for a few hours, especially in traffic, and you found yourself in a situation whereby you have to do this every day, a motorcycle can save you from this problem.

4. Motorcycle riding helps you to be more sociable

One of the best ways of getting to know more friends and be more sociable is motorcycle riding. I know it sounds weird, but motorcycle riding connects people and it is something that can only happen between motorcyclists.

You meet friends on the road, at traffic lights, by waving goodbye to each other while some even come to talk to you, which creates a connection and camaraderie between you and lots of people, and be sure that this cannot happen between car riders.

I can’t even count the number of friends I’ve met since I started riding a motorcycle. You will get to know motorcycle riders from all kinds of occasions with different race, ethnic and many others while some will even come to meet you because they love your motorcycle.

In addition, in almost every city I know, there is a group of motorcyclists who go out for night rides together, even for restaurants, trips and more. So, I highly recommend you search for these riding groups in your city and join them so that you make lots of new friends.

5. Motorcycle riding makes you cool

I know most people like to deny this, but let’s face it, motorcycle riding is probably one of the coolest things you can ever do.

By the way, one of the most effective ways you can impress girls and even find a girlfriend is through motorcycle riding. In fact, I know a lot of riders that found their girlfriend because they took the girl for a ride on the motorcycle.

In addition, if you want to look the coolest, do not ride with wear flip flops, or without a helmet, because you will look less cool and don’t try to do stunts out of your level to please and make other people think you’re cooler.

6. Motorcycle riding improves your mental health

Although it may sound surprising, motorcycle riding is the best way to improve and deal with mental health problems because it makes you much more alert and helps your brain be more creative, and I know a lot of people who have been able to cope with their mental problem through motorcycle riding. You rarely see a motorcyclist going for psychiatric treatment, and the most affordable way of being mentally healthy is by riding a motorcycle which is generally proven.

Here are some of the problems and mental illnesses motorcycle riding helps to deal with:

  • Stress & Anxiety– Motorcycling greatly helps to relieve stress and anxiety in your day-to-day life simply because it puts you in the mood that lets you deal with all the bad feelings and makes you forget about them.
  • Depression – Motorcycle riding gives you a great feeling and it’s proven that motorcycling release hormones that make you much happy. So, whenever you are feeling sad, take your motorcycle out to ride, and you will feel much happier.

There are a few other mental health problems that motorcycle riding can help you deal with, and that explains and reinforces how powerful motorcycles are for your mental health.

7. Motorcycle riding improves your physical health

Yes! Motorcycle riding not only improves and help you deal with mental health problems but also help you be physically stronger.

Here are some ways by which motorcycle riding help to improves physical health:

  • Motorcycle riding improves your stability because you use your entire body to drive the motorcycle.
  • Riding a motorcycle improves the strength of your hands, especially when riding a heavy motorcycle, which will make you feel much better with your hands, and even make you more muscular.
  • When riding a motorcycle, you lose between 150 to 600 calories per hour, and it varies according to several factors such as the weight of the motorcycle, your weight, and the effort you put into riding. So, you lose weight by riding a motorcycle.

In general, motorcycle riding is very good for your physical fitness. It makes your whole body better and is the best way to get yourself strong if you don’t want to do a gym.

8. Motorcycles are lightweight, economical, and efficient

A motorcycle presents so many advantages and is so much better and more efficient than all other vehicles. It is amazing and is also a transporting tool that manages and maneuvers effectively and efficiently when riding on the road, and here are some proofs:

  • No traffic jams – A motorcycle can ride between lanes and cars, saving you the time to move from one place to another, which you can’t do with a car. So a motorcycle will allow you to get faster from place to place than any other vehicle.
  • Economical – A motorcycle is the most economical vehicle in terms of fuel and maintenance. You spend less on a motorcycle compared to other vehicles where you will have to spend and invest more.
  • Easier to park – Because of the small dimensions that a motorcycle has, you can easily find a space to park your motorcycle. You can park your motorcycle almost anywhere you want in just a few minutes, unlike a car that you sometimes have to search for half an hour to find a parking space.
  • More compact – When I talk about compact, I mean a motorcycle will allow you to ride anywhere you want, such as in between mountains, woods, and almost anywhere because of its narrow dimensions, but isn’t possible with a car because of its big size.

I believe all the reasons mentioned above explain why motorcycles are worth the risk. So, it is your choice to accept all those luxuries or not.

Is motorcycle riding safely?

Motorcycle riding is safe but not entirely safe because it has some risk involved. However, riding a motorcycle will not be life-threatening as long as you keep to safety rules, while in my opinion, it is worth the risk.

Believe me, riders who really die and have motorcycle accidents are crazy riders who ride at crazy speeds without safety gear. In fact, 50 percent of those who died from motorcycle accident didn’t wear a helmet, and the truth is that most motorcyclists don’t have an accident because think about the millions of people living in the US and only 5,000 deaths are recorded each year from motorcycle accidents. So, your chances of dying from a motorcycle accident are exactly like your chances of winning the lotto. Take note of that.

So, in short, motorcycling is safe as long as you keep to all the safety rules I will show you later in this guide.

By the way, if you want to see how dangerous riding a motorcycle is, you can check out the complete guide I wrote to show and explain everything to you.  Click here to view.

How can I reduce the risk of an accident when riding a motorcycle?

There are various tips that will keep you safe and by which you can significantly reduce your risk of getting into an accident, but I have chosen to give you the best of them and are:

  • Don’t drink alcohol before riding – The foolest thing you can do before riding that can certainly lead to death is drinking alcohol, and the truth is that 50% of both motorcycle and vehicle accidents are caused by alcohol drinking. So, you need to avoid as much alcohol as possible before and when riding and if you mistakenly drink too much before riding, it is best to take a taxi or ask a friend to ride you.
  • Wear safety equipment – You must wear protective equipment before every motorcycle riding. No matter what, never ride a motorcycle without protective gear, especially a helmet because if you, unfortunately, have an accident, you will most likely die and that is how most riders end their lives. So, you have to make sure you wear boots, helmet, gloves, body armor and riding suit. If you wear all these safety gear, I assure you that your chance of having a serious injury is very slim.
  • Never ride a motorcycle that doesn’t fit your level – Riding a motorcycle that doesn’t fit your level is super dangerous because you will find it difficult to control and if you ride at high speeds, you have very high chances of making a life-threatening accident. Therefore, get a motorcycle that fits your level. If you are a beginner, get a 300cc motorcycle and after a few months of riding, you can upgrade to a 600cc motorcycle or higher but only after you have had more experience and always remember to ride in a manner that suits your level.
  • Avoid riding in the rain – Riding in the rain is twice as dangerous as riding in the sun because when it’s raining, the road will be very slippery and you will find it difficult to balance the motorcycle. So, try to avoid riding a motorcycle in winter or during rain because it can cause rust and damage to the design and construction of the motorcycle.
  • Be 100% focused when riding – Ensure you are fully focused when riding. Avoid listening to music or receiving a call, don’t ride when you are tired or angry, and always be vigilant about everything around you. When riding, I like to think all cars are against me and something dangerous can happen at any time, which makes me much more focused.
  • Don’t ride at crazy speeds – Riding at very high speeds on a motorcycle is the most dangerous thing you can do, especially when making turns where it can be fatal. So, you should never ride at high speeds because it can be life-threatening and if you insist you want to ride at high speeds, do it only on a road that is empty and has no cars.
  • Take a Safety Course – No matter your riding level, you need to take a safety course at all times so that you will know what you need to do to ride your motorcycle safely. And the truth about a safety course is that it is cheap and is being done in groups while there are even authorities of some countries that give free safety courses, so I highly recommend you take a safety course because it will help your ride much more in a safe way.
  • Learn how to operate your motorcycle – It is important that you know how to use and operate your motorcycle perfectly such as gear shifting, braking, usage of parts, and know the signs and all safety rules so you can ride safely and not get shocked when riding a motorcycle for the first time.

Those are the best tips I can give you to stay safe while riding, and believe me, if you do all these safety tips, you’ll be 100% free of any danger when riding your motorcycle.

For any questions, you may have or opinion on the article, feel free to write us a comment, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading, until the next post.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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