Why Are Cruiser Motorcycles So Heavy?

Cruiser motorcycles are probably my favorite motorcycle type and I love them so much. They are stylish but there is something that has always prevented cruisers from being the favorite type of motorcycle – they are very heavy. They weigh over 400 pounds and up to 700 pounds.

So, why are cruiser motorcycles so heavy? Cruiser motorcycles are mainly heavy because they have very large and heavy engines, which causes manufacturers to produce a lot of weighty bodies that can support the heavy engine plus heavy cruiser bikes. They are designed for heavy and big people who need a heavy motorcycle that can fit them and besides the heavyweight, a lot of stability, power, and comfort when riding.

In general, there are other reasons that explain why cruiser motorcycles are heavy. The truth is, if you ask me, I like less heavy motorcycles. In my opinion, cruiser motorcycles are very uncomfortable compared with a car. But there is a very large majority of people who prefer to ride heavy motorcycles and it is much better for them. While I highly recommend you read this article, but before you continue, read another article I wrote that will make you decide whether to buy a heavy or lightweight motorcycle and the benefits of each one of them. Click here to view.

If you want to know more reasons why cruiser motorcycles are heavy and what you can do to make them lightweight, this is just the article for you. Just keep reading.

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Reasons why cruiser motorcycles are heavy
How can I make my cruiser motorcycle lightweight?
Should I buy cruiser motorcycles even as they are heavy?
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Reasons why cruiser motorcycles are heavy

The truth is, there are some key reasons why cruiser motorcycles are considerably heavy. It’s important that you know the reasons, and below are some reasons that may soothe your personal needs.

  • People love heavy cruisers – in my opinion, the main reason explaining why cruisers are so heavy is that they are designed for tall and heavy people who need a large enough motorcycle to hold them.
  • Cruisers need weight support for the engine – as I said earlier, cruisers have very heavy engines. They use very heavyweight engines, since the ’90s, which needs a lot of support with regard to how the cruiser body can support the engine.
  • Engineering considerations – this may surprise you but motorcycle manufacturers deliberately want to produce heavyweight cruiser motorcycles. However, you need to understand that heavy motorcycles do not require you to spend lots of money. Most manufacturers prefer to invest in comfort, seat quality, stability, just to mention a few. So, it is worthwhile for manufacturers to produce heavy cruiser motorcycles from a financial point of view.

How can I make my cruiser motorcycle lightweight?

It may surprise you but there are very simple ways and things that will help you to take down a lot of weight from your cruiser motorcycle. I’m not kidding, there are really things you can do now and you will see a very big change in your motorcycle’s weight.

  • Lose your weight – the best way to reduce weight on the cruiser motorcycle is you getting on a diet and losing your weight especially when you are weighing very heavy. The advantage of losing weight on your own is that you will not only reduce the weight and load on the motorcycle when riding, but you will also feel very light and freer when riding. Also, you will be stronger and healthier.
  • Lower the amount of fuel you ride – a very effective way to reduce the load on the motorcycle is by you not running a full tank. While the sizes of fuel tanks vary greatly between motorcycles, I suggest that you fuel the tank only up to half. That way, you can save weight. Also, try not to use other fuels which are not recommended because they will only damage the motorcycle and will not really lower weight gain.
  • Try not to eat and drink too much before riding – when you eat and drink too much before riding, extra weight will be added on both the motorcycle and yourself. So, I suggest you not to put on unnecessary weight and instead eat an hour and a half before riding and not just before riding especially with long-distance rides.
  • Remove unused technological accessories – Technological accessories not only add great weight on a motorcycle but also takes energy from the battery. So, if you aren’t using a particular accessory on your motorcycle, don’t be afraid to remove it. An unwanted accessory can be anything from a performance dimension, heavy bag, or even a GPS.
  • Buy safety lightweight equipment  – At any time you wish to buy safety equipment, I encourage you to try to find the easiest safety equipment you can find. It will greatly help you to reduce weight both your body and your motorcycle.

Should I buy cruiser motorcycles even as they are heavy?

Cruiser motorcycles are, in my opinion, among the best types of motorcycles you can find. Despite cruiser motorcycles are very heavy, they still have a lot of advantages that even sports motorcycles do not have.

  • First, cruiser motorcycles are the most convenient type of motorcycles you can buy and the most perfect for Riding in the streets. This is because cruiser motorcycles have a very unique way of sitting with your feet forward and the seat reclining which means they are very comfortable especially for long rides.
  • Also, because of the heavyweight, cruiser motorcycles are very stable on the road and very comfortable for riding. They produce too many unnecessary vibrations so their road-handling is just perfect.
  • Plus the heavyweight of cruiser motorcycles is an advantage because you can load more equipment on the motorcycle for sports, for example, but not possible with any other lightweight motorcycle you.
  • Cruiser motorcycles are very large and perfectly suitable for tall and heavy riders. No other motorcycles can manage to accommodate tall and heavy people like cruiser motorcycles do.

Also, cruiser motorcycles do not come in modern designs, and there are more outdated ones. While most graduates love the old scouts’ designs, and in addition to the design, the innovative performance is quite slow and the most annoying thing is that they are still expensive. So, it’s important to take this into account.

Advantages of cruiser motorcycles

  • Lots of torque
  • Very comfortable
  • Perfect for tall and heavy riders
  • Perfect for beginner riders
  • Stylish old design (only for lovers)
  • You can put on it a lot of weight
  • Good road handling

Disadvantages of cruiser motorcycles

  • Heavyweight
  • Not good for city riding
  • Produce vibrations while riding
  • Expensive
  • Not fuel-efficient
  • Weak performance
  • Low ground clearance

So, for who are cruiser motorcycles recommended? cruisers will suit beginner riders who are not looking for high-performance but want a motorcycle that will give perfect road-handling together with an old design and super comfortable seat.

In addition, if you want to see in more detail all the pros and cons of cruiser motorcycles, I highly recommend you read the article I wrote about the pros and cons of cruiser motorcycles clicking here to view.

Related questions

  • Is it difficult to ride cruiser motorcycles? Riders can find it difficult to ride the motorcycles while riding only at low speeds. So, you should be quite strong and learn how to control them when stopping and riding at slow speeds. On the other hand, when riding at fast speeds, there is no problem riding a cruiser motorcycle. The motorcycles are even easier and fun when at high speeds.
  • Do you need to be very strong to ride a cruiser motorcycle? No, riding cruiser motorcycle does not require you to be very strong but rather, it will require you to know how to balance your body well enough and learn how to slow down which takes time. Contrariwise, riding a cruiser motorcycle will require you to be somewhat strong but at no cost, you will not be able to ride a cruiser.
  • Are cruiser motorcycles suitable for beginner riders? Yes, cruiser motorcycle is one of the best motorcycles types for beginner riders because they offer low performance and are very stable and comfortable to ride on the road, making them very safe for beginner riders.


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