Is It Difficult to Ride a Motorcycle Without ABS?

Ever since the ABS braking technology entered the motorcycle market, many people have started getting confused. They don’t know what ABS has to do with motorcycles, and most people don’t even know what ABS is.

So is it hard to ride a motorcycle without ABS? The short answer is, riding a motorcycle that does not have ABS braking technology is not difficult at all since ABS is just a technology league that helps you to brake more safely, it does not make it difficult to ride. You will learn to ride a motorcycle the same way and at the same time, the motorcycle has ABS or not won’t impact any of that.

The truth is that even when you ride an ABS motorcycle, you will not feel it because the role of ABS in brakes is to lower the pressure of the brakes until the wheels are locked, and so in most cases, you do not even need to use ABS when braking but only that you are a strong brake and so you know this.

All the ABS technology of this motorcycle is of interest to you, so keep reading that guide. This I will show you all the things you need to know about BAS motorcycle technology.

Here are all the topics I will explain in this guide

What is the motorcycle abs & Do you really need ABS on a motorcycle?

ABS in motorcycles, also called anti-lock braking system, is a technology installed In motorcycle braking systems and its purpose. It is the locking of the wheels when braking that helps you feel and be safer when braking.

The truth is that ABS systems are installed in almost all vehicles today, including cars, airplanes, buses, and more. ABS is very effective, but you are not Need it is not mandatory. Most motorcycles do not have ABS systems except new motorcycles. In contrast, for many years, motorcycles were without ABS systems, and riders yes Successfully Riding ABS This is just an easy upgrade for motorcycles that do not have ABS has a very large stopping power even without this upgrade.

The only difference is that motorcycles that have ABS and those that don’t have ABS systems are better controlled when braking and reduce the axle distances on all types of surfaces, so it is recommended to get ABS a motorcycle, but it is not mandatory.

Should I get ABS on my first motorcycle?

Yes, but it’s not mandatory

ABS is an essential thing for beginner riders as they give you lots of features Safety and can even save you from an accident. What is very important to you when you are a beginner rider, but with them, motorcycles that have costly ABS systems, and I am sure that as a beginner rider you want a cheap motorcycle, so this is your choice.

In my opinion, novice riders need to get ABS systems that make you Much safer when riding, and here are some reasons to explain why you should have an ABS as a motorcycle first.

  • I recommend this for motorcyclists starting to get ABS in their first motorcycle is undoubted with ABS. You will be able to practice the braking techniques better and more effectively. You will not be afraid to brake strongly, resulting in braking techniques that will not be risky.
  • Another reason you need to get ABS in your first motorcycle is that you are much safer when riding, which is very important for a beginner rider. Even advanced ABS riders will give you a lot of peace of mind you can stop safely and lightly.

It is important to note that many people will tell you that you should not get ABS as a first motorcycle because you will not properly learn the stop techniques. Still, in my opinion, It’s not true that you pretty much get your riding techniques from safety courses, and getting a license that you do and also having excellent braking skills will not help you when you have ABS because the ABS will replace the techniques. You will not have to do them at all.

ABS Motorcycles vs Non-ABS Motorcycles pros and cons

If you are still considering buying an ABS motorcycle or without, don’t worry because I am. Now, I will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of abs and abs.

Motorcycle without ABS (pros and cons)

Motorcycles without ABS systems have been operating for more than 70 years. The truth is that most riders will get along fine without ABS systems. As I said, ABS systems are just an easy upgrade. Still, I must think it should be taken into account in particular when you are a beginner.

It is also important to note that motorcycles that do not have ABS were much cheaper than motorcycles with ABS since the installation of ABS technology requires a lot of money from manufacturers. Hence, it is important to take this into account.


  • Cheap
  • Greater stopping distance
  • It is more difficult to develop braking techniques


  • Less secure
  • Less comfortable riding

ABS motorcycle pros and cons

ABS Motorcycles is a relatively new motorcycle technology. Still, very efficient ABS technology has made a massive change in the braking systems of motorcycles and all vehicles.

The main feature of ABS is to make you feel safer and to keep your braking when you shorten your braking distance and give you lots of relaxation while riding and peace of mind And it will also make you more confident when riding it can really save you when you panic and lock your wheels faster.

But ABS has two major drawbacks. The first disadvantage is the price motorcycles have. For them, ABS in brakes is very expensive. The other drawback is that the problem with ABS is that you only ride on a motorcycle with ABS you had a harder time riding motorcycles that do not have ABS braking because you are not used to the technique can be even dangerous. Hence, it is important to take this into account.


  • Will make you more confident
  • Peace of Mind
  • More confidence when riding
  • Distances in Lima are very short


  • Expansive
  • ABS less efficient off-road

Differences between ABS Motorcycles & Non-ABS

There are some major differences between motorcycles with ABS systems and without most people Not aware of them at all and so it is important that you know them to help you choose.

  • ABS motorcycles have shorter and safer stopping distances – the biggest difference, in my opinion, is between motorcycles that have ABS and as if they don’t have the stopping distance Braking while ABS motorcycles close the wheels and braking at a breakneck pace and this can save you from this accident and emergency as compared to regular motorcycles that have regular braking systems that are much larger in stopping distance.
  • Prices of ABS motorcycles are more expensive than non-ABS – motorcycle. They have ABS systems that were costly just for ABS technology. You will have to pay at least another $ 500, which is quite variable between different ABS systems. Hence, you must take this into account.
  • Motorcycles with ABS will provide you with more confidence and peace of mind than motorcycles that do not have – Motorcycles that have ABS systems provide plenty of peace of mind for beginner riders, Especially and even for advanced riders, and this is compared to a motorcycle that does not have ABS that will not give you a safety net and a sense of security especially during panic and braking situations.
  • ABS motorcycles will give you better braking skills than without motorcycles ABS will give you the confidence to work on your braking skills What regular motorcycles you can’t do.

Related questions

  • Can you install an ABS on motorcycle? yes, you can definitely ABS system on a motorcycle that does not have but it is important that you know that it will cost you a lot of money and you will have to pay the technician to do it.
  • How does ABS feel on a motorcycle? The truth is that motorcycle riding is an ABS. It is not that different from motorcycles that may not have the only feeling that you will feel the ABS during emergency braking where you need to brake fast.
  • Are ABS brakes worth it on a motorcycle? Yes, ABS gives you lots of additional benefits. Motorcycle you and makes you safer while riding can also save you from life-threatening accidents, so it’s worth it despite the high prices.


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