Why does my motorcycle die when I stop? you will be shocked

A fault that is becoming more and more common for motorcyclists This motorcycle is dead when you stop it can be a very worrying and even life-threatening fault that you do not take care of Once this happens it could degenerate into very dangerous situations and situations

So why does my motorcycle die when I stop? there are a few different reasons that cause your motorcycle to die when you stop while the main reason is usually dust in the covert But it can also be due to low idle or even constant riding for too long

It is important to understand that you will not get rid of this problem it will only get worse and worse over time and it can really be life-threatening and you can find yourself in situations Very dangerous and scary to believe me you want to avoid them so it is your responsibility to take care of them as soon as possible

With you want to know all the reasons and factors why they have the problem of motorcycle Died when stopping so keep reading because in this guide you will know exactly how to deal with this problem

What are the reasons my motorcycle died when I stop?

In general there are about 3 reasons why this problem can happen ….

Lack of use of motorcycle

The number one reason why most motorcycles die when you stop is because of the lack of use of the motorcycle for too long and the truth is the lack of use of the motorcycle Over time it not only produces this fault when stopping but also produces other various faults

The main reason why all these malfunctions happen is because the lack of use of the motorcycle for a long time immediately causes the covert to affect the engine and oil which is very hard and many other parts that get old and it greatly affects many parts of the motorcycle that start to get dirty which causes various problems

In general it is important to always remember that you must ride the motorcycle at least once a week because motorcycles are not meant to sit all day in the garage but are meant for riding and high performance so if you do not use your motorcycle so much it is better to even sell it

And you already have this problem of a motorcycle dying when stopping so to solve it the best thing you can do is replace all the remaining parts on the fluids like the air filter, engine oil, and the corvette fluid and generally make sure to do a regular maintenance round for the motorcycle and make sure every part Works well and works

Contamination of motorcycle parts

You ride for a very long time but do not take care to thoroughly clean the motorcycle parts and do maintenance rounds over time it can definitely cause your motorcycle to die and lots of other problems and in the worst case can even just kill the engine of your motorcycle because you will understand dirt parts it is a simple thing Lethal that adversely affects your motorcycle parts

Therefore you do not want your motorcycle to die when stopping and in general do not die you will have to take care to clean all parts of the motorcycle at least every week in a special air filter and take care to replace the fluid of the motorcycle

Air-fuel ratio

Air fuel ratio is something most bikers do not know at all so do not worry I will try to explain it to you in a nutshell

In general the air-fuel ratio is when the fire is lit in the engine with the help of air and fuel until they get mixed and once the air or fuel in the engine produces more quantity than the other for example there is more air in the engine than fuel so it means unbalanced air ratio which usually causes a motorcycle When stopping

In general to solve this you will need to balance the fuel-air ratio with the help of the covert through which you can adjust the air-fuel ratio which I already recommend you get help from a technician who will help you because it is quite complicated to do it yourself

You have not yet found that the 3 reasons I have presented here are causing the problem so I recommend you take the motorcycle to a technician who can already help you find what is causing the problem

Is it dangerous for the motorcycle to die when you stop?

The short answer is yes it is very dangerous when your motorcycle suddenly stops working you stop it can cause you to crash because you just can not manage to control the motorcycle and worst of all it with your motorcycle weighs very heavy weight which can then cause you to not even be able to hold the The motorcycle which can cause a situation where the motorcycle will fall on your foot which can be very dangerous

In addition it is important to note that with your motorcycle getting rid of you stopping it can also deteriorate into worse situations and even the fact that your motorcycle will stop you riding at a very high speed which already guarantees with certainty that you will make a fatal accident that will cause fatal injury

This is why you must address the problem as soon as you identify it and not wait because after that you will just regret it


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