How to prepare for dirt bike racing? (A complete guide)

Numerous riders are clueless on how to get ready for a race. As surprising as it may seem, they do not understand that they need to eat right, stay hydrated and also have enough rest. Apart from working hard, the other and most important key to succeeding is how prepared you are mentally. Without hard work and mental alertness, you may find it difficult to succeed

But don’t worry, it’s your lucky day as I have decided to share with you all the tips you ever need to know in preparing. 

How to be prepared for dirt bike racing? As mentioned earlier, eating right, staying hydrated, getting enough rest and being mentally prepared are some of the basic steps in preparing. 

As you read further I’ll be discussing some vital activities to engage yourself in when preparing. 

How to deal with stress before dirt bike racing?

Have you ever prepared for a big day and you suddenly begin to feel the pressure as the day gets closer? Well, it is the same for Bike Racers. Riders are often faced with so much pressure before a big day.

Most riders think they may not be able to handle the stress, but not to worry, these are a few things you can do before a race to relax those nerves.

  • Music – Music is one of the best stress relievers known to man. Listening to music is one of the best ways to stay calm. Personally, I would highly recommend having your headphones with you always so you can listen to your favorite playlist.
  • Meditation – Meditation is an act that has proved to calm people who are nervous. Meditation can be done anywhere and I recommend you take a few minutes alone so you can meditate before a race.
  • Imagine success- This is one thing most riders do not do. Rather they begin to imagine negative situations like; what if they fall. This is a major reason most rides find it difficult to sleep or rest a night before. So as a solution to this, I suggest that instead of focusing on the negatives; imagine the positives, like you winning.
  • Believe in yourself- If you do not believe in yourself, no one would believe in you. Believing in yourself and trusting that you will succeed in a race is one of the key ingredients to relieving stress and succeeding.
  • Breathe– As simple and easy as this tip may seem, it is a powerful tip that many riders forget to make use of. Studies have shown that taking deep breathes relaxes the body. In order to stay cool and calm, I suggest taking about 5 to 8 deep breathes to relax your muscles and nerves 

What do you need to eat before a dirt bike racing? 

Most riders often get confused about the right food to eat, some do not even eat at all and this is wrong. It is important to find the best nutrition for your body by searching on Google or consulting a nutritionist. 

What do you need to eat? I suggest you eat a healthy and nutritious meal about 3 hours before the race, a meal rich in carbohydrate, protein, and vegetables. An hour or 2, you can eat light foods that give energy like granola pecan cashew 

45 minutes before 200 to 300 calories 
2 hours before 400 calories 
3 hours before 500 calories 

Examples of menu 

5 hours before
• Two eggs 
• A few pieces of chicken breast 
• Rice or flakes whichever you like 
• Drink protein shakes if you are above 16 years and water is not available 
• Vegetables (Tomato and cucumber and gamba) 

2 hours before a race 
• Granola 
• pecan 
• cashew 
• cranberries 

How much water do you need to drink befor dirt bike racing? 

Drinking water always is very important and it is even more important before you race, yet many riders fail to drink enough water.

Drinking water has so many benefits and one major benefit is that it keeps you hydrated especially when you race in a hot weather 

Under normal weather conditions, you should drink 3 liters of water before. When the weather is very hot, then you need about 5 liters of water. Water will keep you hydrated and when you are hydrated you will be able to maintain a high level of concentration and alertness. however, if you feel tired before, you can take energy drinks or protein shake to replenish your energy. 

How many hours do you need to sleep befor dirt bike racing?

As discussed above, getting adequate sleep is important in preparing. Lack of sleep will lead to fatigue and reduce your mental alertness and this will surely affect your performance. it is advisable you get between 8 to 10 hours of sleep, even if it means getting an anesthetic pill from the nearest pharmacy.

How to deal with failure?

So yes, failure is very frustrating, especially in the first few races. However, it is important to understand that failure is necessary for success and is just part of the process.

In every sport, the most important thing after failing is to move forward and never give up. Rather than being sad or worried that you failed, you take note of and learn from the mistakes you made. Go into the next race with as a more experienced rider and ensure you do not make the same mistakes as before.

How should parents of children who compete in dirt bike races behave?

If you are a parent and your kid competes, to a very large extent the success of the kid in the competition depends on you. It is important for you to know how to handle your kids after a failure or success and also how to motivate them before every race.

Do not stress the child- Many parents make the mistake of unknowingly pressurizing their kids to win by stressing constantly on how important it is to win. They may do this with the intention of motivating the child but the truth of the matter is that this only puts pressure on the child even before the start of the competition.

It’s okay to fail- It is normal for kids who just start competing tournaments to lose their first few competitions because the truth is that it takes time and requires experience for them to win races. So, parents, you can reduce the expectation and pressure on them by making them understand that it is okay if they do not win as it may take a little time.

I recommend you take note of the errors he made and after the race, you can encourage tell him and encourage him so he can improve and not make the same mistake in the next riding

Never get upset that they’re losing- I really do not understand parents who get angry at their kids when they make mistakes or lose especially in a competition. You getting angry reduces the self-confidence and self-belief of your child and also stress him. So rather than getting angry, you should encourage your child always.

Always support- Most parents are hardly thee to support their kids in these competitions and supporting your kids by attending the tournament to watch them is a huge boost of encouragement for them whether they win or lose.

What safety equipment do I need to wear?

The issue of safety in bike racing cannot be overemphasized. It is important you put on your protective gear always. It is safe to say that it is more important than the race itself as you would want to keep yourself safe in case of accidents while moving at high speeds.

Here is a list of protective gear that you must wear to be able to race.


In summary, today I was able to show you all the tips and tricks you need to know and do in getting prepped for a race
This article is applicable to all racing agents and riders from ATV dirt bikes to motorcycles. Thank you for riding, until next time.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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