How to Be Safe on a Dirt Bike: Tips and Tricks

Dirt bikes can be an amazing and fun sport but they can also be very dangerous. As long as you keep to all the safety rules and wear appropriate protective equipment, you can help reduce the danger.

In addition, there are countries that require you to take a safety course before you start riding a dirt bike. It is very important to check if your country requires you to take a safety course.

Today I will show you all the tips and things you need to know in order to stay safe on dirt bikes.

But before I do, here are some very important statistics about injuries and the nature of dirt biking, and which injuries are the most common.

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Statistics of injuries caused by dirt bikes

  • 90% of dirt bike accidents happen to men
  • The highest risk of injuries from dirt bikes is under 20 years of age
  • 50% of injuries are bone fractures
  • About 15% of injuries are head and neck injuries
  • Almost 71% of non-fatal injuries occurred in riders under the age of 16
  • 50% of those killed were injured under the influence of alcohol
  • 60% of those killed did not wear a helmet

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Most Common Dirt Bike Injuries

Shoulder injuries – Shoulder injuries are one of the most common injuries that can happen to dirt bike riders therefore, it is very important to buy a good shoulder protector. I personally recommend this shoulder protector from Amazon click here to view.

Knee injuries – Knee injuries are very common among riders. It is important to buy protective equipment that will protect your knees as much as possible. I personally recommend buying a knee shield made of hard plastic, this will help keep your knees protected.

Collarbone – Injuries to collarbones are one of the most common injuries among dirt bike riders and they are mainly caused by falling on your hands. These are very sensitive areas of the body and it is very important to keep them protected with a hand shield or even a neck shield.

Wrist and ankle injuries – Another injury that is very common among riders is ankle and wrist injuries. This type of injury can stop you from riding dirt bikes for several months therefore, it is very important to buy good quality boots and body protectors that will help protect you.

Concussion – Concussion is caused by falling on the head and is much less common than the other injuries described above. However, this injury could be fatal and the best way to protect your head is by wearing a helmet. As I said, 60% of those killed did not wear a helmet. If you want to hear more about helmets, I wrote this article – click here to view.

Limb damage- Another very common injury is to the legs and extremities (toes and fingers). The extremities are very sensitive and injuries to the leg can last for a very long time, maybe even the rest of your life. It is very important to lift the legs while reading to help protect them.

How to be safer when riding a dirt bike (10 tips)

1. Do not ride at night

Do not ride at night, only in the morning, because it is very hard to see the track at night, no matter how many flashlights you put on the bike. If you are going to ride at night it is very important to keep to the safety rules. I wrote a post about riding at night, which you can read here. Click here to view

2. Choose the right dirt bike for you

Never ride on dirt bikes that do not fit your height and size because it is very difficult to control dirt bikes that do not fit your measurements. This can be very dangerous for your safety.

In general, dirt bikes are suitable for your height and size, only when your feet touch the ground. If you want to hear more about finding dirt bikes that fit your height, I wrote about it in this article click here to view.

3. Do not ride at high speed

Riding too fast can endanger life and cause accidents. Only advanced riders who have a lot of experience can ride at high speeds. It is important not to ride beyond your ability.

4. Do not ride on roads

Riding on roads is very dangerous and is meant only for people who do not want to ride in a car.

Children must be over 18 to ride on a road. Typically, only older people who have very good riding abilities can ride on a road.

In addition to riding on the road, you have to make sure your dirt bike is legal and to help you with this, I wrote this article – click here to view.

5. Check your dirt bike before each ride

A lot of riders forget to check their dirt bikes before each ride, which can be very dangerous because there could be a tear in the tires or wheels, which could cause an accident while riding.

6. Never drink alcohol before riding a dirt bike

As I said before, 50% of those killed on a dirt bike were under the influence of alcohol, making drinking alcohol fatal and life threatening.

7. Wear a helmet

Helmets are by far the most important safety equipment you must use. As I said before, 60% of those killed did not wear a helmet.

In addition, it is very important to buy a helmet that fits your head size and that the helmet is secured so that it will not fall off during riding. Buying a more expensive helmet guarantees the quality of the materials and its defence technology. The more expensive the helmet, the more it will help protect you.

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8. Wear protective gear

It is essential to wear suitable protective equipment and never ride without it.

9. Read the user guide

A lot of riders do not read the user guide that comes with their dirt bikes.

It is very important to read the user guide because it has a lot of safety instructions that are specifically suited for riding the specific model you have.

10. Do not ride in dangerous places

Lots of beginner riders try to ride in places and weather that are not suitable for their abilities like snow, mud, rain or steep hills, which can be very dangerous.

Difficult places for riding are suitable only for riders who have experience.

The safest places for riding are routes that are suitable for dirt bikes or parks and forests. It is recommended to ride only when there is sun.

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Thanks for riding. Until next time.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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