How to make a copy of motorcycle keys?

One of the best things you can do for your motorcycle insurance and also to
Saving certain cases that will make you spend a lot of money, later on, is undoubtedly a duplicate key of your motorcycle that can be useful in a lot of cases and very helpful

So How you make a copy of your motorcycle key? you can certainly make a copy of your motorcycle inflatable for even a pretty cheap price with no problems with A locksmith but you Must prove ownership of the key with the motorcycle using the VIN or code printed on the motorcycle body

In general, I personally recommend every motorcyclist to make a copy of his key it can save you in a lot of situations especially with you one who loses things it was super Useful to duplicate a key because think about it once you forget the key instead of going and spending a lot of money on removing a key you had the duplicate key

If you want to know how you can replicate the inflatables your motorcycle will continue Read that in this guide I will show you all the things you need to know about duplicating your motorcycle keys

Here all the topics and questions I will answer and explain in this guide

Do you need to duplicate your motorcycle key?
How to make a copy of the motorcycle key’s?
How Much Does It Cost For Motorcycle Key Duplication?
How To Prevent Lost Motorcycle Keys 

Do you need to duplicate your motorcycle key?

Before you choose to make a copy of your motorcycle keys you first need to know Why you do it and what are the benefits of it

So like I said I recommend for that a motorcyclist do a duplication of keys
His motorcycle is very helpful and can really save you in certain situations especially when you lose your keys

I personally do recommend you duplicate your motorcycle keys just im you one Who knows that he easily forgets and loses his motorcycle keys because if you lose your motorcycle key it will cost you a lot of money to create a new one

In addition, I would recommend that you duplicate your motorcycle keys even with you sharing Your motorcycle is another man, maybe it’s your brother or your girlfriend, so you both had a key for everyone, because think about it, you’ll accidentally take the key. Of the motorcycle with you and your girlfriend also wants to ride the motorcycle she will not have a key so the best thing you both had was a key for each

How to make a copy of the motorcycle key’s?

So after I showed you that you made a copy for a motorcycle key is yes possible now you Need to know the steps to make a copy for your motorcycle key while it is quite simple and there are several ways

Get ownership and proof of the motorcycle – so before you even start going to the agency And trying to duplicate a key you must first prove that you own the motorcycle and not She stole the key so to prove ownership you can do so with the help of the number Your VIN or you can copy the code printed on your motorcycle body that it is found in almost all motorcycles today and it can be in any part of your motorcycle just look for it

Go to a professional who will duplicate the key for you – after which you have ownership The motorcycle has about 3 ways through which you can duplicate your motorcycle keys

  • The first way to find a locksmith – The first way is to contact a locksmith who always You can find as if a lock shop and the best thing is that a locksmith can create a copy of your key for you in a few minutes and he will ask for a token amount of just a few dollars so I personally always recommend the easy way she is a locksmith
  • The second way in using a merchant – you can also contact the merchant from whom you bought it The motorcycle and it will also be able to give you a key duplication service but it is already more complicated because it will take time until you find your dealer and in most cases, it will take a higher price for key duplication so this is a less recommended method
  • The third way yourself – and the least recommended way is to do everything yourself There are an automatic cutter and a machine installed which is already very complicated and I do not recommend you to do it at all

In general, I recommend you to make a copy of the key only with the help of a locksmith this is the easy way And the cheapest

How Much Does It Cost For Motorcycle Key Duplication?

Lots of people think that motorcycle key development is an expensive business but the truth is it is not at all It is very easy and very cheap

Generally to make a copy of your motorcycle keys will cost between 2 and 5 dollars with you Going to a locksmith in an hour or so for your dealer will already take at least $ 20 so a locksmith is a cheapest and easiest option

By the way, just so you know when you lose your motorcycle swells you will know it will go up You get between tens and hundreds of dollars to produce a new one depending on your motorcycle type and that’s why I always say create even 3 or 4 copies of your key because it can really save you when your key is lost

How to Prevent Lost Motorcycle Keys 

Set up a place in the house where the keys have always been

If you want to stop losing your key and look for it long before That you create from home to ride on it the best thing is to set a permanent place where the key has always been in your house it can be at the table, at the entrance to the house, in your room anywhere
The main thing was that he was regular and safe

In addition, it is important that you set a place for the key. Stand instead of throwing the keys in your house and then forget about the key.

Install an ID sensor inside the key

This may sound strange to you but it is possible you can actually install a GPS sensor inside Your key that will identify the developer that every moment like this you forget him you will be able to know immediately where he is while such a job you can ask a dealer or locksmith to help you

Always stay with the key

It is very important that the key to the motorcycle has always been in your wallet or purse or even in a pocket and does not let anyone else keep it or put it on the table where you are not Familiar I personally suggest you put the key in a closed pocket or purse so that it is safe and always on you

Put the key in the shoes

It may sound strange to you but sometimes you want the key to your motorcycle never Will not lose so the best and sure thing I know to avoid forgetting the shoes is to put the key in the shoe so that it is always closed and there is no chance you will forget it alive

Create a reminder

You are very busy in your day to day life and you forget things so I highly recommend you to open the notes app on your phone and remind yourself every time you place the key open the app and write a memo of where you guided the developer which will make it very easy for you


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