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Can you paint dirt bike plastics & Does it a good idea?

If you are a rider and you have dirt bikes that you don’t like their plastic color either You just want to make the color of your dirt bike customizable And make them more beautiful then this is just the guide for you

so can you paint the dirt bike plastic? yes, you can certainly paint You have to be very careful and take into account that there is a risk that you will not like the way you paint the dirt bike or you will make mistakes after which it was very difficult for you to go back and therefore you have to be very smart and careful to paint the dirt bike.

In genral painting dirt bikes, it can be a great idea I personally have seen a lot of People that paint the dirt bike plastic and it turned out perfect but just aloof You know how to do things right and when you use the right materials Because the dirt bike’s plastic is very color sensitive, it’s important to take that into account

If this whole topic is of interest to you and you are planning to paint your dirt bike plastic so keep reading because in this tutorial I will show you all the things you need to know about painting your dirt bike plastic, this is a good idea, and how

Here are all the topics I will explain in this guide

Does there are a risk of painted dirt bike plastic?
How to paint dirt bike plastic
Dirt Bike Plastic Paint Tips
Top 5 Bests Primers for Plastic dirt bikes
Top 5 Best Spray Paint For A Dirt Bike Plastic Frame
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Does there are a risk of painted dirt bike plastic?

The truth is there is a risk when you paint the plastic of the dirt bike, but only you are Uses bad colors that do not match dirt bike plastics and do not stay on the plastic for a long time so that is precisely why you want to reduce the risk and not make mistakes when painting dirt bike plastic so go to a professional, painter, Shop dirt bikes to help you through this process and prevent your water from making mistakes

In addition, it is important to note that you can certainly paint the plastic dirt bike yourself But make sure you do not make mistakes and do not use inexpensive colors that do not hold plastic and instead use colors specifically designed for adhesive plastics and also try to follow every step of the dirt bike plastic coloring process (below the tutorial I will see)

How to paint dirt bike plastic

If you have come to the conclusion that you want to paint your dirt bike plastic then It is important to know first of all the steps you need to take while I personally recommend This is the first time you paint the dirt bike so go to a professional or even a friend to help you with this process

In addition, it is important that you follow every step and not miss even one step 

Step 1. Get the necessary materials – The first thing you need to do is first

You need to get all the necessary materials so you can paint the dirt bike while here all the materials you need

  • Oils remover
  • water
  • Sandpaper 400 Great Sand
  • Color
  • Rubbing compound
  • Sander
  • Plastic cleaner
  • Plastic Primer

Step 2. Remove the plastic from the dirt bike

You must disassemble the plastic from the dirt bike and avoid the common misconception People do it to paint the plastic when it is attached to dirt bikes which makes it less convenient for you to paint the plastic

Step 3. Clean and shred the plastic

Now you have to thoroughly clean all the dirt bike in the middle Cloth and water and after that, you are sure all plastic is shiny and clean you need to polish the plastic with grit glass 400

Step 4. Bend the plastic premier

Once the plastic parts are clean you should start pouring a plastic primer and the like

As I said you should not start coloring the plastic until you have not finished primer after it has dropped rapidly and will not last even if you pour the primer Plastic You have to do this 2 times and wait half an hour after each time like this Which was 2 layers of paint primer on the plastic and after the plastic primer dried it used gravel sandpaper to grind the plastic and make it smooth

Step 5. Paint the plastic

After you’ve finished pouring 2 layers of plastic primer on the plastic you can Start painting the plastic and spray paint while it’s important that you have cardboard and place the plastic parts on it so as not to paint the floor

In addition, as I said, you must use specially designed paints for plastics adhesives. I personally recommend using Fusion Crillon for Plastic®, or Valspar® plastic spray paint which are examples of colors that remain on plastic while you can also consult a seller in the store and ask for a color that remains in plastic and will give you

Plus, I personally recommend you do two rounds of plastic coloring and in addition Once you have painted the plastic perfectly you should give the plastic at least a day to dry and only then can you assemble it back to your dirt bike 

Dirt Bike Plastic Paint Tips

  • Don’t use cheap paint that doesn’t stay on plastic – the last thing you want to do It’s just to take a simple spray paint you found in the grocery store and start painting the dirt bike plastic with it. Especially for sticking with plastic because you will not do it and use it in a cheap color, you can do more harm than good
  • Wash the plastic after pointing – The plastic wash of the dirt bike after Giving the paint time to dry very much will help the paint stick better and the dirt bike will look cleaner and more beautiful
  • Always spray plastic primer – you must not paint the plastic before applying a plastic primer because the whole purpose of this plastic primer is to give a good adhesion More to the paint so you must make sure you spray at least 2 layers of plastic Primer Before you start painting and allow the plastic primer to dry for at least an hour
  • Ask for help from a friend or professional – as I said before, I highly recommend you Ask for help from a friend or professional to help you with the plastic coloring process Get tips and help you avoid common mistakes especially this is the first time you paint the dirt bike that you can make lots of mistakes
  • Paint the dirt bike plastic in the weekend – I highly recommend you paint it Plastic on the weekend on Fridays and Saturdays and not on the weekends because you had more time to spend on the plastic coloring this weekend

Top 5 Bests Primers for Plastic dirt bikes

Citadel Model Primer
Vallejo Surface Primer
Krylon Ultraflat Primer
Rust-Oleum Automotive Primer
Testors Enamel Primer

Top 5 Best Spray Paint For A Dirt Bike Plastic Frame

Dupli-Color BSP200 Jet Black Paint Shop Finish System
Fusion Crillon for Plastic®
Valspar® plastic spray paint
VHT Black Satin ESP903007 Engine Case Can Paint
PJ1- Black Gloss Epoxy Spray Paint

Related questions

  • How much money does it cost to paint dirt bike plastic? it depends very much You paint your dirt bike yourself personally so painting your dirt bike will cost you an average of between $ 30 and $ 100 but asking for a professional paint Who will paint the dirt bike and make you a custom design so it will already cost you more expensive prices all depends on how much money the painter is asking for this job
  • Why It Is Important To Apply Plastic Primer To Plastic Dirt Bike Before Painting? You Should Apply Plastic Primer Before You Spray The Color On The Plastic To That the paint would stick better to the plastic and was more durable and did not drop easily
  • Does painted plastic dirt bike is a good idea? yes plastic dirt painting is a good idea as long as you follow all the steps and you do not make mistakes especially do not use cheap and durable paint


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