Why Is My Motorcycle Seat Uncomfortable?

Lots of motorcyclists complain that their motorcycle seat really hurt while riding and that it even prevent them from going for a long ride because it hurts their backside and buttock which causes very big pain.

So, why is your motorcycle seat uncomfortable? There can be many reasons why your seat is uncomfortable. It may be because your seat is too hard and does not come in padding or maybe your seat is missing a layer of protection for the buttocks or even maybe due to a poor fit of your seat, which can all create a big annoying pain while riding. There are, however, some ways by which you can solve all these problems and alleviate the pain created by your seat.

If you suffer from an aching seat while riding, do not worry, there are many different things you can do to reduce the pain. So, it is important that you continue to read this guide to know all the reasons why your motorcycle seat hurts and what you can do to reduce the pain.

So, let’s get started.

What are the reasons why your motorcycle seat is uncomfortable?

Unfortunately, most motorcycle seats become very comfortable, especially after a few hours of long riding and there is no such thing as having a perfect seat for a few hours of riding due to some major reasons mentioned below that will surprise you:

  • Body Shape – Each person has their own unique body shape and structure and motorcycle companies make their seats for an average person’s body structure. For example, a seat may be very comfortable for a person because it simply fits into their bodybuilding shape while it can be terribly painful for another person with an unsuitable physique for the seat shape, so because of that, it varies between people.
  • Frictionless Pants – Do not wear pants that are not designed for a motorcycle seat because you may experience very large and distressing pains, most especially if you wear loose pants that are basically not designed for motorcycle riding. And the problem of regular pants is that your backside and the pants fabric will rub off on the seat which is very painful. So, you should only buy motorcycle pants that are very tight and come with comfortable materials that do not rub off your buttocks on the seat.
  • Too much weight on the seat – A very common mistake often made by beginner riders is that they put their body weight only on the seat and not on other parts of the motorcycle like the handlebars or pegs, which causes back pain because the seat is not designed to handle all the body weight.
  • The seat is very hard – Lots of motorcycles seat look good at the beginning of riding, but as time goes on, you experience pain from the seat which is mainly due to the fact that the seat is not wide, without padding, and is very hard like a rock.
  • You are too fat I know this is direct, but sometimes, it is the truth that riders who weigh heavier due to too much fat will suffer more from pain in the seat because they are probably overloaded with heavyweight on the seat.
  • Your butt is not used to the motorcycle seat- If you are a beginner and are experiencing pain from the seat, do not worry, it is very normal that the seat hurts at first and you will see that with time, you will get used to the seat. But if the seat still hurts after a while, then there is a major problem with your seat that causes it to be painful.
  • The edge of the seat is sharp – It is very common that the edge of the seat is very sharp and this can cause very painful pain.

If you worried about the pain of your seat, no more worries because there are some simple methods through which you can resolve the pain from your seat and make it more comfortable for riding.

How to make your motorcycle seat more comfortable (in 12 steps)

There are a few simple steps you can take to make your seat much more comfortable while I think it is important to know that if you are a beginner rider and your seat is painful for you, give yourself time to get used to it. Only after at least a month if you still feel that your seat hurts, then you will do these solutions because that probably shows the problem is in the seat.

1. Move back and forth on the seat while riding

A common mistake that a lot of riders make is that they simply forget to move back and forth on the seat, especially the buttocks, which causes the bloodstream not to flow properly and can cause pain and too much pressure in one area of ​​the buttocks. So, be constantly active on the seat and move around as much as possible. Trust me, it really helps to cope with the pain as you start riding.

2. Wear only motorcycle pants

If you plan to ride with your regular pants such as regular training pants or jeans, don’t be surprised when your back hurt because the problem with these pants is that they are not tight enough and are not suitable for motorcycle seats. These pants cause your buttocks to be seated in a very painful way, and because of that, you must only wear motorcycle pants.

Not only do motorcycle adjusted pants protect you when you fall, but they also prevent your buttocks from pain while sitting because they are made of lycra and are very tight and comfortable which does not cause your skin to rub. So, buy only motorcycle pants.

3. Spread your weight on all parts of the motorcycle

Make sure that while riding, you do not put all your weight on the seat but also spread it to the pegs and handlebars while I personally love the riding poses of 50\50 which is half of my body weight on the handlebars as I lean forward and the other half of my body weight on the seat which significantly reduces pain.

In addition, if you happen to have a lot of fat which causes too much weight, then you should go on a diet because excess weight definitely causes pain while sitting on a motorcycle seat.

4. Push the container with your feet

Pressing and applying weight by pushing the container with your legs greatly helps the buttocks and support your back, which gives you more power and strength while riding. A lot of riders forget to do this while riding; therefore, transferring weight to the containers through the legs is very easy and will support the buttocks muscles.

5. Cover the seat with a Merino wool pillow

If your seat lacks padding, then the best material that you can use to cushion your seat is Merino wool, which is very popular and will perfectly prevent your seat from hurting. It is also very comfortable and significantly alleviates all pain.

In addition to Merino wool, a Sheepskin pillow can also be excellent and works great not only to reduce pain while riding but also to warm the body in winter.

6. Put a towel or pillow on the seat

If you want a quick solution that doesn’t require too much effort, then putting a towel or pillow on the seat will definitely be great and will also reduce pain. Some people might even think it is more comfortable and require less effort, so it is recommended to try anyway.

7. Buy the Baleaf Realtoo Coolmax shorts

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on professional riding pants for motorcycle riding, the best option is to buy very tight shorts that provide good protection for your buttocks while the best pants in the market are by far the Baleaf Realtoo Coolmax. The Baleaf Realtoo Coolmax provides very comfortable trim upholstery and good seat protection while being super cheap. It is sold for only $12 and can be found on Amazon.

8. Buy seating pads

If your seat is as hard as a rock, you will definitely want to buy seating pads that will greatly help and provide good comfort while riding. The most popular one used by riders is the Airhawk2. It is sold on Amazon, very convenient and cheap and really makes it easier to sit while reading.

9. Using painkillers

If you do not want to spend too much money to make your seat more comfortable, then one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to reduce pain while riding is using painkiller substances like fatty acids and other substances that can help reduce pain.

There are lots of great painkillers in the market, but the best pain reliever in the market is by far the PainZone, which does the best job at a very affordable price and is also available on Amazon.

10. Buy a new seat

If you want to get the maximum comfort while riding and you have the money and you are willing to invest, the best option is definitely buying a new seat for your motorcycle.

Today, a lot of comfortable motorcycle seats are offered by many companies in the market while I will list the 10 best and most comfortable ones, as shown in the table below.

Motorcycle seat Price
Mustang Super Touring Seat $540
Saddlemen Adventure Track Seat $375 – $839
Corbin Fire & Ice Saddle for Goldwing $993
Saddlemen Gel-Channel Tech Seat $250 – $525
Airhawk Independent Suspension Technology Seat For BMW $400 – $675
Sargent World Sport Performance Seat $285 -$715
Le Pera Daytona 2-Up Seat For Harley $313 – $577

11. Buy a designed seat

If you take your seat very seriously and it is very important to you, then a very good option can be to contact a private company that will make a custom seat for you, while I recommend it for only racing riders or people who ride for hours every day on the roads and for a long time.

The advantage of custom seats is that they will be very perfect for your size and your motorcycle plus a great comfort level but it will cost you a lot of money.

The best company I know that produces custom motorcycle seats in the best way is Bill Mayers Saddles They provide the best service and performance in the market while you can contact them over the phone or on their website.

12. Do your DIY

If you want to make and build your seat in an original way with some materials, this can be a great option too, while the video here below will show you how to make a new and more comfortable motorcycle seat yourself.

For any questions, you may have or opinion on the article, feel free to write us a comment, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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