Top 4 Electric Bikes for Short Riders (That Will Shock You)

Electric bike riders face so many difficulties that many other cyclists are unaware of and many of them are very confused and do not know which bicycles can be good for them.

So, after a lot of searching, below are the top 4 best electric bikes for riders but most of the models on this list can fit perfectly for most low riders.

So, let’s start.

Top 4 best electric bikes for short riders

Electric bike model Price Seat post
Easy Motion Evo Street $2,999 31.6 mm
Pedego 24 ″ Step-Thru Interceptor $2,995 28.6 mm
Freway VR-01 $1,199 27.2 mm
Green World Bike E-Trolley $999 25.4 mm

Easy Motion Evo Street

The Motion Evo is one of the most popular and successful models of Evo for low riders. Its dimensions and overall height are very low and this is what makes it perfect for low riders.

In fact, the Easy Motion Evo Street is a relatively new model in the market. It was released in 2015 and is my favorite model on the list because of the amazing technological features it has. While it is best known for the modern design, it presents what will make everyone envy you because of its design.


You can export the Easy Motion for $2,999. This may be costly for some people, so I personally recommend you buy it used at a very low price.

Notable features

  • My favorite thing about the Easy Motion Evo Street is the very impressive urban style design that comes in white color which makes it look very impressive, and in my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful bikes in the electric bike market. I must also mention that the frame is made from aluminum and of very high quality.
  • In addition, it comes with an excellent battery of 36 volts that recharges in about 5 hours which is a very fast and impressive battery time and also works great with the powerful 552.2-watt motor that can reach a maximum speed of 20 mph.
  • Also, the dimensions of the Easy Motion are excellent for low riders, its overall weight is very light at 57 lbs and its overall width is 68.5 inches and seat post of 31.6 mm.
  • If you are the one who takes safety important when riding, you will be surprised that Easy Motion comes with 24 different speed gears and excellent disc brakes that help you stay safe when riding.
  • If you want to read the full specification of Easy Motion Evo Street, feel free to click here


  • The most notable disadvantage, in my opinion, is that the battery charging port is in front of the left crank arm and if you forget to unplug before starting the vehicle, you can break them.
  • Also, although I really like the Easy Motion brakes, they sometimes make a lot of unnecessary noise which is sometimes very annoying, so you have to take that into account.
  • Another drawback is that the flashlight is mounted on the bottom of the rack fork which can spread most of its light around the bike rather than clearly and focused.


In my opinion, the Easy Motion Evo Street is definitely a great electric bike that can be great for riders who are looking for impressive bikes with excellent design, and of course, that was excellent for low riders.

In addition, the Easy Motion will be more suitable for women than men because of its very low dimension.  Finally, the clean and white design is more suitable for women, this is just my personal opinion though.

Pedego 24 ″ Step-Thru Interceptor

The Pedego 24 ″ Step-Thru is really one of the most powerful electric bicycles you can export in the market today while they are just perfect for low people.

In fact, the Pedego 24 is a smaller version of the easier-to-assemble interceptor, so this means if you are a high rider and you want a big bike, the bigger version will be much more suitable for you.


You can export the Pedego 24 ″ Step-Thru at a price of $2,995. This may initially seem a very high price for an electric bike, but believe me, it is very worth it especially because of the very advanced and powerful technological features it presents.

Notable features

  • The Pedego 24 ″ Step-Thru shows very small dimensions, its seat post is 28.6 mm in length and its total weight is only 26.3 kg, making it perfect for low riders.
  • The thing I personally loved the most about the Pedego 24 is its powerful battery that comes with a 48V power which is very easy to assemble and unload and makes it very convenient for transportation.  Also, the battery works great with its powerful 500-watt motor.
  • And of course, the Pedego 24 comes with all the add-ons and all the parts like LED lights and balloon tires that add a lot to the bike.
  • If you want to read the full specifications of the Pedego 24 ″ Step-Thru Interceptor, feel free to click here


As much as I love the Pedego 24, it does have some drawbacks that I have to mention

  • What bothers me most is that you have to manually run the battery pack from the LCD display which sucks and takes a long time,
  • Another very annoying thing is that the display panel is fixed which means it was exposed to dangerous weather like rain and sun which can cause it damage, so I highly recommend you cover it with some shield to protect it.


In my opinion, the Pedego 24 ″ Step-Thru Interceptor is definitely a very powerful and impressive electric bike. I am very excited about it and they can also be amazing for low riders

Also, if you want the larger version of these bikes, I recommend checking them out as well.

Freway VR-01

If until now, the electric bikes I’ve shown you were very expensive, I’m sure you will like the Freway VR-01 which shows a great performance for a very low price and I am sure would be suitable for most people.

The Freway VR-01 performance cannot be compared with that of the Easy Motion Evo Street or Pedego 24, but it does give enough good performance for its low price.


The price of the Freway VR-01 is only $ 1,199 which is really a very low price, and despite its low price, it still gives a great performance, even beyond its price, and me personally, I have not seen such cheap bikes with that great performance.

Notable features

  • The thing I personally liked the most about Freway VR-01 is its very light weight of just 43 lbs, it’s even lighter than its more expensive competitors and if to talk about dimensions, you would be surprised to find that its seat post is only 27.2 mm (1.07 inches high)
  • Also, the design of the Freway VR-01 does not compare the design of the other bikes on this list and the frame looks very professional and beautiful, made of diamond. The thing I liked most is that it has two different frame sizes to choose from, that is, 19 or 17 inches which make it very easy to adjust the frame to your size.
  • The Freway VR-01 also comes with a 36-volt removable battery that works with a 250-watt motor. This may not be the most powerful power but it will still suffice for most people and the maximum speed it can reach is 20 mph.
  • Plus, I personally was in shock to see all the safety features of the Freway VR-01 displays such as 27 different transmission speeds, excellent LED lighting, and nice 160mm disc brakes
  • If you want to read the full specifications of the Freway VR-01, feel free to click here


  • The most noticeable disadvantage in my opinion in VR-01 is that the pedals are very narrow and not as wide as the other electric bikes, so they are much less comfortable to pedal.
  • In addition, even though the brakes work great, they don’t have any engine inhibitors, so it was harder to brake with a pedal.
  • Another very annoying disadvantage is that the display board cannot be removed, so it can be damaged by strong weather conditions. Therefore, it is always good to cover and protect it.


In my opinion, the Freway VR-01 is a great electric bike that performs well and provides lots of value for its very low prices of just $1,199.

Also, I have to point out that the Freway VR-01 is available for purchase on Amazon and Amazon will charge $200 as a shipping fee in some cases and maybe a different thing in other cases, but you have to take this into account.

Green World Bike E-Trolley

The E-Trolley is another very cheap electric bike that gives a great performance relative to its very low price.

In fact, the E-Trolley comes in two different versions, namely the usual and the pro. Here, I will only talk about the features of the regular version because the pro version does not show very significant differences from the regular version (in my opinion).


You can export the E-Trolley regular version at a very low and ridiculous price of only $999 and if you want the pro version, you will need to add another $300, making it $1,299.

Also, there is no huge difference between the two versions. There are just a few small upgrades like a more powerful battery, LED brakes, etc. which are simply upgraded.

Notable features

  • The most notable feature of E-Trolley that distinguishes it from its competitors is that it can be folded. This makes it easier to move the bike from place to place in some cases and also makes it more compact especially in situations where you want to put it in an elevator or closet.
  • The size of the E-Trolley is very small and fits perfectly for low people. Its seat post is only 25.4 mm high and its total weight is only 50 lbs which are super lightweight.
  • In addition, the E-Trolley’s battery comes with a power of 36 volts that can be charged in a very short time of just 4 hours. It is also simply a great worker with the 250-watt motor that manages to deliver a maximum speed of 17 mph.
  • Also, the E-Trolley is one of the most comfortable bikes to ride, most notably is its very wide tire tread of 2.125 which provides smooth riding, the cushioned grip which is very comfortable and a very comfortable seat.
  • If you want to read the full specifications of the E-Trolley, feel free toclick here


  • To me, the biggest drawback on E-Trolley is that the pedal support sensor disk uses only 5 magnets which is very little compared to other electric bikes that use a much larger number of magnets. This causes the engine to slow down.
  • In addition, it may have been a Materials thing, but it still sucks that Green World does not give any responsibility to the E-Trolley, which is very annoying, while most electric bikes come with 2-year and sometimes even more responsibility.


In my opinion, the E-Trolley is really a great electric bike that offers a lot of features and value for a very low price. It is very similar to the Freway VR-01 but it is even cheaper

Also, I recommend that you buy the regular version and not the PRO because there are really no significant differences that are worth $300. However, if you are still interested, you are invited to watch the video above to see the differences between the regular version and the PRO version.

For any questions, you may have or any opinion on the article, feel free to write us a comment and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading until the next post


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