Motorcycle vs Bicycle: What Should I Get? & Differences

When you think of motorcycle and bicycle, you probably believe they are quite similar to each other because they both work on two wheels, have a similar seating style, and more other similar features. Still, the truth is that these two types of vehicles are very different from each other, and each has specific purposes.

So, which should I buy – a bicycle or a motorcycle? It is up to you and what purposes you the vehicle to accomplish. A motorcycle is suitable for people who desire to go anywhere possible without putting a lot of effort, and that includes traveling from outside the city on long-distance riding. At the same time, a bicycle will fit more for those who want to stay safer when riding for fun to near and not far places.

There are so many differences between motorcycles and bicycles, and it is surprising to know that motorcycles started as bicycles. When an engine was added to a bicycle, it was called a motorcycle. Since then, the differences have only increased between these two vehicles.

If you are undecided and do not know whether or not to get a motorcycle or bicycle, then continue reading because, in this guide, I will show you all the features and differences you need to know between these two vehicles.

So, let’s get started.

What is a motorcycle & for who is it suitable?

Motorcycles are a very popular type of vehicle, of course, powered by crazy engines that can reach crazy speeds. Motorcycles are much more impressive than a bicycle, which is quite clear, and here are a few highlights that you should know about motorcycles versus bicycles.

  • First, motorcycles are much more dangerous than bicycles. So, it is important to take it into account. And if you want to survive falls and avoid serious injuries, you have to buy safety equipment, which leads us to the next thing.
  • Motorcycles are much more expensive than bicycles, and it is quite clear that a motorcycle requires maintenance, safety equipment, and the purchase of the motorcycle itself. All this will cost you at least over $7000. And even if you buy a used motorcycle, the price is still very high.
  • A very big advantage of motorcycles versus bicycles is that you can ride anywhere you want and travel long distances without much effort, which means that a motorcycle will allow you to ride off the city – what you can’t do with bicycles and not even electric bikes in an effective way.
  • On top of all that, riding a motorcycle is a lot more fun than riding a bicycle. You spend a lot more adrenaline, and it’s just fun, and the effortless speed and comfort you have when riding makes without a doubt the difference in the fun when riding.
  • A disadvantage to motorcycles is that it takes a lot of time to learn how to ride them. I also know bicycle requires quite some time to learn but let’s face it, there is no problem teaching someone how to ride a bicycle. However, teaching someone to ride a motorcycle is completely different and requires a lot more alertness and learning and it can take a few months before you can be a good rider who is in control of the motorcycle.

So, what do I think about motorcycles & who are they suitable for? In my opinion, motorcycles are a lot more fun than bicycles. Still, they will not suit everyone; they require lots of money, time, and investment, and are also much riskier. Because of that, I would recommend motorcycles more for those who are willing to invest the money and risk and especially want long-distance rides off the city.

Pros of a motorcycle

  • fast
  • fun
  • Less effort when riding
  • Allow you to ride long distances
  • More impressive

Cons of a motorcycle

  • Very expensive
  • Require maintenance
  • More dangerous
  • It takes more time to learn

What is a bicycle & for who is it suitable?

Bicycles are quite different from motorcycles, they are driven by body and leg exertion, and they have many advantages and disadvantages.

  • First, bicycles don’t pollute the environment, which is already a great advantage. It is quite amazing that even electric bikes are not polluting, unlike motorcycles. So, it is always good to know.
  • Also, bicycles are far less dangerous than motorcycles. Although there is a certain risk of injury and fall when cycling, the level of injury and risk involved in bicycle riding is less compared to motorcycles; even electric bicycles do not approach the level of risk there is in a motorcycle. Because of that, you have to take this into account, especially if your safety is important to you.
  • The biggest advantage in my opinion that both electric and regular bicycles have is that they cost very low prices compared to motorcycles and start at prices of between $200 to $1000. So, you do not need all the safety equipment except a helmet, and you do not have to worry about a lot of maintenance. So, choosing a bike rather than a motorcycle can save you a few thousand dollars.
  • A disadvantage of having a bike is that you cannot effectively ride for long distances, especially outside the city. It also includes electric bikes that, although you don’t have to struggle when riding, are still ineffective when riding for too long. For this reason, bicycles are only suitable for people looking for long-distance rides but for short-distance rides within the city.
  • Another disadvantage of bicycles is that they require more effort when riding, unlike motorcycles. Yes, motorcycles also require a certain amount of effort when riding but not like bicycles where you have to worry about pedaling all the time, which can be very annoying and especially challenging in the summer, which is very hot. However, the advantage is that you will get more in shape.
  • Also, bicycles are less fun than motorcycles, so it’s important to know that you can’t reach very high speeds like a motorcycle and even electric bikes that are considered more fun than regular bikes, it still won’t come close to the level of adrenaline and fun you had when riding a motorcycle.

So, what do I think about bicycles & who are they suitable for? In my opinion, bicycles will be best suited for those who want to get relatively short distance transport vehicles like riding to work or school without paying thousands of dollars and taking a lot of risks.

Pros of a bicycle

  • Cheap
  • Non-polluting and environmentally friendly
  • Less dangerous
  • Healthier and good for fitness

Cons of bicycles  

  • Requires more effort
  • Ineffective when riding long distances
  • Not impressive
  • Less fun

Differences between bicycle and motorcycle

A motorcycle is more dangerous than a bicycle

I don’t understand why but a lot of people think bicycles are just as dangerous as motorcycles. The truth is that it’s not quite right.

Motorcycles are much more dangerous than bicycles and the gap is very wide. This is because motorcycle accidents are much more life-threatening due to the fast speeds and also the heavier weight, unlike bicycles where an accident is less severe.

Here is a short fact. In 2013 in Virginia, there were 800 bicycle accidents, of which 739 were serious injuries, compared to motorcycle accidents which recorded 2000 accidents of which 1800 were serious injuries and 60 deaths.

As you have seen, there are more motorcycle crashes, and they are more common and deadly. So, you must take this into account.

A motorcycle is more expensive than a bicycle

It is quite clear that a motorcycle is much more expensive than a bicycle, and it starts with the expensive safety equipment you will need to get, the motorcycle itself, which costs thousands of dollars, fuel, repairs, and maintenance.

Here is an explanation of the five factors that make a motorcycle more expensive than a bicycle

  • The Price – First of all, a good motorcycle on average will cost you more than $5,000, unlike the average bicycle that will cost between $200 to $1,000.
  • Maintenance – Also, the cost of maintenance for a motorcycle is very high and needs to be more consistent, unlike a bicycle. And even though bicycles require maintenance, it is not the same as the level of maintenance a motorcycle will require.
  • Repairs – Motorcycle repairs will, of course, cost you a lot more money than bicycle repairs. Let’s start with the fact that motorcycles are less resistant to accidents unlike bicycles because they have much more components inside them and are heavier which means that motorcycle crashes will do more harm than bicycles. Therefore, motorcycle repair will cost you very high prices of even thousands of dollars, unlike bicycles which will cost less for repairs, costing several tens of dollars up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Safety Equipment – Motorcycle safety equipment cost can start from $500 up to over $1000 because you need to understand that motorcycles require safety equipment such as a helmet, boots, duct, gloves, and more. On the other hand, bicycles require only a helmet.
  • Fuel – Motorcycles require a lot of money on fuel per year, and it can start from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, and of course, it depends on your riding frequency and type of motorcycle. On the other hand, bicycles require no fuel to power it but your energy for pedaling.

If you want to read more about the cost of motorcycles, I highly recommend you click here to view the full guide I wrote.

Motorcycles are more fun than bicycles

It’s pretty clear that motorcycle riding is much more fun than bicycling.

You need to understand that bicycle requires a lot of effort when pedaling, resulting in less fun especially on hot days, unlike motorcycles which enable you to ride at crazy speeds, spend less effort, and of course, more fun.

Motorcycles can ride longer distances than bicycles

With motorcycles, you can ride to more long distant places outside your city, and this is compared to bicycles that allow for short-distance rides.

So, I’ll make it clear if the distance is a top priority to you

  • In short, if you often want to ride your motorcycle for long distances to work or study outside of your city, a motorcycle is definitely the best choice for you.
  • On the other hand, if you need transport tools to travel relatively short distances within your city, a bicycle will be a lot better for you.

Bicycles are more environmentally friendly than motorcycles

Bicycles do not pollute the environment, unlike motorcycles that are too polluting. So, if environmental protection is important to you, take this into account.

Bicycle is better for your fitness then motorcycle

Yes, it is true that motorcycles burn calories and can help you get in shape, but it does not approach the level at which you can do with a bicycle.

Here is a short fact. An average motorcycle rider will be able to burn 150 to 300 calories an hour, unlike riding a bicycle that allows you to burn an average of 600 calories an hour. Also, bicycle strengthens your muscles; therefore, in terms of fitness, bicycle wins without a doubt.

Motorcycles are more impressive than bicycles

Let’s face it, motorcycles are much more impressive than bicycles, and it starts from their design to the protective gear that looks much more impressive and cool too.


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