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motocross & ATVs boots Buyer’s Guide

boots are one of the most important safety equipment your child should wear because boots give more control when riding on dirt bikes and protection for the leg and ankle from injuries

So after hours of searching and experimenting, I decided that the boot Fox Racing Comp 5 (link to buy on Amazon) is the best boot on the market these days which has all the features that rider need and his price very cheap

In general for boots you do not have to pay over $ 200

Top 3 Best riding boots

1. Fox Racing Comp 5

The Fox Racing Comp 5 Like I said the best and most popular riding boots in the world and they are suitable for all types of riding

First of all, these boots are very strong and can withstand all kinds of tracks. In addition, the boots are very comfortable thanks to their very lightweight, which weighs only 5 pounds. In addition, the protection of these boots is excellent and provides knee support and perfect foot protection. and In short, they have all the features a beginner rider should have

Special Features

  • withstand all kinds of tracks
  • Lightweight of only 5 pounds.
  • Perfect protection system
  • come in a variety of colors

2. Alpinestars Tech 7s

The Alpinestars Tech 7s Magneto is another great boots they have as the Fox Racing Comp 5 all the features a beginner rider should have

First of all these boots are very comfortable and this is because the amazing flexibility these boots have in addition the boots are perfectly water-resistant in addition these boots come with a perfect defense system that perfectly protects the leg

And a very good feature to have these boots is that they have a textile mesh with open cell foam that puts air in boots, in addition, the boots come in blue orange and gray color

I personally love the Alpinestars Tech 7s Magneto and I definitely recommend them to every rider

Special Features

  • very comfortable
  • perfectly water-resistant
  • perfect defense system
  • very comfortable
  • textile mesh with open-cell foam that puts air in boots,
  • The boots come in blue orange and gray color

3. Fly Racing Maverik MX

These boots are an option I would more recommend for those who want cheaper boots but do get great quality while it is important to note the Fly Racing Maverik MX are just amazing in relation to their price but not like the other boots on the list but if you ask me it is the best cheapest boots you can find

First of all, the boots have a very advanced and strong defense system built with steel that perfectly protects the ankle. In addition, the boot is very elastic and flexible, which makes it comfortable. This boot is very durable and can hold for many years and this is Thanks to the high quality of the materials. In addition the boots are very cheap and they come in a variety of colors

Special Features

  • A very advanced and strong defense system
  • comfortable
  • can hold for many years
  • very cheap
  • variety of colors
  • Made from steel and plastic

How to choose riding boots

  • The price- many riders try to find boots at a cheap price but in fact, the more expensive the boots cost the more they were quality and the level of protection of the boots were better compared to cheap boots that were less quality
  • Comfort- Comfort is definitely a very important factor before buying boots for your child. It is very important to check that there are upholstery which makes the boots more comfortable and in addition very important to check The size of boots matches the size of your child’s leg
  • The quality of the materials- The quality of the materials is a very important factor before buying boots, in fact, is very important that your child will love the materials that the boots are made of them and the quality of the boots were quality
  • The style of the boots – it is very important that your child loves the boots you choose so that he wants to wear them. Because of this I highly recommend that The child picks up his boots so he can choose the boots he loves
  • The level of protection- the most important thing is that the protection of the boots be good and strong so that the boots can protect your child’s leg in the best possible way

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