Is It Hard To Change ATV Tires?

ATV tires wear down and need to be changed when the tread gets to a certain depth. The exact depth varies based on what’s recommended in the owner’s manual. Today, I will explain if it’s hard to change ATV tires.

Overall, it’s not hard to change ATV tires. But, you do need an average level of strength to use the tools involved. The process involves unscrewing the nuts and taking the tire off. Then the tire needs to be removed from the rim and a new one put on.

After that, you place it back on the wheel base, and screw each of the nuts back in and you’re done. To remove the tire from the rim requires a special tool called a bead breaker. As well as, two tire levers. However, there are a few hacks to get it done if you don’t have these tools. In this article, I will explain the process involved in changing the ATV tires yourself, when you should change your ATV tires, and how long ATV tires last.

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Can You Change Your Own ATV Tires?

It’s definitely possible to change your own ATV tires. The most difficult part is removing the tire from the rim. The main consideration is whether you want to get a bead breaker or not. It’s possible you already have a bead breaker. However, most people don’t have one.

A bead breaker costs around $80 for a cheap one, but most are in the range of $150 to $200. But, it’s also just as easy to pop into your local mechanic or even a Walmart and have them remove the tire from the rim for you. It costs somewhere in the range of $10 to $20 a tire.

It’s also possible to remove the tire from the rim using nothing more that a 2×4 piece of wood. Here’s a video that shows how it’s done. He explains the 2×4 method after showing the first method.

ATV owners’ manuals such as the Polaris Sportsman, and Alterra Arctic Cat don’t provide any detailed instructions for how to remove the tire from the rim. Certain ATV owners’ manuals simply say to have it done by a qualified professional.

Here’s the way a professional would replace a tire, and the method is simple enough:

The main thing is you need the proper tools, which are a bead breaker and two tire levers. I looked around at how much most people have said it costs to get tires replaced at a mechanic or store like Walmart, and on average it costs about $10 per tire. It’s also recommended to call around, as there can be quite a bit of variance in price between difference stores and tires shops/mechanics. People have reported that Walmart will replace ATV tires for you for very cheap.

When getting your tires to a mechanic or store to replace them you may consider driving it on the road. However, this is not recommended in virtually all ATV owners’ manuals. I discussed this in this article about whether the road hurts ATV tires.

Therefore, you should remove the tires from your ATV and put them in your car to take them to a mechanic or shop to replace them. If you can get a good deal at a shop for new tires, it can save you a bit of time to buy the tires directly from the shop or mechanic where you’re getting them replaced. But, it’s also just as fine to order them online and take the new tires, plus your existing tires to the mechanic or store.

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When Should I Change My ATV Tires?

ATV tires don’t last forever, and therefore they need to be changed periodically. But, when should you change your ATV tires?

ATV tires should be changed when the tread is worn down by the amount recommended in the owner’s manual for your ATV. It is on average when the tread has been worn down and only 1/8” (3 mm) remains. As well as, if the tire has burst.

Some owners’ manuals recommend changing them sooner when they have 4 mm of tread left. Therefore, it’s always best to look in your owner’s manual for how worn the tread should be before you need to change them.

If an ATV tire leaks and deflates slowly over time to the point where you need to fill it with air regularly then it can be repaired using a tire repair kit. Getting a new tire costs in the range of $50 or more and can cost around $20 to fit it. If the tire is already pretty worn then it makes more sense to get a whole new tire rather than replace it.

How Long Do ATV Tires Last?

ATV tires wear more easily on a hard surface compared to a soft surface. But, on average how long do ATV tires last?

ATV tires last somewhere in the range of 500 miles to 1000 miles (800 to 1600 km). Virtually all ATV owner’s manuals recommend not riding an ATV on the road. ATV tires will wear more quickly if ridden on pavement or rocky terrain compared to dirt, grass, and gravel.

To know whether your ATV tires need replacing you need to measure the tread depth. This is how far the tread sticks out from the grooves in the tires. ATV tires are not designed to be driven on the road or pavement and will cause a lot of wear on the tires.

When the tires are installed care also needs to be taken to ensure that the tires are aligned. If they aren’t aligned correctly the tires won’t wear evenly.


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