How to Know if Your motorcycle Carburetor Needs Cleaning?

Inside the motorcycle carburetor, there is air, and the air-fuel goes down to the carburetor, and this creates a combustible mixture that gives the engine more power and speed. But what happens if you do not maintain the carburetor?

Without constant maintenance and inspection, you may have very bad problems with your Vehicles,

Are you also confused and do not know if you would your carburetor needs cleaning? Do not worry because I will show you the all the things you need to check to know if you need to clean up the carburetor.

How do you know if your carburetor needs cleaning? You will be able to know if he needs to be cleaned if it has one of these things.

1. Excess fuel- When there is more fuel, that means there is more fuel than air, or simply does not have enough air inside. It clearly tells you that you need to clean the carburetor. When this happens, you will see black smoke coming from the exhaust. Such a thing can destroy the carburetor, and worse, cause more problems.

2. Not enough fuel- This is exactly the opposite problem. Excess fuel when there is not enough fuel meaning there is more air than fuel. It also means that you have to clean the carburetor, which can cause very large problem, so it is very important to fuel it as soon as possible, and always check that the fuel and air balance are equal.

3. It’s dirty- If there is dirt in the carburetor, it means that you have to clean the carburetor as soon as possible. Dirty carburetors can cause blockage of the needle valve, and prevent it from closing, and even cause much more serious problems. It is very important to clean the carburetor thoroughly, and not leave even a grain of dirt.

4. It does not turn around – Another less common reason is that the carburetor does not work or does not even spin fast, and some of it can form from dirt, so it is very important to see that the carburetor works properly.

Other Reasons Why Carburetor Needs Cleaning

  • Hard to start when I know I have a good battery, spark, airflow, …
  • The throttle is not responsive through all gears.
  • Idle drop at stops.
  • Having to adjust the idle much after setting it initially.

What materials should be used to clean a motorocycle carburetor?

Cleaning the carburetor is something that anyone can do. It is not that difficult, but I highly recommend the first time cleaning your carburetor to consult a specialist or even a friend who understands cleaning the carburetor

  • Cleaners
  • Carb and choke cleaner
  • Brush
  • Screwdriver

How to clean a motorocycle carburetor in 5 steps:

Clean environment

A clean environment is a very important factor in cleaning a carburetor. Cleaning in a dirty environment can cause more damage than good, so I recommend going to a clean place, and then start cleaning the carburetor. It is also very important to keep an orderly work order and place all the cleaning materials and tools in place and orderly arranged

1. Remove the Carburetor from the Engine

The first thing you need to do is to is remove the carburetor from the engine. To do so, you need to turn off the gas valve on the fuel tank to prevent falling it out of all the tubes. Now, remove the carbohydrates. It is very important to do both these steps very carefully after you have to take a screwdriver and release all the screws that hold the carburetor from the engine. Now you are ready for the second step.

Open the four screws at the bottom of the evaporator to remove the floating bowl. It is very important to do this step very carefully and place all the screws lit in an orderly place after you remove the nectar pin by pulling it.

Then, take out the jet planes. Have some opening boards. Note, that the screws that have a hole through the center after you have removed the air screw. In addition, if you can remove the choke from the carburetor, take it off.

2. Wear protective safety gloves

It is very important to wear gloves and other safety shields. The carburetor is definitely toxic, and it is not recommended to come into contact with it, as I said before for the first time. I highly recommend using a friend. It is also very important to use strong paws and stand to protect your hands.

I personally use these gloves which are very comfortable to use. I was very surprised to see the cheap price they sell on for on Amazon. Click here to view.

3. Wash your hands and prepare cleaners

In this section, you should have to clean your hands, so you don’t put dirt into the carburetor. It is very important to wash your hands before you notice that there is no dirt on your hands, and after washing your hands, it’s time to prepare the cleaners. It is very important to move along with all the non-important screws, tools, and to arrange the cleaning materials neatly.

4. Clean the carburetor

It is very important to know that there are no longer small screws inside the carburetor. After checking this, you are ready to start cleaning. It is very important to read the cleaning instructions on the back of the packaging of the detergent you have selected.

5. Put it all back together and reinstall

After you finish cleaning the carburetor, install all the parts back in the reverse order removed. It is very important to tighten the screws in a very strong and tightly

Related questions

How long it takes to clean the carburetor? Cleaning the carburetor can take from half an hour to an hour, and it can also take three hours to figure out how to clean it up depending on whether you clean it for the first time, or you have experience in cleaning the carburetor.

Where do you need to clean carburetor? The environment which you clean the carburetor is a very important factor, because a dirty environment can dirty the carburetor, and do damage to it. I personally recommend cleaning it at home

How much money does it cost to clean a carburetor? The cost of cleaning the carburetor is quite cheap. You just need to buy good cleaner, and you are ready to clean it. You can find excellent cleaning materials from $15.

In conclusion

Today, I showed you step by step how to clean the carburetor. It is very important to read all the steps and not to skip any of them. This guide is for all vehicles that ride on two wheels, not only dirt bikes, but ATV motorcycles, and more. Thank you for reading, until the next time.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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