How to Fix a Motorcycle Battery That’s Not Holding a Charge?

One of the most annoying things that can happen to any motorcycle rider is finding out that their motorcycle battery fails to charge or hold a charge. And the worst is that most people try solutions that, in most cases, will not only destroy the battery but do more harm than good also. So in this guide, I will discuss some solutions on how you can repair a motorcycle battery that does not hold a charge.

So, how can you fix a motorcycle battery not holding a charge? There are several ways through which you can repair your battery but the best way is to take out the acid and moisten it in distilled water. So that means she’s already dead and the best thing is to just buy a new battery

It is also important to note that I am not in favor of throwing away your motorcycle battery. Try to repair it because in most cases, it is possible to fix it easily. But if the issue is very complicated, I would recommend that you ask for help from a technician or friend to help you make a better choice if you wish to buy a new battery.

If you want to see more detail on how to fix a motorcycle battery that does not hold a charge, why it happened, and how to avoid it, keep reading.

Here are all the topics I will explain in the guide

Why does my motorcycle battery not hold a charge?
How to fix a motorcycle battery not holding a charge?
How to Prevent a Motorcycle Battery from not Holding a Charge (Dead battery)
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Why does my motorcycle battery not hold a charge?

Before I show you how to repair your motorcycle battery that does not hold a charge, you should first understand why your motorcycle battery doesn’t hold a charge. There are a few main reasons and I will explain each of them.

  • Sulfate Battery – The most common reason a motorcycle battery doesn’t hold a charge is the build-up of sulfate on the battery. when there is an accumulation of lead sulfate crystals on the surface of the battery’s plate, the battery will fail to hold a charge. It can also be caused by too high voltage.
  • Charge problem – Possible reason the battery does not hold a charge is because the battery is having a charging problem. Therefore if the battery is not getting a voltage of 12.8 in the battery terminals, then the voltage is too high or low or it means the battery is dead and needs replacement.
  • Neglecting the Motorcycle Battery – If you don’t worry about maintaining the battery and you neglect it, the battery’s life span will be shortened and the active substance in it will be depleted, causing the battery to die.
  • You’re using too large a battery – This is a less common cause but still possible. It can explain why your battery is charging but not holding a charge. Using the wrong size of battery can cause syncing which will in turn cause electrical problems that can damage the battery.
  • Short Connections – Another reason that explains why your battery cannot hold a charge is that the connecting wires are too short, especially the ground connection.
  • Battery drainage – Battery drainage is a very common problem that causes batteries to not charge and it is mostly because of a bad terminal, a bad starter, an old washer, or too many power accessories.
  • Bad battery – the last reason is that your battery is just old and needs replacement. Although this is not always the problem.

How to fix a motorcycle battery not holding a charge?

The truth is that if your battery doesn’t charge, it’s pretty dead in most cases. Sometimes, the problem can be caused by other parts of the motorcycle but there is a way you can try to repair the battery.

  • First, you need to get a multimeter to check the battery’s voltage. This meter usually costs between $5 to $15.
  • Once you have the multimeter, start testing the voltage. If the voltage is below 12.4 volts, it means the battery is dead.
  • Next, start the engine and the voltage should increase. If the voltage on the wires is around 60 volts, it doesn’t mean that you have to replace the alternator or battery.

Complicated right? You have to understand that the processes are very technical and not everyone can easily do it to fix the problems. So, as I said earlier, if you cannot repair the battery, get the service of a technician or request the help of a friend.

If you cannot find anyone or you cannot fix the battery by yourself, you should buy a new battery

How to Prevent Motorcycle Battery from not Holding a Charge (Dead battery)

If you do not want to get to the point that your motorcycle battery reaches a state where it cannot charge, the solution is to maintain the battery. There are several ways through which you can maintain the battery.

Protect the battery from extreme temperatures with a cover

If you want to significantly extend the life of your motorcycle battery, then the best way is to protect the battery with a cover that will completely shield it from very hot temperatures that can cause damage or shorten its life span.

In addition, you also need to make sure that your battery is not exposed to very cold temperatures. Leaving the battery below the -180C can cause it to die. Extremely cold temperatures are more harmful to the battery than hot temperatures.

Be sure to fully charge the battery

charging your motorcycle battery fully increases its life span. The reason is that the accumulator will be able to meet the actual amount of current during the ride, which would make the battery work more effectively.

I personally encourage you to recharge the battery every night so that it is always fully charged

Clean the battery regularly

Battery cleaning is among the best things you can do for a battery. It will not only extend its life span but will also make the battery work better and more efficiently when riding.

Dirt on a motorcycle battery mainly includes dust and dirt that can accumulate at the top of the battery. You only need a towel or paper to clean the dirt and not beyond.

Clean the motorcycle battery terminals

The terminals usually absorb the most dirt and can sometimes even accumulate acids, especially copper. This is very damaging to the battery and, by the way, the most common cause of sulfate and battery charging issues.

So, my advice is to clean the terminals with drinkable soda along with water or with a water brush. This is the most efficient and easy way to clean the terminals and I recommend checking the terminals from time to time.

Avoid battery power problems

Battery power problems are very common and you can prevent them by making sure that the battery voltage is not too high and you are not charging the battery too much, which will not only damage the battery but even the motorcycle power system.

Using and mounting a rubber protector or strap on the battery will greatly help to protect against stress and also avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures. I highly recommend buying the rubber cover from Amazon.

Important safety tips

It is important to note that you need to be very careful every time you take action in maintaining your battery. Especially, you must not touch the battery acid because it is very toxic when spilled on you.

Related questions

  • Is the motorcycle charging the battery when riding? Yes. When riding the motorcycle, the alternator causes the battery to charge.
  • How long does it take to charge a motorcycle battery? Charging a motorcycle battery will take about an average of 4 to 24 hours. It all depends on the type of charge and battery type.
  • How long should a motorcycle battery last? On an average motorcycle, batteries are supposed to last for a relatively long time of at least 2 years. However, it mainly depends on the level of maintenance you give the battery. Make sure you maintain the battery so it can last longer.


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