How Often Should You Wash Your ATV?

ATV’s are getting dirty all the time, and cleaning them after riding in the dirt is absolutely necessary in maintaining. In fact, if you do not take care of cleaning your ATV, it can suffer from rust and accumulation of dirt inside the pats

So How often should you wash your ATV? you must to wash and clean your ATV after every riding especially if you want that your ATV last longer

Today, I will show you all the steps you need to know in order to effectively clean your ATV.

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ATV racer takes a turn during a race on a dusty terrain

How to clean your ATV (in 8 steps)

1. Allow your engine and exhaust to cool.

It’s a very common mistake that a lot of riders do is to wash their ATV immediately after riding. This can be a very big mistake. Because of that, it is very important to turn the engine off 5 to 10 minutes before washing to let the ATV’s engine cool down.

2. Choose a good location.

It is very important to have a good location for cleaning your ATV, because ATVs accumulate a lot of dirt and garbage that can dirty your entire environment.

To avoid dirt around your surroundings, I suggest cleaning your ATV in your garden or even your brickwork like a park or forest.

3. Cover sensitive parts of the ATV.

It is very important to carefully lock all the sensitive parts, so it does not damage any parts of the ATV.

It is very important to cover the sensitive parts like the open air, engine and ignition switch.

4. Remove mud and garbage from the ATV.

After you have prepared your ATV, it is time to clean the outer parts.

The first thing is to spray water on the outer part with a tube to remove all the mud and dirt that gets stuck.

Also, you do not have to clean the whole ATV, but only the parts with the most difficult mud and garbage to remove.

5. Wash the entire ATV.

After removing the hard parts of dirt, you can now start cleaning your ATV.

There are two ways you can clean your ATV, with a pressure washer or a garden hose.

I personally recommend using a washing machine because I think it is much easier to clean it.

However, a garden hose can be another great option for cleaning. It is also very important before cleaning your ATV with a garden hose to make the water pressure high so that you can perfectly wash him.

6. Clean your ATV with soap and sponge.

Usually, after you have cleaned your ATV with a good garden hose, you can skip this step.

But, if you want your ATV to be brilliant, I highly recommend you clean and scrub with soap and sponge, so your ATV be perfectly clean.

Also, it is very important to use good cleaning materials that are harmless. I personally recommend buying this cleaning material click here to view which worked perfectly for me that sold on amazon at a very cheap price

Also, if you can’t remove the hard mud parts I recommend using a good brush to remove dirt. I highly recommend this brush from amazon that removes the hard mud parts from my ATV easily.

7. Dry your ATV.

Once you’ve cleaned your ATV, you can now start drying it.

To dry your ATV, you can use a lint-free towel to wipe down the ATV.

8. Make your ATV show and run like new.

If it is important to you that your ATV looks brilliant and clean, I highly recommend you do this step

To shine your ATV, there are a few steps you will need to do. First, start spraying the SC1 on your ATV. It is very important not to spray too much SC1, but only a relatively small amount.

After that, you will need to smear the rust inhibitor on the metal parts to avoid excretions. It is also very important to follow according to the instructions on the bottle you are using.

Clean Air Filter – Cleaning your air filter is definitely a very important thing to make your ATV cleaner. Also, cleaning the air filter will help prevent wear and dirt from seeping into your engine. Also, if you want to hear more about cleaning your air filter I’ve written a detailed guide on it.

And finally, clean with a plastic polisher to make it look shiny. It is also very important to follow all the instructions on your bottle, so that you do not damage the parts.

If you want your ATV to look brilliant, I highly recommend using this plastic polisher.

Recommended equipment

• Garden hose – The most important thing you need to use to clean your ATV is a garden hose. It is very important to use a good garden hose that can provide strong current power, so that it will remove all the dirt

• Sponge – You should use a sponge to clean and polish your ATV. It is very important to use a good quality sponge to avoid Scratches.

• Detergent – there are a lot of cleaners today that can damage your ATV, and because of that,

• Brush – It is very important to use a good brush that has strong fibers, so you can clean your ATV well and easily.

•Lint-free towel – it is very important to use a towel without lint or a regular towel, so it will not to scratch your ATV. If you want a good towel, I highly recommend you use this towel. Click here to view

• SC1- SC1 is an oil spray that shines your ATV. Actually, SC1 is the best and most recommended oil company to use. Also, I found a good SC1 on Amazon for a very cheap price. Click here to view

• Rust inhibitor – It is very important to smear the metal parts to avoid the rust formation

• Gas or electric pressure washer (optional) – A washing machine is not something that must be used to clean your ATV, but if you already have a washing machine at home, it is a good option if it is important for you to have your ATV look great.

• Air Compressor (optional) – Air compressors are designed for those who want to dry their ATV quickly if this is something that is important to you.

Tips for cleaning your ATV

  • Use hot water – Cleaning your ATV in very hot water will help to remove mud and dirt easier and efficiently and will save you a lot of time. Also, it is very important not to use boiling water in order not to harm parts.
  • Cover your exhaust – It is very important to cover the exhaust of the ATV to prevent water from entering the system. In fact, if entering water to your exhaust system it can do a lot of damage to your ATV and you might deal with rust problems and have damage to the performance. In addition to covering your exhaust, I personally recommend you use this rubber plug on eBay. I was surprised to find the cheapest price of this rubber plug.
  • Wax Your ATV- If you want the next time you clean your ATV to be easier, I highly recommend using smear wax. so you can buy it from eBay at a very cheap price of a few bucks.
  • Clean your ATV away from home – I highly recommend cleaning your ATV away from your home like a park or forest so as not to get dirty in your environment

Related Questions

  • Can getting water into the exhaust system of my ATV can be dangerous? The entry of water into your exhaust system can be very dangerous and destroy the internal components of the ATV and harm the performance.
  • Where should I clean my ATV? The best place to clean your ATV is in places outside your home like a park or a forest
  • Is hot or cold water better for removing dirt? Hot water is definitely much more preferable to clean your ATV than cold water.
  • When do you know if you need to clean your ATV? You need to clean your ATV once you see dirt like mud or sand on your ATV.


In conclusion, today I showed you all the steps and things you need to know before you start cleaning your ATV.

It is very important to keep all the rules and steps that I explained to you, so you can clean your ATV in the best possible way. Thank you for riding, until next time.

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I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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