How Fast Does A 125cc motorcycle Go?

The type of motorcycle that most people are interested in knowing the maximum speeds it can reach is without a doubt 125cc motorcycles which are very small engines that most people Think that the speeds that these types of a motorcycle can reach are very slow but the answer is very surprising

So How fast is the 125cc motorocycle go? The maximum speeds that most 125cc motorcycles will reach is between 110 and 130 mph (177 to 210 km / h while it is quite Depending on the type of motorcycle Most sports motorcycles that are 125cc were closer to speeds Of the 130 mph and the other types were closer to the maximum speeds of the 110 mph

So as you have seen 125cc motorcycles are really not as slow as most people think and they can reach relatively high speeds that will satisfy any beginner rider and the best part The good thing is that they are very safe and cheap makes you the perfect choice for beginner riders

You want to know more about the maximum speeds of 125cc motorcycles and how You can reach higher speeds, what are the factors that affect the speeds of your motorcycle and the islands 125cc motorcycles are right for you so keep reading

Her are all the questions I will answer in this guide

What are the factors affecting 125cc motorcycle speed?
How to get the highest speeds from a 125cc motorcycle?
For who 125cc motorcycles are intended?

What are the factors affecting 125cc motorcycle speed?

Level of wind resistance

maybe the factor that most affects the maximum speeds you can reach with a motorcycle Your 125cc is the level of wind resistance that your motorcycle has while there are models that have more wind protection and there are models that have no wind protection at all

The wind very slows down your motorcycle while riding and there are even riders who if mostly were a beginner and inexperienced riders who had a very difficult to impossible ride. In strong winds and not only that it is difficult when riding in strong winds Your speed with the motorcycle will decrease significantly so you must make sure that you had wind protection on the motorcycle

But do not worry, your motorcycle does not have a wind-facing system installed, so you can always try to install it yourself.

Advanced motorcycles compared to low motorcycles

The sad truth is that motorcycles at more expensive prices were simply significantly faster than cheap motorcycles and there are lots of parameters and differences between cheap and expensive They are also the smallest, while motorcycle companies add more features to their expensive models that improve their performance, so you will always know that a more expensive motorcycle will give you more value.


Weight is super important and influential when it comes to reaching maximum speeds with Your motorcycle while not only the weight you weigh will affect the maximum speed you can reach but also the weight of your motorcycle which in most cases will affect the speeds even more

So if you do not, believe me, I will give you an example you will compete in a race against a rider You have the same type of motorcycle but you weigh 120 pounds and it weighs 90 pounds so be sure that your opponent who weighs 30 pounds is faster than you and chances are you will win and can reach much higher speeds than you

Number of cylinders

In my opinion, the factor that most affects your motorcycle speed is without a doubt a number The cylinders that are inside your motorcycle while the purpose of the cylinders is to compress and burn the fuel to turn energy into heat which greatly affects the maximum speeds you can reach while riding

  • In general, there are 3 types of cylinders the first type is cylinder 1 which you need less Take care when it comes to 125cc motorcycles since only 1-cylinder SUVs are available
  • The second type you do need to know about is 2 cylinders that are in all motorcycles that have engines below 500 cc which means that most 125cc motorcycles had 2 cylinders
  • And the third type is 4 cylinders that are only inside motorcycles with engine volumes of over 500cc

2-stroke engines versus 4-stroke engines

Every 125cc motorcycle has two types of engines or 2 beats or 4 beats each of which engines have different features

2-stroke engines

2-stroke engines are very lightweight and consume as much fuel and oil as you will need Add to it often while these engines are super powerful and much faster than 4-stroke engines but the disadvantage of 2-stroke engines is that their life is quite short and they are destroyed relatively quickly so it is important to take this into account


  • Very fast and powerful
  • Lightweight


  • Require a lot of maintenance
  • Short life

For whom it is recommended – recommended for advanced riders

4-stroke engines

4-stroke engines are the complete opposite of 2-stroke engines while 4-stroke engines are Will require significantly less maintenance and their longer life is heavier and much slower than 2-stroke engines making you perfect for beginner riders


  • Require less maintenance
  • long life


  • slow
  • Heavy

For whom it is recommended – recommended for beginner riders

As you have seen you want to get the highest speeds when riding so 2 stroke engines were more suitable for you but on the other hand you want to be more Sure and you are a beginner rider so I will more recommend you a 4 stroke engine that will suit you better

Riding skills

At the end of the day, you also had the fastest and most advanced motorcycle on the market for as long as possible You do not have enough skill and experience when riding a motorcycle so chances are you will not be able to reach a quarter of a day that a fast motorcycle has to offer so this is why it is important that you first get a motorcycle that suits your level and then valid for faster motorcycles

How to get the highest speeds from a 125cc motorcycle?

The speeds that a 125cc motorcycle can reach do not satisfy you so do not worry Because the truth is that there are some things you can do to successfully reach the highest speeds while riding

  • Lose Weight – The best and most effective way you can lower your motorcycle load and reach higher speeds is without a doubt your weight loss while there are 2 main ways you can lower it. Your weight is through diet and the second way is to use lighter protective equipment while taking into account that lighter protective equipment will cost you more money but it is worth it
  • Do not ride with a full fuel tank – your fuel tank is a very significant part of your motorcycle that adds a lot of weight and load to your motorcycle which greatly slows you down when riding so the best thing you can do is make sure you do not ride with a fuel tank Full and instead ride with a half-full fuel tank which will give you already a few pounds less when riding
  • Clean the air filter – Your air filter may be a small part of your motorcycle but it is among the most important and significant parts and it greatly affects the speeds Of the motorcycle so it is important that you make sure to clean the air filter after each ride so that the engine can work properly
  • Install a wind protection system – you do not have a wind protection system I am very Recommends that you install so that you can deal with the wind while riding better and more efficiently which will allow you to reach higher speeds

For who 125cc motorcycles are intended?

125 cc motorcycles are very light motorcycles designed for beginner riders And the truth is 125cc motorcycles are the safest motorcycles on the market for riders after 50cc motorcycles

But now it’s important to know that you should not expect to get insane speeds of 125cc motorcycles Designed for vehicles at relatively low speeds and designed only for beginners


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