Harley-Davidson vs Victory Motorcycles – Which Brand is Better?

Harley-Davidson (popularly called Harley) and Victory are two of the most special motorcycle companies that I personally know. They have a great rivalry for many years and are quite similar companies. But the truth is, there are a lot of significant differences between these two companies because they offer amazing quality and the best motorcycle models you can find on the market.

So, what are the differences between Harley and Victory motorcycles? The differences between the two motorcycle companies are that Harley offers much more powerful and high-performance motorcycles than Victory. They also have very different designs for their motorcycles. But with that, the most significant difference between the two companies is that Victory closed down in 2017 due to financial problems and stopped producing motorcycles and so you have the only option to buy used Victory motorcycles.

Harley and Victory motorcycles are very different from each other. In terms of reliability reports, manufacturers say that Victory motorcycles are more reliable than Harley, while both companies are more reliable than most other motorcycle companies.

In both Victory and Harley’s rules, amazing companies don’t really have a society that is more than the other. Everyone has their disadvantages, advantages, and features, and the only way Which you can think of which company would be better for you is that you pick your two favorite models from both companies and do the comparison between them until you come to a conclusion.

If this whole topic is of interest to you and you have been debating between Harley and Victory motorcycles, this is exactly the guide for you. Because in this article, I will show you and explain the pros, cons, and differences between the two companies.

Here are the topics I will discuss in this article

Notable Features of Harley motorcycle (compared to Victory)
The pros & cons of Harley Motorcycles
Notable Features of Victory Motorcycles (compared to Harley)
The Pros & cons of Victory Motorcycles
Differences between Harley and Victory Motorcycles

Notable Features of Harley motorcycle (compared to Victory)

First, Harley is an American company that is considered an icon and was established in 1903.

Harley has a lot more experience than Victory. Harley has been in the market for long before Victory was established. Victory started producing motorcycles only in 1998 and so that is a very significant difference.

  • The first feature that Harley has is that it is very upscale and it’s very demure. They have an amazing feel and all their motorcycles are very special and original.
  • In addition, all the Harley motorcycles come with super old motorcycle technologies from the 70s while Victory motorcycle models come with very advanced technologies and performance more than Harley. So, it’s time to consider that when you’re buying a Harley motorcycle, which is very annoying to me personally and it sucks that the Harley models are very expensive at over $10,000 and cost up to $30,000.
  • Harley still produces new motorcycles compared to a Victory that, as I said, you can only find used due to the company closing, so it is very important to know that.
  • A very noticeable advantage of having Harley motorcycles compared to a Victory motorcycle is the pricey engine sound. The amazing thing about Harley that only Harley has is the amazing engine sound. If the engine sound is important to you, I’m sure you’ll like this.

So, what is my opinion on the Harley-Davidson Company? Harley is really a very amazing company and, in my opinion, there are three main differences you need to know compared to Victory motorcycles. First, the high price that Harley motorcycles are sold that is very expensive. Second, the performance – it is important to know that they are very old. Third, Harley is considered to be the icon because of its original and unique motorcycles.

The pros of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

  • More quality in construction style
  • Unique style and originality
  • Awesome engine feel
  • Icon

The cons of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

  • Suggest weaker and less advanced technology
  • Less speed compared to Victory motorcycles
  • Very expensive for the price and maintenance

Notable Features of Victory Motorcycles (compared to Harley-Davidson)

Victory is also a precision motorcycle manufacturer like Harley and is very popular in the United States. the rivalry between Harley and Victory in the United States is just crazy.

Unfortunately, Victory started manufacturing motorcycles as early as 1998 and it closed down in January 2017 due to its parent company, Polaris Industries, leaving it because of struggles in establishing market share and limited profitability.

  • The first thing you need to know about Victory motorcycles is that you can only buy them used and the truth is that this is not a very powerful and successful motorcycle that lasts for a few years. But don’t worry about that because there are used Victory motorcycles that look new and the advantage of this is the cheap price that Victory will cost you to have their super cheap models.
  • Also, the style and design of Victory motorcycles look just amazing and the thing I like most is the originality. You will understand triumphal motorcycles are designed to compete with Harley motorcycles. This is why it is something that gives a lot of respect for Victory.
  • A very big difference is that there are not many riders of Victory motorcycles. And according to reports, about 60 percent of all motorcyclists ride on Harley which means that when you buy a Harley motorcycle, you won’t be so special. But with a Victory motorcycle, you will be very different and special and it will seem like you have an original motorcycle that no one around you has.
  • Additionally, the performance of Victory motorcycles is much more advanced and modern than Harley Motorcycles. Therefore, you can enjoy more speeds and performance and even fewer problems in your motorcycle. The truth is that Harley motorcycles are known for the problems they have because of the old engines and technologies.
  • A very big disadvantage of having Victory motorcycles is that they stopped producing them as I said and the downside of this is that you will have a harder time getting support from winning parts, warranties, and rebates. Even though Victory said they would continue to help produce parts and give support for the next 10 years, it still will not give much support like Harley will give you. So, it’s important to take that into account.
  • Another feature Victory motorcycles have is the curved lines. There are people who love this design style and some who don’t like it and even say it makes Victory motorcycles look like spaceships.

So, what is my opinion about Victory motorcycles? In my opinion, Victory motorcycles are absolutely amazing. They do not fall out with Harley at all and although they did close down, it does not mean that the rivalry between Victory and Harley will stop. Therefore, if you are looking for a used motorcycle for a very cheap price, go for Victory motorcycles and you will love all their features – they are perfect for you.

Pros of Victory Motorcycles

  • Very cheap
  • Very special design
  • You will be different
  • Fewer problems
  • Advanced performance and technology

Cons of Victory Motorcycles

  • It is only possible to buy them used
  • Less support
  • Rounded lines (only downside you don’t like)

Differences between Harley and Victory Motorcycles

Victory motorcycles have more advanced performance than Harley motorcycles

As I said, Harley motorcycles are very old in terms of performance and in every aspect of performance and speeds. Harley motorcycles are very slow compared to Victory motorcycles.

  • In addition, Harley motorcycles use very old engines from the 70s. That can cause a lot of problems. They are very old compared to a Victory that uses more advanced engines and with fewer technical problems in them.
  • Victory motorcycles are better when riding all types of surfaces
  • And the truth is there are other performance features that Victory has over Harley. If you are looking for a cruiser that will still perform well, Victory will be more suitable for you.

Hurley has more fans than Victory

The truth is, Victory has fans but not like the Harley.

Harley is considered an icon. People take it very seriously and even tattoo the Harley logo on their body, which makes it much more connected between Harley riders and chances are you’ll find lots of new friends with Harley riders.

There are lots of Harley riders all over the world meeting and doing lots of fun things together.

Victory has fewer fans and less crazy people unlike Harley and not to mentions the fact that Victory was shut down which would make a lot of Victory groups stop being together.

Harley offers more service than Victory

Victory announced when it closed that it would offer replacement parts, warranty, and refunds for over the next few (ten) years, but it’s always realistic for you to find it even more difficult to get support from Victory.

Victory motorcycles are much cheaper than Harley motorcycles

Harley motorcycles are very expensive and also need much more maintenance than Victory motorcycles because of the simple reason that there are only Victory models in use. And even then, when you compare used Harley to used Victory, chances are the price of a Victory motorcycle is cheaper.

In addition, Harley motorcycles are not always expensive. But in most cases, they are more expensive to maintain because of their huge engines. So, it is important to take this into account.

Harley motorcycles have a better engine feel than Victory motorcycles. Harley is an expert in excellence in motor noise that their motorcycles are capable of producing amazing sound and commercial engine feel that no company ever has. Every motorcycle rider likes Harley motorcycles sound and it’s something that gives a lot of respect and originality to Harley.

It can’t be compared to Victory motorcycles that produce much engine noise and the truth is, I personally do not know another motorcycle company that produces motorcycles with engine noise so good and original as the Harley. So if the engine noise is important to you, take this into account.

Harley is considered an icon and Victory is not

Lastly, the difference I chose to end with is that Harley has been considered to be an icon in the motorcycle market for many years and not Victory. And the truth is, wherever you go with a Harley motorcycle, you will be honored.


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