Do I need to wear dirt bike boots?

Protective boots are one of the most essential pieces of safety equipment that dirt bike riders must wear, but many riders do not know how to choose boots and why it is necessary to wear protective boots.

Today, I will show you and explain all the things you need to know about protective boots for riders.

Do I need to wear dirt bike boots? Yes, you must wear dirt bike protective

boots that super important because they protect your feet from dangerous falls and give you more stability and control over your dirt bike. In fact, without boots, your feet won’t reach the ground and you won’t have adequate control. Protective boots also protect your ankle and can save you from very serious injuries.

How Dirt Bike Boots Protect Your Feet?

The main function of boots is to protect your feet. There are many types of injuries that boots can prevent, it is very important to know why boots are very important.

Sprained ankle: This type of injury is very common. Riding with your regular sports shoes increases your risk of getting injured and suffering a sprained ankle by 30 percent, compared to riding with protective boots which is much safer and significantly reduces the risk of a sprained ankle.

Broken leg: This injury is much less common, but if you ride with sneakers and you fall on your foot, the probability of you breaking your leg increases by 50 percent.

Rotation of the ankle: This is a very common injury among riders. If you ride with sports shoes, your chance of twisting your ankle increases by 50 percent. Also, it is very important to choose boots that cover the entire leg and even reach the knee to provide an excellent protective layer for the ankle.

Losing control: Boots are very helpful in controlling the motorcycle. If you ride with your sneakers, your chance of losing control is very high.

How to Choose Dirt Bike Protective Boots 

Comfort: Comfort is a very important factor to consider before choosing boots, and it is very important to have internal padding inside your boots so you can have a much more comfortable ride with them.

The safety and protection system of the boot: The most important thing before choosing boots for riding is the safety of the boot. It is very important that the materials and protective layers of the boots are strong and flexible. Also, about 35 percent of injuries involving broken bones are under the waist, so it is very important that the boots reach the knees, so they can provide adequate protection for each leg. It is also important to ensure that the boot covers and protects your ankle in the best possible way.

Style boots: So, everyone loves his boot in a different color and style, I personally suggest buying boots that suit the equipment you wear, in my opinion, this is the most beautiful combination.

Price vs result: It is essential to get value for your money. For example, there are leather boots that cost $500 because they are just leather, they do not give more comfort or more safety. I recommend buying ordinary boots and not leather, in my opinion, there is no difference between them.

Features to Look for When Choosing Dirt Bike Riding Boots

  • Comfortable interior ankle padding.
  • Reinforced leather plates running along the back of the boot.
  • Full leather uppers.
  • Aluminum quick-release buckles.
  • Curved plastic or composite shin plates.
  • High grip rubber outside soles with steel inner plates.
  • Inners/linings that prevent water entry.
  • Plate guards for the inner and outer toe-box area.

How to Maintain Your Dirt Bike Boots

If you’re spending a few hundred dollars on boots, you want them to last for years. You have to clean them and keep them safe.

Clean them: Always clean your boots after each ride. I personally wash my boots manually because washing in a washing machine affects the quality of the materials of the boot. But if you don’t have the strength or time to clean them, a washing machine can also be a good option for you.

Don’t dry your them in the sun: Do not expose your boots to too much sunlight. The sun heats and dislodges the padding and also significantly damages their color. Instead, dry them in a shady place, you can dry them in the house or by the window so that they are exposed to just enough sunlight to get them dry.

Use only soap: Use only soap to clean your boots. I personally recommend using only water to clean your boots. Most soaps contain chemicals and substances that can damage your boots, I recommend this excellent cleaning kit, which is available on Amazon for cheap click here to view.

Dry quickly: To dry your boots faster, you can wipe them with rags. You can also cover them in paper, the paper will help them dry faster.


In conclusion, it is very important to wear protective boots and take proper care of your boots, so they can last long. Also, I recommend that you look at the top video I added to get more information about cleaning your boots.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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