ATV Night Riding – Is It Dangerous and What’s the Risk & Tips

Lots of riders worry about riding an ATV at night, is riding an ATV at night dangerous? Yes, Riding an ATV at night is very dangerous than riding in the morning because of the risk of not seeing clearly, which increases your risk of having an accident. However, there are some things you can do to protect yourself and reduce the danger of riding at night.

In this guide, you will learn how to save yourself when riding at night, and you will see statistics that will help you understand the risk of riding at night.

How dangerous is riding an ATV at night?

Riding at night is actually more dangerous than riding in the morning, and more than 50% is quite dangerous. Also, riding at night has lots of limitations because it is harder for riders to see you at night, especially if the color of your ATV is dark. For that reason, if you ride your ATV most of the time at night, make sure you use a bright-colored ATV instead.

Another reason why riding at night is dangerous is because it is much more difficult to see at night, especially if the place you are riding on is dark. So make sure the place you are riding on has enough light for better vision. Consequently, ensure you have a working flashlight.

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How to be safer riding an ATV at night.

1 Ride Slowly – The slower you ride on your ATV at night, the safer you will be. Riding on high speed especially at night can cause you to lose control of the ATV easily which increases your chances of having an accident, but on the other hand, if you ride slowly, you will have more control and the ability to be more alert to everything that is happening around you.

I would even recommend you limit the speed at which you ride your ATV to be sure you are not accidentally riding on high speed.

2. Wear warm clothes – Usually, after 7 pm it gets very cold at night, especially when you are in wintertime and to avoid frostbite or cold you need to wear warm clothes.

Warm clothing includes long pants, a coat, gloves, and wool socks.

It is essential to make sure you are covered in the best way you can to protect your body. Also, if you want to see good socks for riding at night, you are welcome to read the post, click here to view

3. Do not ride late at night – I do not advise you to ride late at night because there are usually no support services at these hours so if something happens to your ATV you will have to wait until morning for assistance and also because usually, the infrastructure will shut down which leaves you Without light

4. Be prepared for an emergency – It is important always to be ready for an emergency so when you have an accident, you can act quickly.

Emergency equipment rules include first aid, walkie talkie, and alternative clothing.

Also, you will need a good walkie talkie so that if you lose absorption, you can still call for help.

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5. Ride with A Friend – one of the best things you can do while riding at night is to ride with a friend. The benefit of riding with another rider is that you will get more light from his ATV which will help you see your orbit better at night and also, riding with a friend can allow you to support each other if an accident happens or having an ATV problem.

6. Make it easy to see you – It’s very important to wear glamorous clothes when riding your ATV at night so that other riders can see you better.

7. Don’t Use Your Phone – using your phone while Riding your ATV is very dangerous and life-threatening as it requires high concentration from the rider and it is even more dangerous since you ride at night.

8. Don’t Ride When It Rains – Riding an ATV at Night When It Rains is Absolutely Dangerous and Not Recommended.

In general, riding in the morning when it rains is dangerous, however, riding at night is much more dangerous and riding in the rain is only for advanced riders.

Racing in the sand on a four-wheel drive quad

What equipment do you need for riding with ATV at night

LED Lights – You will need to install LED lights when riding your ATV at night, especially when you are riding in places where there is no light.

Generally, installing LEDs doesn’t cost too much, and you can export them at any electronics store.

Headlamp – The advantage of wearing a headlamp is not only to give you more light to see your route, but it also helps you clarify a specific place with your head, which is very helpful.

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Protection Equipment – I think it’s pretty clear that you have to wear protective gear like a helmet and long pants and more. And without protective equipment, you increase your chances of serious injury resulting in an accident of 50 percent more.

Headlights – You must have headlights that can give you high lighting power.

In fact, your headlights are your primary source of light, and because of that, it’s very important to maintain and make sure you have good flashlights that can provide you good lighting power.

Protection from insects – at night, there are loads of insects that you will probably feel when you ride.

And if you are like me who is disgusted with insects, I highly recommend you to apply an ointment or cream to keep insects off you.

Tent – I would strongly recommend that you always carry a tent on your ATV so that if you get stuck in the woods and your ATV is faulty, you will have a place to sleep until morning when rescue can come to help you.

Kids and riding an ATV at night

Many parents worry when their child runs out to ride ATV at night because they are not sure how safe they will be. It depends on your child. If your kid has been riding an  ATV for a long time and you trust him to ride at night, then it’s ok to let him ride.

On the other hand, if your kid is a beginner rider, it will be dangerous to let him ride an ATV at night due to lack of experience.

I generally recommend that you always look after your child when he rides at night and also makes sure he does not ride in dark places.

Benefits of riding at night

Weather – My favorite thing about riding my ATV at night is that the weather is very cool and comfortable for riding as opposed to riding in the sun, which makes riding even enjoyable. Especially in the summer months.

Atmosphere – Riding at night gives much more fun and fun atmosphere than riding in the morning because there are not many riders at night and also because of the amazing view of the moon.

Develop your instincts – It may sound a little weird, but riding at night helps a lot to develop your anesthetics because at night you are much more tiny and slower, which allows you to be more alert to what is going on around you.

Disadvantages of riding at night

Wildlife – one of the biggest drawbacks to riding at night is the risk of harming wildlife. At night you are much more likely to harm animals, and as one who loves animals not only does it suck but when you harm animals in some places, you can even get a fine if you are caught.

Dizziness – I’m sure that everyone who rides for a long time at night experiences small dizziness. In fact, headaches are very common when riding at night because your eyes are under a lot of stress.

Drunk people – usually when you are driving at night you are very likely to see drunk people especially when you are riding near a place that has a bar, and because of this I highly recommend that the place you ride should not be near a bar that most likely has drunk people.

What is the most dangerous hour to ride with ATV at night

So actually the most dangerous hour for ride with ATV at night is usually between 00:00 to 5:00 because there is no light within those hours, so seeing the road becomes difficult.

And because of this, the best time to ride an ATV at night is between 20:00 and 23:00, because within these hours, there is still a bit of light and rescue services are still working and can assist you in the event of an accident or your ATV get damaged.

What places are dangerous for riding at night

Dark places – Dark places are one of the most dangerous places to ride because it is very difficult to see in such spots, especially if you don’t have strong headlights.

Instead, try exploring bright places that have at least some light so you can see the way you ride well.

Places with loads of people – if you ride at night where there are loads of people who also ride on ATV, your likelihood of having an accident is up to 30 percent, especially if you don’t have glowing clothes or you have a dark ATV.

And because of that, if you are already riding at night, try to explore a place that does not have people such as forests or cycling trails.

Hard places to ride- when I said hard places I am talking about places that have lots of stones, rocks or mountains. This kind of places can be very dangerous for riding especially at night. Instead, ride on easy places that have either grass or sand, and it is very important to make sure that the surface is stable and has no rocks or dangerous stones.

Dunes – Dunes are Maybe the most dangerous places to ride an ATV, especially at night, because dunes are very unstable and can’t handle the weight of the ATV which can make you crash easily.

Also, Dunes are very risky, and the chances of serious injury are very high because an ATV turning over due to the unstable surface of the dune is easy.

Related questions

Is It Dangerous For Beginner Riders to Ride an ATV at Night? Riding an ATV at night Is Definitely Very Dangerous for Beginner Riders and because of this, I recommend only advanced riders to ride at night.

Is riding an ATV at night dangerous for children? Riding at night is very dangerous for children, especially for children who are beginner riders.

I generally recommend allowing only experienced children to ride at night and also make sure they wear protective gear and that they do not ride on a too dark place.

Where can you safe Ride an ATV at night? the most recommended places

I recommend that you ride only in places with bright light because the more you ride in the night, the more illuminated you can see the track you ride on.


To sum up today, I explained to you all the things you need to know about riding your ATV at night.

In general, riding an ATV at night is undoubtedly dangerous, but if you do all the tips I have shown you, you can significantly reduce the risk.

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I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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