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About me page

Hi, I’m Jon Henrick the writer and publisher of the RXridersplace website

As a kid, I always loved riding I remember at weekends I go with my dad regularly to riding one day it was on ATVs the other day it was on dirt bikes and so from a very young age I began to develop my passion for riding

When I was 11 my dad offered me to take part in riding competitions and he told me jon you have to learn to ride a certain SUV and I didn’t know because I loved to ride all SUVs from dirt bikes, ATVs to bikes so I didn’t know and then I remember my dad Gone tells me maybe you will learn all the assembly tools and so I did ….

And since then I regularly learn to ride ATVs, dirt bikes, bikes, and motorcycles while they the riding tools I love the most and since I’ve been to a lot of riding competitions I’ve been teaching kids of all ages and I’m definitely proud of that.

But one day I thought to myself how I can help as many people as possible learn how to ride the vehicles they want and that’s why I set up the RXridersplace website to help all the people around the world learn how to ride their vehicles

thanks Jon Henrick