why does my motorcycle headlight keep burning out?

One of the most worrying things when riding a motorcycle is that the headlight of your motorcycle starts to burn while it is a very worrying scenario that can lead to a lot of scenarios Different and even an explosion of the lamp itself which can lead to injury even of the rider so this is something you must take care of first and foremost

So why does my motorcycle headlight keep burning out? The motorcycle headlight Can burn because of lots of different scenarios while the main reasons that cause a flashlight to burn are vibration, lamp touches, exposure to continuous heat and more

In general it is important that you understand that when your flashlight starts to actually burn at the level you are touching come on And you feel the pain of the heat it should light a red light for you and at that moment the first thing you need to do is take care of it because there were cases where motorcyclists rode even though their headlight kept burning and eventually the headlight exploded from too much heat or just broke down and no longer worked

If you want to know more reasons why your flashlight keeps burning and how you can Avoid Misa and fix it so keep reading because in this guide I will show you all the important things you need to know about burning motorcycle headlights

Here are all the questions and topics I will answer in this article

what are the reseons that cause the motorocycle headlight to keep burning out?

Like I said there are a number of reasons and issues that cause motorcycle headlights to keep burning And it is very important that you take care and examine each of these reasons and thus all of them seriously Because it’s all about your safety


The number one factor that causes a motorcycle headlight to burn is undoubtedly vibrating while a headlight is vibrating Over time it causes the headlight itself to become hotter today and burn while there are 2 main reasons that cause the vibration of a motorcycle headlight

Vibration can be caused by riding on rough and unstable roads causing the headlight Vibrate frequently so there is no problem that you will ride on rough roads but you already know that you had a winding road so at least it is important that you make sure that the flashlight installed in the strongest way you can in the flashlight assembly it will prevent vibration

Another reason that a vibrating headlight can be caused is also because your front wheels are unstable once a year which can cause imbalance and the truth when it happens You will not only feel the flashlight get vibrating and burnt but the whole motorcycle of vibration so it is important to fix it

Flashlight touches

Another thing that can cause a motorcycle headlight to burn is touching the bulb and the problem with touching the headlight with bare hands is that your hands can leave marks on the glass. Which can cause a fire mainly your hands leave oil or dirt marks which can cause hot spots when the flashlight is working which can cause the flashlight to burn and The truth is it can come from a container of enough space that you will finish eating greasy food and then touch the flashlight without you being aware and you will already see that the flashlight will start to burn

If you want to touch the headlight of the motorcycle then always do it with gloves or In a cloth so as not to leave marks on the glass

Prolonged riding in the heat motorocycle headlight

when you ride in the morning when it is especially hot in the summer For a long time it can also cause the motorcycle headlight to burn due to the high heat while usually the headlight burns mainly in the summer season in very hot medions but not most of the year the headlight can be heat resistant

Therefore when you ride in the summer season your motorcycle over time will try to give immediately Once breaks for the flashlight and you will find a shady spot where the flashlight starts to burn

Poor installation of the

Improper installation of the flashlight is also a reason why the flashlight continues to burn while the problem that poor installation of the flashlight can cause the flashlight to burn is because when the installation
Caused negligently and quickly it can cause the instability of the flashlight which can cause it to vibrate causing the fire

In addition, poor installation can cause problems in the lamp due to poor connections due to There is a problem in the circuit of the electricity for example and it is not complete and there are loose connections it can cause the electricity itself not to work smoothly which can cause heat in the flashlight

Using a cheap flashlight

Another reason why your headlight probably keeps burning it could also be because your motorcycle’s headlight is very cheap which can cause the headlight to burn

This may surprise you but headlights that are very cheap are on the way built from very materials Cheap not durable enough which makes cheap flashlights unstable and in addition the glass itself is very cheap and not resistant to sun and heat and in addition there are many other disadvantages of cheap flashlights that cause them to burn quickly so I recommend you always buy expensive and heat resistant flashlights and not cheap

In general that are all the main factors and reasons why the flashlight of your motorcycle Continues to burn with You still have not found that one of the reasons causes your flashlight to burn I highly recommend you consider consulting a professional lamp technician to help you find the problem

What’s dangerous about a hot motorcycle headlight?

The dangerous thing about a motorcycle headlight that continues to heat up is mainly because of the risk of burns From contact with a hot flashlight which is very burning so this is the main reason why you should always worry when your motorcycle headlight gets hot

Another risk in a hot motorcycle headlight is the risk of explosion which is the truth is not at all common But it can happen when your puffs get very hot over time

Another thing that is dangerous about a flashlight that keeps burning is that the flashlight can just turn off at the same time Riding It can be especially dangerous when riding at night especially when you are riding a long ride

Can a motorcycle headlight explode from overheating?

The short answer is yes and it may sound surprising but the truth is since motorcycle headlights can definitely explode when they are exposed to excessive heat in a very extreme way And produce heat in a very long time which can cause them to explode and the truth is just like anything else that produces heat on a regular basis

Motorcycle headlights explode from overheating because when the heat stops spreading it should A place to go out which causes the flashlight to explode but it is important to note that the explosion of motorcycle headlights is not so common so you really need the flashlight to generate very high amounts of heat for a long time for it to explode


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