Why Does an ATV Have a Title & Why Are They So Important?

One of the most common questions people asked is about title for ATV. This topic can be very confusing for a lot of people, making them worry about selling or buying a new or used ATV, which will probably cause a lot of concern for, and because of this, I decided to write all the things you need to know about titles for ATVs.

Why do ATVs need a title? ATVs need a title because it is a proof of legal ownership, or in other words, a proof that the ATV is legally yours and that you did not steal it. You can be penalized if you do not ride a title. Between this, you sell or buy, and even if your country does not require a title, because of this, it is important that your ATV has a title.

But bear in mind that a title is important. There are loads of countries that do not even require people to establish a title, so it all really depends on your country, and it is important that you also do your market research to see the requirements of your country. I personally even recommend that you get professional help and advice from a local licensing office in your state, especially if you buy a used ATV because trust me, you won’t want to get involved.

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In addition, it is very important that you do not compare all the laws that ATV has for a title with other vehicles because it really varies between vehicles.

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Presented below are all the things you need to know about a title.

What is a Title & why are they so important for your ATV?

A title is a legal document and proof of legal ownership that shows that an ATV is yours. While a title provides another lot of very important information about your ATV and is usually issued by the Secretary of State in the country that the ATV is purchased or by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), each country has its own requirements when filling out the information in the title.

Here are all the common information most countries will ask from you when issuing you a title.

  • Year of production of the ATV
  • License
  • Weight
  • The purchase price
  • Owner’s name and address

As you can see, a title is super important because it will always back you up and keep you in case someone said your ATV is not yours or if your ATV is stolen, or even if someone stops you, you will always have the proof that you own your ATV. And the truth is that the process of getting a title is a very easy process, and even if it sounds complicated, believe me, it isn’t.

So, even if your country does not require a title, I would still recommend you go and get one because it will really save you in case you accidentally bought a used ATV that is stolen.

In addition, if you get into trouble during the process of getting a title or you have no idea of how you can do it, I highly encourage that you ask for help from the dealer, agency, friend, or even from the licensing office who can help you. I will show you how to get a title in a few simple steps later in this article.

How to Get a New Title for your ATV

Getting a new title is really a very simple thing; it may sound very complicated to you, but know that whether you’re buying a used or a new ATV, you must get a title. If you see a used ATV that doesn’t have a title, it is super risky to buy the ATV because it is possible that the ATV is stolen, and in fact, most used ATVs sold without a title are stolen which I will talk about later in this article.

But bear it anyway, you will need to change the title of the used ATV that you buy so that it will be owned by you or if you will, of course, buy it new.

So, how do you get a New Title for your ATV?

  • Step 1 – Before you even start publishing your title, you will need to check what the rules and requirements of your state are, and I know how annoying it is because the requirements vary different from state to state, but you just have to do this and see what your country requires to be filled in with the title.
  • Step 2 – The second thing you need to do is to check your VIN to make sure the ATV is not stolen if you are buying used, or in general, to see some information about your ATV and to confirm the VIN through the seller came from where the ATV was bought or through the agency. If the dealer or seller cannot provide you the ATV’s VIN, it is already a sign that the ATV stolen.
  • Step 3 – After you have been provided with the VIN, you should check it and look at all the information it contains about your ATV.
  • Step 4 – Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to check with your local DMV and ask them for a title issue, and after the title is being issued to you, you have successfully staked out to get a title for your ATV.

I told you this is such an easy and simple process!!!!!!!!

Then you have a title; you just have to keep it and hold it. Believe me that this was a treasure for you and would save your life in case you want to sell the ATV or if someone accused you of stealing the ATV.

Is it dangerous to buy a used ATV without a title?

Unfortunately, most ATVs do not have a title, and you might even be surprised that most used ATVs sold by people are without a title, but most countries do not even agree to sell or buy ATVs without a title, and in fact, most used ATVs that do not have a title are stolen, only a few of them are either lost or did not receive a title at the time of purchase.

So, yes, buying a used ATV without a title is super dangerous, and you can be charged of theft because if you accidentally bought a used ATV without a title, it can turn out that the ATV you bought was stolen and then you lose all your money so much that you can even be sent to jail. So, because of this, you should never buy a used ATV without a title no matter what.

How to Sell a Used ATV without a title

If you have an ATV without a title or without some proof that the ATV is yours and you want to sell it for a variety of reasons, such as you need some money or you just want to change to a better model, then no one will want to buy from you because people are aware of the danger of buying used ATV without a title.

And the truth is that it’s not your fault if you don’t have a title, mainly because most countries didn’t demand for it a few years ago until it came into effect in the last few years. So, my simple solution for you is that you should just get a new title, and believe me, people will want to buy than when you did not have a title.

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