Why Road Bikes Are Expensive? (Not What You Think)

Today, bicycle prices are rising year-on-year at a quick pace, especially road bikes

In this post, you will understand why road bikes are expensive and what the differences are between expensive to cheap bikes and what you should buy

Why are road bikes expensive? Road bikes are expensive because they are designed for racing and are made of very high quality and strong materials that are generally better than most of the different types of bikes on the market which significantly increase their price

Yes, you might be surprised but this is the answer you need to understand that the prices of road bikes are expensive because they are just worth the price of it and let me tell you from my experience that road bikes are one of the best types of bikes that are in the market

What are the reasons why road bikes are expensive?

There are several reasons why road bikes are very expensive, and this basically because of the quality materials and construction that they are made of

  • Design – Maybe the design is not a material thing but you will be surprised that the design costs a lot of money especially for all the hours that designers and engineers have spent on designing the bike and it may not be a material thing but it is still a very major factor when it comes to the total price
  • Production – When talking about manufacturing, a lot of people don’t really understand what it is and why it plays a major role in the overall price of the bike, so I will tell you that manufacturing is the time that was spent on the materials. In fact, production has nothing to do with the material, but the time it takes to create the most perfect construction and design materials for the bike
  • Materials – Materials are undoubtedly the number one factor why bikes are expensive and when it comes to road bikes the materials are of superior quality than other types of bikes.
  • Market Economy – The market economy is always variable and it affects bicycle prices mainly because of the market economy especially for new bicycles in the market, which makes prices to rise and fall significantly every year

You have to understand that there are several different factors that contribute in making the price of bike to be expensive but also remember that they are worth it and oftentimes, you get what you pay for.

Are expensive road bikes worth the price?

The short answer is yes, road bikes are definitely worth the price and they are considered one of the best bikes in the world and you have to understand that sellers and companies have not set a price to take as much money as they can rather there are other variables that caused it.

Road bikes are fast, made of high quality and on the average, they are better than most other models on the market, it may be surprising to note that road bikes are considered even cheaper relative to other hobbies like cooking, sports, photography and maybe this should give you a different view about them

What are the differences between expensive road bikes and cheap road bikes?

  • Life time – expensive bicycles are durably built to last for a long time, mainly because of the materials used in its production and this makes it possible for them to last for a long time and this is in comparison to cheap bicycles that in most brands were made of lesser quality materials which makes it impossible for them to last as long as the expensive bikes.
  • Performance – When it comes to road bikes then they are the king in terms of performance and I don’t know so many types of bikes that can compete with road bikes. They are just amazing and they offer high speed, service, warranty, construction, better design than most of their competitors and more relative to other bikes.
  • Components – When I talk about components I mostly talk about chain, brakes, tires, wheels, engine, oil and all the important things there are and usually cheap bikes will offer less quality components that wouldn’t last as long as those used in expensive bikes
  • Safety – yes it is surprising, but cheap bikes are less safe than expensive bikes and it is mainly because more expensive bikes offer durability and stability to the rider especially due to the very durable and strong materials that expensive bikes are made of

These are some of the main reasons why expensive road bikes are better than cheap road bikes but it does not mean that cheap bikes are bad rather they serve their own purpose and could be more suitable for amateur riders who want to ride fun

Which road bikes do I need cheap or expensive

Look when it comes to the cost of a road bike, so what is considered relatively cheap would still be expensive for a lot of people just to remind you that basic road bikes start at $ 400 but if you want the best models so they can cost you up to a crazy price of $ 10,800.

So if you are an amateur rider who wants a road bike for fun then the cheaper models would be perfect for you

On the other hand, if you are a professional racer who competes in races and you take this whole thing seriously then you will definitely need professional bikes that are more expensive

How can you buy good road bikes at a cheap price?

So after understanding the main reasons that make road bikes expensive, you are probably wondering how you can buy good road bikes that are not too expensive

So here are some of the options

Buy a used road bike – Used road bikes are the best option you can take in order to get good bikes at a cheap price and the game changer is that the differences between the prices in new and used bikes are huge but the differences in quality are not significantly different. It is true that new bikes are always considered to be in a much better condition than used bikes, but you will be surprised that in many cases it is not

Replacement – It may sound strange but you will be surprised that there are loads of sellers who will agree to replace their bikes with just about any vehicle from ATV motorcycle to even dirt bikes so if you have old vehicles that you do not use, you can feel free to ask the seller if he wants to replace with you

Search! Search! Search! – so many riders don’t really spend the time searching for the cheapest price they can export for their bikes so it’s very important to compare prices and spend time to export the cheapest model

Build a road bike yourself – if you have the knowledge and capabilities to build your own road bike then that will be a great option while you have to take into account that it takes a lot of time but eventually it will save you a lot of money


To summarize today I explained to you why road bikes are expensive

All of the issues and questions I explained in this post are also included for all different bike types

For any correction or question you have to say about the article, please feel free to say in the comments and we will get back to you within 24 hours

Thanks for riding until the next time


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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