Why Are Motorcycle Tires So Expensive?

This part of the motorcycle may require the most replacement every year and is sold at the high prices. It can cost you even a few hundred dollars. This expensive price gets a lot of people angry and they don’t know why it’s expansive.

So, why are motorcycle tires so expensive? Motorcycle tires are expensive because they are the most important part that keeps you safe. Also, the manufacturing process of motorcycle tires requires a lot of investment and effort and engineering. Also, the materials from which motorcycle tires are built are very high-quality and expensive, which makes them very expensive. And if you have a more advanced motorcycle or you want to buy higher grades tires, the cost will be very high.

Several other reasons explain why motorcycle tires are sold at a high price, and in my opinion, all reasons are justified. Every motorcycle rider should invest and buy high-quality tires. I didn’t say hundreds of dollars but I believe most average motorcycle riders don’t really have to get super expensive tires but to get those good quality tires.

If this topic interests you, keep reading because, in this guide, I will discuss the reasons why motorcycle tires are sold at affordable prices, whether you should buy expensive or cheap tires, and if they really have differences.

So, let’s gets started.

Reasons why motorcycle tires are so expensive

Motorcycle tires are expensive and several reasons justify this fact. At the same time, it is essential to note that you really don’t need to spend tons of money on tires. Don’t take it too radically but instead, buy right tires and don’t judge by their price but by their quality.

So, here are some reasons why motorcycle tires are so expensive

  • Engineering Process – Motorcycle tires require lots of engineering and investment by manufacturers. Also, it may surprise you to know that motorcycle tires need more engineering than car tires. The reason is that motorcycles have only two wheels, which means they are far less stable than car tires. Therefore, manufacturers spend a lot more investment and energy on motorcycle tires.
  • Tires are the most important part for your safety – Another reason why motorcycle tires are expensive is that they are the most important part of your motorcycle for your safety. Think about it. There is only a piece of rubber between you and an accident or disaster and even death and so you have to make sure to buy the best quality tires. Besides, even a small hole in the tire when riding can lead to death. So, this is why the tire manufacturers have so many safety requirements.
  • Law of Supply and Demand – This law is a very significant factor that explains why motorcycle tires are more expensive in particular than car tires or trucks. For example, according to the law of supply and demand, when there are not many motorcycles like other vehicles, there is less market and competition, which makes tires more expensive because there is less demand (of course compared to cars).
  • Brand – As more the tire brand you buy is more popular and considered in the market, the higher the price of the tire will be. And the truth is that this belief doesn’t affect tires alone, but also other commodities such as clothing, motorcycles, everything and that is a pretty justifiable reason that, in most cases, the more the brand is popular and considered better, the more likely you will get better quality tires, in particular, compared to a less recognized brand.
  • Material – Lastly, the reason that changes tire prices is the material used for production. The higher the quality of the tire, the higher the price it will cost. It is important to note that the higher the quality of the tire material, the higher the efficiency of the tire on hard surfaces and the better the durability.

The truth is, if you ask me, I will advise you to consider the quality of the tires (in terms of weight, size, and build material) instead of the price. So, I recommend that you get someone professional to inspect the quality of the tires.

How much money do motorcycle tires cost?

Well, I have talked about the reasons that make motorcycle tires expensive. Now, I will discuss the costs of motorcycle tires.

So, the truth is that motorcycle tires are costly and are sold at average prices between $70 and $400. The price of the tire you want to buy is very dependent on the type of motorcycle you have and your riding style or type, and the type of brand.

For example, if you want to go for long-distance rides with your motorcycle or even do races, you will definitely have to invest in more expensive tires so they can deal with your riding type. In other words, if your riding type is more difficult and more challenging, you will need to get high-quality tires. However, if you purchase low-quality tires, you will not only enjoy your ride but chances are your tires will be destroyed in a very short time.

On the other hand, if you ride your motorcycle mostly for fun or not frequently, you can definitely consider the option of buying already used tires that you can buy for almost 50% off regular tires. So, this can be a great option for an amateur rider.

Also, most people forget that it will also cost them to install the tires. Installation of motorcycle tires by a professional will cost an average of between $15 and $50 per tire. Also, the more expensive and complicated your motorcycle is, the more expensive it will cost you to install them.

Are there differences between cheap and expensive tires & which of them is preferable?

The short answer is, yes. There are big differences between cheap and expensive tires, but the truth is that most riders will not have to buy super expensive tires and can deal with cheap tires.

So, which of them is preferable? The answer is very simple: if you ride long distances, racing, and under tough conditions, then you definitely have to get expensive tires. Buy less expensive (low-quality) tires will destroy your motorcycle very quickly. However, if you are an amateur rider riding and you ride your motorcycle for fun on the road, and in town, so cheap tires will be preferable for you.

Buy expensive tires just for the following reasons

  • A long-distance rider
  • A rider who rides on hard surfaces (snow, sands, rain, ice)
  • Racing rider

Buy Cheap Tires Just for the following reasons

  • An amateur rider
  • No long-distance rider
  • Rides only in your city
  • Rides in light surfaces

These are some differences between cheap and expensive tires


A factor that significantly affects the price of the tire is noise. The more noise the tire makes when riding, the less expensive it is because of the lack of strong construction. On the other hand, the less noise a tire makes, the more expensive it will be.


The more durable the tire, the higher the price of the tire. The more durable tires would last for longer and thus save money in the future. Also, the tire durability is determined by the rubber.

The harder the tire rubber becomes, the longer it will last. Another factor affecting tire durability is the shape, and the more durable the tire, the higher the performance it will give you.

Treatment and Material

Tire handling and material are the most influencing factors on the tire price.

The higher the handling and quality of the tire, the higher the price of the tire. This is because the better the tire handling and material, the better they will perform when riding on the road, especially on hard surfaces such as sand, ice, or rain, while tires with poor quality construction will not be able to cope with difficult surfaces over time. So, it is important to take this into account.

Also, the better the handling and quality of the tire material, the more you will gain control of the motorcycle and also avoid obstacles.

Size and thickness

The wider and thicker the tires, then the more expensive they will be. The reason is that wide tires can easily cope with difficult surfaces and also, thick tires make less noise.

Braking distance

The shorter the braking distance of the tire, the more expensive it is. And in my opinion, this is the most justifiable reason that it can keep you safe anyway. So, if the braking distance is shorter, you can avoid obstacles more quickly.


The higher the quality of the motorcycle tire, the better the handling of the motorcycle on roads, and thus the higher the level of comfort you will derive.

Brand name

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll repeat it here.

It will cost you more to buy a better quality brand that is recommended on the market. And the truth is that the more the brand is popular, the more likely you are to get better tires.

Also, brands that are considered small can be great for you, as an amateur rider. It’s important to note that you should not buy from brands that no one knows. You have to do a little market research and seek advice before choosing a particular brand.

Fuel efficiency

The higher the tire durability, the more fuel you can save, which makes the price. The more the tire moves with ease, the less difficult it is to save fuel.

In my opinion, buying expensive tires would be the preferable option, it is very worth it because you get what you paid for: stability, durability, less noise, and better comfort. Expensive tires affect your safety when riding, giving you so many advantages over cheap tires.

Also, in my opinion, expensive tires can save you money in the long run, both the cost of fuel and the cost of replacing the tires. Because the more expensive are the tires, the longer they will last.

Related questions

  • Are cheap motorcycle tires very bad? No, cheap tires can be excellent. Although they can’t perform at the level as expensive tires which gives more comfort and less noise. However, cheap tires could be excellent too.
  • How Much Money Does Motorcycle Tires Cost? Motorcycle Tires Cost between $50 and $400, and this will change according to specific factors I explained in this article.
  • Why Are Motorcycle Tires More Expensive than Car Tires? Motorcycle tires are expensive than cars because the manufacturers spend more energy and effort on handling and material. After all, the motorcycle has only two wheels, which means it has less stability than vehicles.


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