What should I do if found someone sitting on my motorcycle?

The thing I’m sure every motorcycle rider is scared of is to encounter a situation that someone who that they know just sitting on his motorcycle is really scary because you do not know the man who sits on the motorcycle might be planning a theft or he is a gang leader and lots of people don’t know how to handle a situation like this

So what should I do if someone sitting on my motorcycle? the first thing you need to do when you find out that a stranger is sitting on the motorcycle is to ask him politely to get off the seat while in most cases it was someone who just wanted a photo with your motorcycle and this Already your choice to allow or not but in cases where the foreign man does not get out of the seat then the best solution is to try to call the police and not to confront

There are so many different cases that can happen to you and you are sure at least once in your life you will experience the situation that someone is sitting on your motorcycle or just Is constantly close to your motorcycle without your permission and so you have to learn how to handle such a situation because I am not kidding it can be very dangerous

There are instances that a lot of motorcyclists get involved in gangs and small missions it can become murder and I personally know how many cases that people actually die because of that and so you must learn What to do in cases like this because believe me you would still be full of people who would like to touch or sit on your motorcycle without your permission

In this guide, I will show you what to do and how to act in cases where a stranger sits on your motorcycle and what to do and also if it at all legal and which people you are most likely to meet and how to behave with them

So let get start

What are the types of people who sit on your motorcycle & how to deal with them?

In most cases, you will not encounter very delusional people there are full of good people and most of all Kids who just want a photo with your motorcycle so you have to know how to behave with them too and it is already your choice to give them permission or not but face it as there are good people there are also lots of delusional people who might just want to even steal your motorcycle or not get off the seat no matter what

I chose to sort into categories all the people you are going to meet who are sitting on the motorcycle and how you should behave in front of everyone and they are divided into girls, drugged, who wants a photo, thieves, and a group of bad people

Well, that’s a very funny piece now so let’s start it

  • Girls – You be surprised there are loads of girls sitting on motorcycles sometimes because they want to start with you but in most cases they just want you to take them for a ride and when you see a daughter on your motorcycle don’t stress that she wants to steal it in most cases it is not so it is your choice to give her a ride or not while I personally know some friends Mine that’s how they meet their girlfriend because she was sitting on their motorcycle
  • Thieves – It happens a lot of times when someone that seat on your motorcycle sits down from your motorcycle, but still Turns around close to your motorcycle what make a fear that he wants to steal your motorcycle, so I recommend you as soon as you ask him to get out of the seat and he will still be in the vicinity of your motorcycle first check the Parts of the motorcycle that not stolen and immediately take the motorcycle to other parking lots remote from the same guy
  • Doped – if you are at a gas station late at night Do not be surprised to meet someone who is drugged who gets on your motorcycle it is very common and so it is important that when you are see drugged on your motorcycle you will gently manage the situation ask first to get out of the seat and when he does not come down Call the police or ask for help from people around you they will be happy to help you
  • Who wants a photo – in 90 percent of the time you will meet children or adults who just want to take a photo together with your motorcycle while I personally would agree to take a picture but it is already your choice while never allow them never to take a picture Running on gas because there are loads of cases that someone sitting on a motorcycle will just steal him for you
  • A group of bad people –if you worry some gang or group of people sit down to play your motorcycle first Don’t worry it really not happens very often and not many times will if you really recognize a group of people and they don’t get off the seat the last thing you want to do is Confront them because you don’t know if one of them is holding a knife or gun and so call the police immediately that they take care of these people while if they ask your keys to start your motorcycle don’t endanger your life and instead give them development and call the police they already Find them and return your motorcycle to you

It is important that you recognize each person and know how to deal with him and when he does not come down from the seat. Always call the police and they’ll take care of it and never don’t come nervous ask politely and trust me that in most cases whoever who sat on the seat of the motorcycle got off

How to manage a situation that someone sits on my motorcycle in 3 steps

Step 1. Access the guy who sits on your motorcycle and ask him to get off the seat

First, once you recognize that someone is sitting on your motorcycle between it at a gas station or in the parking or somewhere else you will approach the guy nicely and ask nicely that he got off your motorcycle and tell him very clearly the following sentence

Hey that my motorcycle can you please get off the seat because you can’t get on someone’s motorcycle without asking permission

If you say this sentence clearly, you will see that 90 percent of the time people will respect what you said and get off the seat and they might even just ask for a picture of the motorcycle and that instead of being nervous and shouting at someone who sitting on the motorcycle because it will only cause a confrontation so I know how annoying it when someone to sit on the seat of the motorcycle but you have to control your nerves and politely ask to get off the seat and believe me in most cases they got off

Step 2. In case the guy got off the motorcycle but is still around take the crash and stop elsewhere

Sometimes there were occasions when even though you asked nicely from the man to get off the seat he did go down but was still around the motorcycle which in most cases means he plans to steal the motorcycle from you and so, in this case, the first thing you should do is first take the motorcycle and transfer it to the remote parking place Some put your motorcycle inside your home

Step 3. Call the police

If and when someone sits on your motorcycle does not come down from him the first thing, calm down I know how stressful it is and so first get a distance from the guy because you do not know he is holding a gun or knife and therefore you will be very tiny. Your motorcycle because it will only cause an argument so it is important that you call the police

In addition, don’t call a friend or family member to help you deal with the man because you will only risk and complicate them further and so just call the police and in addition you have the ability to take out a camera and document the case.

if you see that the guy who sits on your motorcycle come to hurt you it ok to defend yourself and fight with him and do it after you call the police and you see after that there will be some people to Separate

In general, this is are the 3 steps you will need to take to get along well with someone sitting on your motorcycle while it is important to keep a distance in front of the man sitting on your motorcycle rather than confront while if you deciding you are giving someone Take a photo with your motorcycle never make the engine work

Can I sit on someone else’s motorcycle?

A lot of people think that because motorcycles have no protection of windows like a car and it is bare they can just touch a motorcycle from all directions and there are parents who let their child sit all the seat without the permission of a motorcycle rider

So not sit or touch someone else’s motorcycle without his permission, it is illegal in most states, but it also does not respect the rider. and you can even damage a motorcycle in the end, you will have to pay for the damage you have done so don’t touch someone’s motorcycle

Her all the reason why not to touch someone else’s motorcycle …

You Can Do Damage To A Motorcycle – Motorcycles are very sensitive and you don’t know how to touch them which means you have a very good chance of doing them damage even in the smallest things in small scratch paint or anything else the motorcycle rider will notice and chances that if he will see you he want that you pay the money for the damage you has done

You can accidentally trigger the alarm – there are loads of motorcycles today that have an alarm installed which means that as soon as you touch the alarm motorcycle you will operate and make a very annoying noise which of course the motorcyclist will notice and know that you have touched it

Chance to injure yourself – When you touch a motorcycle straight after a minute or two minutes after the motorcyclist finishes the ride you have a chance to touch the exhaust or hot engine which will burn you

Disrespect – sit on someone else’s motorcycle without his permission is really disrespectful and it may seem like a small one but it is very touching and empowering motorcyclists which can lead to a conflict between you and the motorcyclist so just don’t touch your motorcycle not yours

What to do if someone who sat on the motorcycle did to him damage?

There are some cases that accidentally who was sitting on your motorcycle did some damage to it sometimes it was very large damage to a broken part or a color part that went down and sometimes it was just a small scratch so first of all, I wouldn’t confront the sea who did the damage I would first turn to your insurance company or the manufacturer’s warranty and let them handle it while if your manufacturer and warranty do not cover the damage caused to the motorcycle so yes I would ask for the person who did the damage to pay while he refuses I would sue him in court especially for this damage very big

What is the chance that someone really sat on my motorcycle?

gray and black sports bike inside indoor parking lot

The truth is that a stranger just comes and sits on your motorcycle is low because most people will respect your motorcycle anyway and it really does happen in very distant cases but if your motorcycle looks good in impressive design and he it is expensive and new Don’t be surprised that there were lots of people who would like to touch and photograph your motorcycle

If you have a really expensive and impressive motorcycle Buy it a safety system that includes an alarm and lock system and you will be very tiny with the motorcycle and most importantly you will be ready to confront people because they will touch the motorcycle

Here are some steps you can take to lower the chance that people will touch you in the motorcycle

  • Don’t leave your motorcycle alone
  • Always park in the garage or put your motorcycle inside your home
  • Install an alarm
  • Lock the motorcycle in the lock
  • Paste a sign on the motorcycle that says not to touch the motorcycle


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