Motocross & ATVs Socks Buyer’s Guide

Lots of beginner riders forget to buy good sports socks for dirt bikes. In addition to the boots, it is important to put socks especially good in the rainy winter so that you will not get water inside the boots in addition to socks that prevent very large pain and overload on the feet.

So after hours of searching and experimenting, I decided that the Alpinestars Thermal Tech socks are the best socks on the market these days. They have all the basic features that every rider needs, they are reasonably priced, and can last for years if taken care of.

Best motocross & ATVs socks

1. Alpinestars Thermal Tech Socks

As I said the Alpinestars thermal tech socks are the best socks you can find they will suffice most riders the socks are made from very high-quality materials and reach the knee to provide a protective layer for the ankle and foot. In addition, they come in black, green and gray colors, I personally highly recommend the socks and they cost very cheap price.

Special Features

  • perfect resistance to water
  • Provides an excellent protective layer for the leg
  • Very cheap price
  • Very comfortable

2. Fly Racing Mx Pro Thin Socks

The Fly Racing Mx Pro Thin Socks are another option but and they much cheaper than most socks on the market they give great value but they in my opinion less good then the Alpinestars thermal tech socks In terms of quality.

The Fly Racing Mx Pro Thin Socks are perfectly waterproof and provide excellent protection for the foot and ankle in addition to acrylic socks. This gives perfect comfort in addition to Coolmax construction helps to wick sweat and keep you comfortable. Plus the price of the socks is very cheap and I would definitely recommend them.

Special Features

  • Perfectly water-resistant
  • 3 color types to choose from
  • Excellent protective layer for the foot and ankle
  • cheap price
  • Keep sweat away

3. Moto Sock Sz 8-13 Gaerne Usa

These socks are a little less popular than the rest of the socks but in my opinion, they are the best in terms of quality they are very durable for all types of surface and can withstand all possible conditions.

How to choose riding socks

  • The material the Sock is Made From- The sock material it should be a very important factor in choosing the stockings. The truth is that there is no material better than the other. You need to choose the type of material that is most convenient for you. There are a lot of types of materials today in the market like silk, cotton, wool, By season and weather, for example, with a rainforest, you should buy stockings like cotton or wool so you do not have a cold foot.
  • Sock Height– Another important factor when choosing socks for dirt bikes is the height of the sock is very important that the stock will reach ankle height is very important that the stock will reach at least to the height of the ankle aimed to give an extra layer of protection for the foot you can also, of course, buy socks that reach knee height what will give you another creator Protection layer.
  • Padding– Upholstery is very important for the protection of the foot is important that was airy and comfortable enough, in addition, to check that the amount of padding does not make the shoe too strong.
  • Fit- Matching factor is very important You need to have the size and size of the stocking were right and suitable for your foot and must not be pressed or too big.
  • Price- The price of the sock does not have to cost very expensive but not very cheap. It is very important to understand that the lower the sock, the lower the quality of the materials. The higher the price, the better the socks.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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