Is it dangerous to ride on a dirt bike at night?

Lots of riders who do not have time to ride in the morning ask me about riding on dirt bikes at night. Actually, riders are very confused when it comes to the topic of riding dirt bikes at night. Today I will show you all the things you need to know about riding at night.

Is it dangerous to ride on a dirt bike at night? – Riding on dirt bikes at night can be very dangerous if you do not observe all the safety instructions. Riding on dirt bikes at night is certainly much more dangerous than riding in the daytime. Therefore, it is very important to understand that the level of risk of accidents increases significantly  by riding at night rather than riding in the morning.

So the truth is riding at night, in general, is a very risky activity. A study by the National Safety Council showed that 62% of all motor vehicle fatalities occurred during the night, although there are less than half of all cars that travel at night. There are so many factors that play into this, such as fatigue and drunken people, etc.

But what about dirt biking at night? The answer is that riding dirt bikes at night has a bit more risk than riding dirt bikes in the morning. In spite of all of this, it is fine to ride dirt bikes at night, if you keep all the safety instructions that I will now present to you.

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What places you should ride at night

  • Illuminated areas – It is very important to make sure that the place and the cycling track where you ride your dirt bike at night is lit enough to be able to see the people around you or even animals. It is very important, because if the place you ride does not have enough lighting, you increase your risk of accident.
  • Good places- It is very important to ride in places and riding paths that are strong and good for riding. It is very important to make sure the track is good and there are no holes or cracks that can knock you off balance. I personally highly recommend asking your local community which areas are recommended for riding at night.
  • Places near hospitals – It is very important to ride near places where there are hospitals because there is a very large risk of an accident at night while riding, so it is very important to be within just a few minutes of the hospital.

What places you shouldn’t ride at night

  • Places where there are a lot of people – It’s very dangerous to ride in places where there are a lot of people at night with the risk that you hit someone being much higher.
  •  Unsafe and unreinforced routes – It is very dangerous to ride in fields that are not safe and there are a lot of holes and debris on the runway that can cause you to have an accident at night.

Tips for riding dirt bikes at night

1 Reduce your speed – you must significantly reduce the speed you travel by riding a dirt bike at night as compared to riding a bike in the daylight, especially in uninvited areas where there is not a lot of light.

2 Make sure you are visible- A dirt bike is hard to see during the day, and it is even harder for others to see at night; because of this, you must wear brightly colored clothes at night so that drivers can spot you. Another very important point – always check that the front and back lights are on and functioning properly.

3 Ensure you will be alert – It is very important to be alert on the runway and always look for the other dirt bike riders close to you. If you are in areas where animals may be, it is even more important to be vigilant so as to not attack them.

4 Wear glasses– You must wear your glasses, if applicable, when you ride on dirt bikes at night because you can see the track a lot less than in the morning; I highly recommend buying special sports glasses for riding dirt bikes.

5 Safety Equipment – Safety Equipment for your dirt bike is very important no matter what time you ride, but when you ride on a dirt bike at night this is the most important time you need to wear safety gear. I highly recommend that you buy quality and expensive equipment to protect you the best.

6 Mobile Phone- This is the most dangerous thing you can do when you ride a dirt bike, in general, it is very dangerous to use your mobile phone at any hour while riding or driving, but you are not allowed to use it during riding at night as it is very dangerous to do it.

7 Do not ride when it rains – Never ride in the dirt bike at night when it rains. It’s very dangerous to do this.

Riding equipment at night

  • Upgrade the lighting in dirt bikes – It is very important to always upgrade the lighting in your dirt bikes and always try to assemble lights and lanterns wherever you possibly can on your dirt bikes to give you the maximum illumination.
  • Helmet lights – Helmet lights have so many advantages beyond lighting; it is more comfortable than a standard helmet. But, helmet lights are very important from a point of view that allows you to see what is happening in the direction where you move your head. I personally strongly recommend putting together two lights on the helmet.
  • wear glasses – It is very important to wear a glasses at night because a dark lens harms your ability to see the route. I personally suggest taking two pairs of glasses So you have glasses for riding in the morning amd glasses for riding at night
  • First Aid Kit – You always want to be prepared for an emergency situation or situation where you have caused an accident and you have no ability to go to the hospital. So, I highly recommend taking a first aid kit. In addition, I strongly suggest taking food in the situation that you have an accident and you could not move.
  • Communication- It is very important to make sure you have a way to communicate with your friends or family. I highly recommend buying a walkie-talkie so that if you will be in an area without reception, you will still have the ability to communicate with people.

Children and riding at night

If you want to take your child for a ride at night, it is very important to follow the safety instructions and ensure that the child is over the age of 12. I generally do not recommend taking children on dirt bikes rides at night. If you do this, you must keep all of the safety instructions and choose a suitable place for riding on dirt bikes at night.

To summarize

To summarize I have presented for you everything you need to know about riding on a dirt bike at night. If you are adhering to safety instructions there is no reason that riding dirt bikes at night would be dangerous for you. Thank you for reading this article until the next time.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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