How to Choose the Perfect ATV for Your Child?

As parents of kids who are riding ATVs, the most important thing is that they have fun, but you also want your kid to be safe.

If you do not choose the right sized ATV for your child, it can be very dangerous for them.

In fact, there are a lot of parameters that need to be on the ATV before you choose one for your child such as safety, seat height, and construction. As long as these parameters are not on the ATV, you increase the risk of your child getting into an accident.

Today I will show you all the things you need to know before choosing an ATV for your child.

So, let’s get started.

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fitting engine size to aga

Choosing the right engine size for your child is undoubtedly a very important choice because the engine size will allow the child to ride at a speed they can handle while still having fun.

Small kids from age 6 will need a small engine ranging from 47cc to 70cc.

Children from the age of 10 will need an engine size ranging from 70cc to 113cc. These engines can provide higher speeds but are not dangerous.

Teenagers and adults will need engine sizes between 125cc to 250cc. These engine sizes can provide very high speeds and it is very important that anyone who rides one has a lot of riding experience.

It is very important that the size of the engine you choose is suitable to the child’s riding abilities. For example, a child aged 6 cannot ride on a 112cc engine, and a child aged 10 cannot ride a 150cc size engine.

Therefore, I personally recommend consulting with someone who is an expert and can pick out the perfect engine size for your child.


The most important thing you need to check before choosing an ATV for your child is that the ATV you buy is safe for your child to ride.

Some ATV types are safer for your child than other ATVs. Always remember that the smaller the ATV is, the more confident your child will be.

It is also very important to make sure that the ATV has all the necessary safety equipment such as headlights and reflectors.

It is essential to make sure that your child has all the safety equipment required for riding on ATVs such as boots, helmet, gloves and more.

Also, you must always watch your child when they ride on their ATV, especially the first few times.

If you do not want to watch your child while they’re riding but you do want peace of mind that they’re safe, I highly recommend you limit the speed at which your kid can ride.

Features that must be on the ATV

Before you buy an ATV for your child, you must be sure that all the following features are built into the ATV.

  • Strong and high-quality construction – It is very important that the construction and design of the ATV you buy is sufficiently strong and high quality. You want to make sure that there is either a steel frame or a rigid plastic frame.
  • Brakes – Make sure that the front and rear brakes are in a good position for your child to be able to control them well, and that they are easy to press so that your child can easily stop the ATV. You will also have to teach your child how to stop the ATV properly.
  • Hot engine parts – Make sure that the engine parts do not heat up too quickly or to too high a temperature because it can cause burns and even a fire.


The design and look of the ATV is undoubtedly one of the most important choices for your child.

I really do not recommend going and picking an ATV for your child without consulting them because if they don’t like the way it looks they’ll probably not want to ride it so much.

Also, the color of your child’s ATV greatly affects their safety while riding at night. The brighter the ATV is, the easier it will be for other ATV riders to see them.

Should I buy an electric ATV or a gas ATV?

If you didn’t already know, there are two types of ATV engines; electric and gas, and each of these engines has their drawbacks and advantages.

Electric engine – Electric engines are actually cheaper than gas engines, and are cheaper in the long run. An electric engine requires only charge compared to a gas engine that requires fuel that can cost several thousand dollars a year.

Also, the electric engine is more economical and does not pollute the environment.

Gas engine – Gas engines are much more powerful and durable than an electric engine and can reach crazy speeds. They usually last much longer than an electric engine too.

Also, gas engines typically come on ATVs that are more beautifully designed than ones that work with electric engines.

In general, electric engines are better suited for beginners because they are much safer and slower than gas engines

On the other hand, gas engines are a good match for adults or experienced riders who want to ride at higher speeds.


One of the most important things before choosing an ATV for your child is the budget you have.

ATVs for children are much cheaper than ATVs for adults, but they will still cost you a lot of money.

It is very important to know that the more money you spend on the ATV, the stronger and better quality it will be.

Also, lots of parents forget that you should also spend money on protective gear for your child therefore, if your budget is limited I highly recommend you spend more money on protective gear than on your ATV.

I also recommend you put some money to the side for a safety course which will help your child ride more safely.

New ATV or Used ATV?

Lots of people with a limited budget forget that they have the option of buying a used ATV.

A used ATV and a new ATV both have their pros and cons.

For example, a new ATV might be exciting at first for your child, but new ATVs cost more money than used ATVs.

Furthermore, a new ATV might cost $1,000 whereas a used ATV can cost about $250.

In my opinion, used ATVs are much better than new ATVs because they are much cheaper and the difference between them is not so big.

Seat height

Another thing you should know before choosing an ATV for your child is choosing the right seat height for your them.

To determine the right seat height, simply to have your child sit on the ATV and make sure they can touch the ground with their feet.

It is very important to choose the right ATV that suits your child because it can be very difficult for them to control the ATV if their feet do not touch the ground and can increase their risk of crashing.

Questions you should ask before buying an ATV

How experienced is your kid?

Your child’s riding experience is a very important factor to consider before choosing an ATV for them.

If your kid is just a beginner and has no riding experience, you probably won’t need to buy them an ATV that can reach very high speeds. However, if your kid already  has riding experience and spends a lot of time on their ATV, you can definitely give them an ATV that can ride at very high speeds.

Generally, it all depends on how much you trust your child.

What kind of riding will your child do?

Your child’s riding style is obviously a significant factor before choosing an ATV.

You should first sit down with your child and ask what kind of riding they will do.

Maybe he will ride in the forests?

Maybe he will ride in the mountains?

Maybe he will ride in the rain?

You’ll need to know all of these things because every type of riding has an ATV that fits.

For example, a stable ATV that rides well on straight surfaces will not be a good fit for riding in the mountains because ATVs that can ride long distances may be less suited to short surf riding.

At what age can your child start riding an ATV?

In general, anyone can start riding an ATV from age 3.

However, it is different from country to country therefore, it is very important to check before you buy an ATV for your child because if you are unknowingly breaking the rules and allow your child to ride an ATV, you can get a cash fine.

Is ATV riding dangerous for kids?

ATVs are undoubtedly dangerous for kids just like any other sport, and about 1/3 of those killed in ATV accidents are children under 16.

But, if you keep to all the safety rules, I don’t see why your child will be hurt while riding an ATV.


Today, I gave you all the questions and parameters you need to know about before choosing an ATV for your child. It is very important to take note of all the things I have shown you today before choosing the perfect ATV for your child.

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Thanks for your riding. Until next time.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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