How to Clean the Air Filter In Your Dirt Bike

Today, I’m going to show you how to clean the air filter in your dirt bike to prevent dirt and foreign substances from entering into the engine.

It is essential after every ride to clean the dirt collected on the air filter. This is important because if you do not clean your air filter, it will affect the performance and quality of your dirt bike.

Also, if you do not clean it properly and carefully, you can destroy your engine components.

Before we start, I need to show you some important questions and answers you need to know before you start cleaning.

Questions you need to know

How long can an air filters last for? Usually, air filters last for a year, but it depends on how you handle it and what type you have, because there are some types that will last longer than others.

What is the role of air filter in a dirt bike? The purpose of air filters is to prevent dirt and foreign substances from entering the engine.

Where do I need to clean the air filter? You need to clean your air filter in a clean place that does not have any dirt, like your home or room.

When do you need to clean the air filter on your dirt bike? You need to clean your air filter and cool it down after each ride.

Can I clean my air filter with soap? Washing your air filter with soap can be very dangerous because it can create tears and destroy it. Therefore, I highly recommended that you only clean it with hot water or detergent that is specifically adapted to this task.

Are all air filters created equal? Definitely not. All air filters are different due to the quality of the materials in them, and in general, the more money you spend on the air filter, the better quality you get.

What happens if I don’t clean my air filter? If you do not clean your air filter often, it may affect the performance of your bike.

Steps for Cleaning the Air Filter

  • Step 1 Remove it
  • Step 2 Remove the oil
  • Step 3 Clean it
  • Step 4 Dry it
  • Step 5 Put new oil in
  • Step 6 Return the air filter to the cage

What equipment should you buy?

Before you begin cleaning your air filter, you need the following three things to clean it:

Gloves – You need to wear gloves so that you don’t put dirt into your air filter. If you are cleaning your air filter without gloves, you can put dirt into which can cause a lot of problems and damage.

I use these gloves that are sold on Amazon for a very cheap price, click here to view.

Cleaners – I highly recommend you clean your air filter with a good cleaner that is designed for the job. Do not clean it with soap because soap can damage your air filter and put chemicals in it.

Plastic bag – The role of the plastic bag is to keep your air filter clean after you have finished cleaning it. Usually, you will need to insert the air filter into the plastic bag for only a few hours to allow it to dry well.

How to clean a dirt bike air filter:

Step 1: Remove it

First, you want to remove your seat so that you have access to the air filter. It is essential to clean your hands and gloves before you start to take it out. In addition, it is very important to make sure that you do not put dirt on the filter once you have removed it. I even recommend cleaning the seat before you start taking it out.

Step 2: Remove the oil

The second step is to remove the air filter and remove the oil before washing it. To clean the oil, you will need to buy a substance called turpentine, this will help you get the oil out of the filter.

Step 3: Clean it

The third step is to start cleaning the air filter. I highly recommend cleaning your air filter in cleaning fluids that are specifically designed for the job. Do not use detergents such as soap, shampoo, or laundry detergent. If you do use soap or shampoo, you must be very careful because a lot of cleaners have chemicals that can do a lot of damage.

If you want a good cleaner that does not harm the filter, I highly recommend using this cleaner from Amazon, click here to view. This is the only one I have found that does not have any harmful chemicals in it. In addition, it is now available at a very low price, so it is worth buying it.

It is essential to clean the air filter while wearing gloves and not with bare hands. Also, it is very important to rinse thoroughly until the air filter is very clean, and it is essential not to leave dirt in it. Use hot water, not cold water.

You will also need to clean the air filter on Aquarius. I recommend this amazing Aquarius from Amazon, click here to view it. It’s the only one I’ve found that easy to use. Hurry and buy it from Amazon because they sell out very quickly.

Step 4: Dry it

After you finish cleaning, you must give your air filter time to dry. I recommend to let it dry for several hours in the sun so that it can dry completely. It is essential to place the air filter on a clean surface rather than on a dirty floor.

Step 5: Put new oil in

After you let your air filter dry, you have to put it in a plastic bag and pour a small amount of oil onto it. It is essential to hose the air filter until the color of the air filter has changed. It may be necessary to gently scrub it and to pour the oil several times in a consistent manner.

Step 6: Return the air filter into the cage

To return the air filter into the cage, it is essential to clean the cage well first, and only then replace the air filter. It is necessary to wear gloves, so that you do not get anything dirty.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Your Air Filter Clean

Improve Performance  – Cleaning your air filter often can improve the performance of your dirt bike, and can even extend your engine life, which is especially important for racing riders.

Save money – Cleaning your air filter can often significantly extend the life of the dirt bike, and even help extend the life of more components in the dirt bike. This also saves you money by not needing to buy a new air filter too often.

Stay Healthy – A clean air filter can keep you healthy, because you remove the bacteria and dangerous dust that can cause illness. Remember, the more often you clean it, the less dirty it will be, and that is how you can stay healthier.

How often do you need to clean the air filter?

The truth is that it’s pretty much dependent on where you ride your dirt bike. If you ride in a dirty, dusty, or muddy place, you will have to clean it right after you finish riding and rinse the air filter.

If you ride in a clean place, you do not have to clean your air filter as often however, I recommend cleaning it after every ride because the air filter becomes dirty, and riding with a dirty air filter can cause large damage to your dirt bike.

Tips for maintaining and cleaning a dirt bike air filter

Use hot water – The best way to clean an air filter is to use hot water and not cold water, because cold water can destroy the material that the air filter made of. It can also create tears, and in my opinion, cold water does not remove the dirt as well as hot water.

Be gentle – Cleaning the air filter too roughly can cause tears, and worst of all, destroy it therefore, it is very important to clean the air filter gently.

Use gloves- If it is important to you that your air filter is perfectly shiny and clean from dirt, I strongly recommend you clean with gloves, so you don’t put unnecessary dirt into the air filter.

Make sure you have several air filters – I highly recommend you buy at least two air filters, so you can clean them at the same time, and save cleaning time.

Dry your air filter well – The worst thing you can do is dry your air filter with a machine. A machine can ruin the quality and can also create tears therefore, I recommend drying your air filter only in direct sunlight.

Don’t rinse your air filter with a strong stream of water- I know it sounds weird, but if you wash your air filter with a stream of water that is too strong, you can create tears in it, and destroy it. Therefore, always make sure to rinse your air filter with a weak stream of water, or if you use a bucket, be sure to pour water slowly and not too fast.


In conclusion, today I showed you all the steps you need to follow in order to clean your air filter. Remember that it is essential to:

  • Avoid putting dirt into it
  • Always wash your air filter after each ride
  • Not ride with dirty air filters

It is necessary to keep these three rules in mind before you start cleaning your air filter. I personally clean the air filter on my dirt bike often in order to extend the life of my air filter, and also to improve the performance of my dirt bike.

Thank you for riding. Until next time.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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