How long do skateboards last? (the answer may surprise you)

Lots of riders fear their skateboard will not last for a long time because they know from the time they purchased it that they are going to abuse it and ride on very hard surfaces that will cause to the skateboard destroy what is very scary loads of people that their skateboard will only last a few months

So how long a skateboard lasts? it really depends on a lot of factors but in most cases, your skateboard would last from 2 years to 5 months
But again it changes and depends on a lot of factors there are those who manage to ruin their skateboard in just a year and some riders manage to keep it for 5 years and there are riders who manage to break their skateboard in 5 months so it depends mainly on how you ride, how you use, And how high-quality your skateboard is

In this tutorial, I will show you all the things you need to know about how long a skateboard lasts and what the factors you will need to know about so that you know how to extend the life of your skateboard

so let get start

What the factors that depend on how much time your skateboard last?

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Like I said there are lots of different factors that your skateboard depends on and it is important that you know them so you can understand how you can keep all these things in order for your skateboard to last longer

  • The places you ride – The surfaces where you ride play a huge factor that on how much time your skateboard last, for example, when you ride on the road or ride in rough places your wheels will destroy and wear out much faster and worse if you will try to do tricks on the road and you will crash many times your skateboard destroy Much faster because the ground is very strong, which hurts the skateboard, so I recommend you to ride only in light places and skatepark that intended for skateboarding while recommending anywhere else except the road because the asphalt is really awful for the skateboard.
  • Stunts – of course, if you will try to do more stunts on your skateboard you will undoubtedly hurt him more especially when you do it on a road that is already very difficult for your skateboard and so I encourage you to practice the stunts and tricks on A light and soft surfaces such as grass or just skatepark surfaces that are designed to act in a way that your sideboard will land on a way that he does not land so hard that it will cause so much damage
  • Skateboard build quality – The more your skateboard is built in a higher quality and robust and durable then, of course, it’s pretty clear that it will last for a much longer time will it was usually skateboards that were better built be expensive skateboards were better built than cheap skateboards so it’s important to take that into account too
  • The weather and conditions you ride – When I talk about the weather and the conditions you ride I mainly talk about riding in the rain and especially about water that causes your skateboard to wear out and they really ruin your skateboard and therefore riding in the rain is not recommended because it will significantly shorten your skateboard life
  • Your Skateboard Abuse Level – when I’m Talking About Skateboard Abuse I’m not talking about stunts, but I’m talking mostly about flying and sending the skateboard in the air while I know a lot of riders who try to exercise and for an hour fail and they just can’t get their anger down and just throwing your skateboard to the ground what makes him break or at best make your skateboard less durable so control yourself and I know how annoying it is to work an hour on one exercise but it is important that you control yourself and not get mud

How Long Your Skateboard Will Last? (by Rider Types)

True I said the average time your skateboard can last is 2 years, But when I meant that I mostly talk about the average rider and because of that if you want to Get an Average Duration of Your Skateboard Depending on the Type of Rider You Are Exactly So I Highly Recommend You Identify Which Rider You Are The Professional ، The Amateur ، Or The Daily Rider

The Pro Rider

When I’m talking about the Pro Rider I talk mostly about riders who skate in skateboard competitions and ride on skateboards for hours and work on stunts and tricks almost every day to get better will the skateboard of the professional rider can last for at least a week to a few months and I don’t laugh

Riders who are really very professional destroy skateboards very fast and I personally know professional riders who change to a new skateboard every month because they do crazy stunts that cause their skateboard to destroy very fast while professional riders are willing to pay more money on skateboards and therefore if the wheels do not get better Good for riding they will just replace him and that compared to an average rider who was willing to settle for even less good skateboarding still rolling properly

The Amateur rider

The amateur rider is mainly a rider who rides not every day but between 3 to 4 times a week and goes out for fun with friends in the areas that are designed for riding on skateboard While the amateur rider’s skateboard will last for at least 6 months to 2 years and if you keep your skateboard well and ride a ride once in a while so it can last you even more than two years

The Daily Rider

The Daily Rider is a skateboard rider who has just gone back and forth to work or to the school and I know a lot of riders who just skate just to transfer them from place to place and less use there skateboard to go out with friends and perform stunts while daily riders can get out to ride with friends once in a while that not like the amateur rider who regularly rides friends and do status while for daily riders their skateboard can last at least 2 years to even 4 years and it varies depending on where you ride and how you use it

It is important that you identify which rider you understand all 3 types of skateboard riders and that you know how long your skateboard will last.

How often do you need to replace your skateboard deck and wheels?

It matters according to loads of factors while professional riders who ride on a daily basis for hours on a skateboard will have to replace the deck and wheels every month until 5 months and if you are an average rider who rides several times a week you will need to change the deck and wheels every 5 to 12 months

In addition, if you rarely ride a skateboard once or twice a week so your deck and wheels can last for a very long time of at least a couple of years.

How to make your skateboard last longer? (10 simple tips)

Her some tips that show you how to make your skateboard last much longer

1. Don’t throw your skateboard

I know how hard it is to try to do one exercise for a few hours and you don’t succeed to do it, but don’t throw your skateboard when you
Annoyed because there is a 50 percent chance that the skateboard will just break or cut in half because the chances are that the skateboard will hit the end (tail of your skateboard) that is is very sensitive and not as durable as the middle part which will cause it to break

And because with that skateboarding can be very annoying sometimes try to control yourself and do not throw the skateboard

2. Keep your skateboard dry

This is something many riders are unaware of and this is the storage place of their skateboard that they just put the skateboard on a cold floor in the winter or even in their car what causes to their skateboard to hit between these because of extreme temperatures that are not good for a skateboard or because one of the family members can trample on the skateboards and break him, so I highly recommend that you first buy a rack for a skateboard and put him in a dry place where no one will damage him

3. Don’t ride in the rain (Winter conditions)

Riding in the winter just ruins your skateboard, because when you ride in the rain the water can seep into the tree and turn it into a fog that was very bad to the tree and just destroy him and also cause more parts to just be destroyed like the bearings that are very water sensitive and can rust
If you accidentally practice on the water without paying attention I highly recommend that you immediately take the skateboard and dry him with a hairdryer while if you want to ride in the winter with your skateboard I encourage you to take a garbage bag with you in your bag and protect
Your skateboard if and suddenly it starts to rain

4. Do not leave the skateboard in the car

A very common mistake that many riders do it consciously is to leave their skateboards in the car which is a huge mistake because your skateboard may be durable much more to warm then water but when it comes to leaving your skateboard on the car in the heat is much worse and your skateboard be very sensitive what cause the deck’s tree to be damaged including the wheels and trigger that simply heat sensitive

The problem with a car is that it absorbs a lot of heat in a very large gap from riding a skateboard in the sun especially if your car is a black color that will damage your skateboard while loads of skateboards are stolen from cars so take the skateboard with you and don’t leave it in the car

5. Do not slip on the tailboard of the skateboard

Lots of riders love to slide or stop on the skateboard’s tail which not only rubs the tail over the ground but can also just make him break after a few
times you do it so don’t slip it on the tail it can really make your skateboard break because your tail is the most sensitive part of a skateboard

6. Clean the skateboard

If you are the one who really wants his skateboard to last over time so cleaning your skateboard is one of the most effective and useful things to keep doing overtime to your skateboard will not only make your skateboard prettier and cleaner but also more durable while cleaning your skateboard should be at least one in few months

Before I show you how to clean your skateboard first you need a cleaning equipment that includes a brush, absorbent paper, alcohol or cleaning cleaner and also a screwdriver

Here are some steps you can take to clean your skateboard

  • Clean You’re deck – First Clean the skateboard deck will you need first rub the screwdriver on the deck. Only if there is really a lot of dirt and sand and mud on the deck and after that brushed with water your deck to effectively remove the dirt and after cleaning the top of the deck move to clean the bottom of the deck And it’s important to know that your deck was sensitive to the amount of water, but as long as you clean it with water in a gentle way then no problem that you do it
  • Clean the wheels – Then unplug your wheels from your skateboard and start cleaning the bearings and wheels with a toothbrush together with some water And after your wheels are clean so take your bearings and put them in a glass of alcohol and let them stay in the glass for a few minutes until they are clean and after that, you screw up and shake the bearings that all the alcohol has come out.
  • Plug in all the parts – Once you’re done cleaning your skateboard just plugin them to your skateboard and you have done

7. Do not ride on surfaces that containing stone, glass or sand

Riding on places with sand or glass will simply ruin your skateboard wheels and if you do stans on hard surfaces and your skateboard falls to the ground, it can break down significantly, so only try to ride on skateboard surfaces that are designed to absorb the skateboard falls

8. know how to land well on the skateboard

It is very important that you land on the skateboard properly because if you land not poorly on the deck You can break your skateboard in half so the most effective and safe way to land on the deck is to land both feet on the front and hole screws which are usually not in the tail and not in the middle of the skateboard but somewhere in the middle What’s safer and doesn’t damage your skateboard

9. Don’t do tricks and stunts that not in your level

A mistake most novice riders make is trying to do stunts and tricks that not stable to their level, while not only doing tricks, not to your level is very dangerous for you, but it also increases your chances of breaking Your Skateboard to two parts Especially if You beginner rider and I’m sure your skateboard is cheap in the beginning which means it was less Durable to crazy and hard stunts

Instead of trying to do tricks and stunts that are not fit your level first try to do the basic tricks and gradually move on to more difficult and complicated tricks which will keep you safer while riding and reduce the risk of breaking your skateboard.

10. Tighten your trucks often

It is very easy to forget to tighten your trucks but if you will be required to at least before each ride tighten the tracks before each ride you will give them years and years that they can last you and also give you more stability and comfort when riding


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