Dirt Bike & ATV Helmet Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a dirt bike or ATV helmet, there are lots of factors that you will need to consider so instead of you doing the search yourself I have prepared for you simply and concisely all the things you need to know before choosing a helmet and the best helmets for you.

So after hours of searching and experimenting, I decided that the Fox V1 Helmet (link to buy on Amazon) is the best helmet on the market these days. It has all the promotional and basic features that every rider needs and is the perfect balance between price and quality and I asked so many professional dirt bike riders. When I asked what is the dirt bike or ATV helmet for beginners, everyone answered the Fox V1.

In general, remember you should spend a maximum on a helmet up to $ 200 will expensive helmets from experience do not give more safety to your head but more features like comfort, lighter weight, and design, so know that up to $ 200 is the price you should spend on a helmet.

Top 3 bests Dirt Bike & ATV Helmets

1. Fox V1 Helmet (The best for beginners)

As I said, the Fox V1 helmet from the excellent fox company Fox is the best Helmets companies in the market and the Fox V1 Helmet is just the best Helmet you can find for beginners offers 4 different types of colors in addition to the best thing in the helmet is that it is made of amazing quality materials, but they are very low weight materials which make this helmet is very light.

In addition, the helmet comes with a V3 protection system that comes with a shock absorber that reduces the risk of head injury. Also, the helmet comes with 4 vents to cool the helmet while riding. In addition, the helmet also comes with technological construction that is very useful for the comfort of the helmet.

Features of Fox V1 Helmet

  • Very high-quality materials
  • 4 ventilation vents
  • 4 different colors to choose from
  • V3 V3 protection system
  • Very light weight
  • comfort

2. O’Neal Racing 3 Series Villain (The best cheap Helmet)

The O’Neal Racing 3 Series Villain is another great option. The price is a bit cheaper than the Fox V1 Helmet, and it’s excellent, but the O’Neal Racing 3 does not offer features and quality like FOX v1 has. Hence, it is important that you consider this while I personally recommend the O’Neal Racing 3, especially for people who do not want to pay a lot of money for a helmet. Will this is the best cheap helmet you can find on the market.

The O’Neal Racing 3 has air vents that perfectly remove hot air from the helmet. Also, the helmet is made of a polycarbonate shell that is conservatively guarded on the helmet. In addition, the helmet has perfectly padded in all parts of the helmet, which gives very high comfort during riding.

The disadvantage of is that this helmet has quite heavy weighs about 1340 grams.

Special Features

  • beautiful and cool design
  • air vents that perfectly remove hot air from the helmet
  • polycarbonate shell that is conserved guarded on the helmet
  • perfectly padded in all parts of the helmet

3. Fly Mx Formula Solid Helmet White Md (the best expensive Helmet)

Its price is very high, but it has so many very advanced features. It has amazing Conehead EPS technology that provides insane softness and comfort while riding the helmet itself is also super light.

Plus there are lots of vents in this helmet it is amazingly designed and is the most expensive helmet you can find.

Why is it important to wear a helmet

  • Protect Your Head – It is very important to wear a helmet to keep your head according to the national traffic safety movement. Your chance to be saved from die or a serious head injury is about 50 percent more than without wearing a helmet in addition to the chance of injury to the neck or upper body parts decrease About 40%.
  • Set a good example for your children – you are a parent, and you wear a helmet while riding on dirt bikes. You serve as an example, and your children will wait for you and also wear a helmet like you. In addition, you show them the great importance of wearing a helmet.
  • This is the law – although not all states require wearing a helmet while riding a dirt bike, many countries require civilians to wear helmets. If you do not wear a helmet, you can get a substantial financial penalty in the event you are a parent who rides with his children, and they do not wear a fine monetary helmet can be much higher.
  • Financial compensation- If you wore a helmet while riding your dirt bike and fell in a car accident and get head damage, you could get financial compensation. Of course, it varies from country to country. I recommend consulting a lawyer on the subject.

How to choose a helmet for dirt bikes

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before you choose a helmet that is on your side.

  • The quality of the materials – it is very important to check that the quality and strength of materials are strong enough and quality, so they can protect you in the best way. Hence, it is always important to check the quality of materials, is very important to know that the more the helmet costs more money, the higher the quality of its materials will increase, and the cheaper it The helmet’s materials was less of a quality.
  • Convenience – Beyond the helmet’s safety level, the helmet must be comfortable, especially if you ride on your dirt bike for a few hours to make sure that there is good cushioning inside the helmet. It is comfortable enough and fits your head size because It is very important for the helmet not to fall from your head while riding.
  • Ventilation – Another very important thing in this helmet is the ventilation vents, especially during hot summer days. If you do not have Ventilation in the helmet, you will suffer from the heat. The Ventilation function is to put air in the helmet and cool the head, so it is very important to check that there are ventilators inside the helmet.
  • Price – Many riders are looking for cheap helmets but the truth is that the cheaper your helmet is, the lower the quality of the materials compared to the expensive helmet the quality of materials will be very high.
  • Design- Beyond all the important safety secrets of this helmet is also very important because you love the helmet and how it looks.
  • Weight- It is very important to see that the weight of the helmet is easy because a heavy helmet can be very uncomfortable when you travel for several hours on the dirt bike so it is very important to weigh the helmet before you buy it.


I’m Rob, the owner of RX Riders Place. My family and I have a long history of riding dirt bikes and ATVs and want to share what we have learned.

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