Is Triumph a Reliable Motorcycle Brand? Hell Yes!!!

One of my favorite motorcycle brands is Triumph. It was founded in 1983 by John Bloor. Today, Triumph is considered the best and most reliable motorcycle brand in the UK.

So, is Triumph is a reliable motorcycle brand? Yes, Triumph is not only reliable, but it is also one of the best motorcycle brands. it has sold hundreds of thousands of motorcycles worldwide. Triumph has features that no other motorcycle brand has. These features include easy, light riding, low seat height, and freedom when riding.

In addition, Triumph motorcycles are mainly tailored for road and city riding. in my opinion, Triumph motorcycles do best on roads more than other motorcycle brands and their designs are just amazing and very modern. Those are just some of the outstanding features offered by Triumph motorcycles.

If this whole topic is of interest to you and you are considering buying a Triumph motorcycle, then Keep reading because, in this guide, I will discuss all the things you need to know about Triumph motorcycles.

Here are the topics I will discuss in this guide

Reasons why Triumph is a reliable motorcycle brand?
The History of Triumph
What kind of riders/riding type is suitable Triumph motorcycles?
Where Triumph sells its motorcycles?
Top 10 best Triumph motorcycles
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Reasons why Triumph is a reliable motorcycle brand?

Triumph, in my opinion, is among the most reliable and unique brands you will find in the motorcycle market. It offers features that no company has and Triumph has become a true modern motorcycle icon that has hundreds of thousands of customers.

So, here are the amazing features of Triumph Motorcycles.

  • Comfort – My favorite thing about Triumph motorcycles are the comfort they provide. They deliver comfort and treat while riding, which is simply amazing. Triumph Motorcycles excel at handling any obstacles on the road and the low seat height of the motorcycle, in most cases, provides incredible comfort.
  • Powerful engines – Triumph Motorcycles has the best engines in the market and they are of different sizes. The most outstanding Triumph engine is the Triumph Cylinder Engine which made a huge change to the brand.
  • Amazing riding experience on the road – In my opinion, the biggest advantage of Triumph is the amazing handling experience it delivers when riding on the road and it excels in it. Triumph motorcycles provide all the performance required for road riding And if you ask me in my opinion Triumph has the best motorcycle models on the market for road riding – long or short distance rides.
  • Performance – Triumph Motorcycles provide the best performance and the most advanced technologies on the market in terms of durability, handling, speed, engine design, and more. The truth is Triumph even manages to show better performance than the Japanese motorcycle company like Honda and Yamaha.
  • Amazing design – Triumph motorcycles have amazing design and are very stylish, offering some of the most beautiful motorcycles on the market. The Triumph Thruxton TFC and Triumph Street Twin and Street Scrambler are considered the most beautiful models by Triumph.
  • Balance – A very prominent feature of all Triumph motorcycles is the balance they provide when riding. With their right weight, Triumph gives you that incredible stability when riding especially on roads.
  • A wide range of motorcycles – Lastly, the most significant advantage of Triumph is the wide variety of motorcycles they offer. Triumph manufactures all types of motorcycles from sports bikes, sport cruisers, cruisers, retro bikes, and more. Compared to other companies that do not offer all types of motorcycles, Triumph gives you more advantages to choose between different types of motorcycles.

The main reason why Triumph motorcycles prove to be one of the best and most reliable motorcycle companies on the market is that you get all the possible features you need in a motorcycle.

The History of Triumph Motorcycle

Triumph was founded in 1983 by John Bloor. At first, Triumph’s factories were very old and were unable to compete with the pace of technological advancement in the market against other companies and the company’s situation was not good compared to other companies in the market. And so, John Bloor began to work and improve Triumph by hiring new employees and working on its motorcycle models to make them much more advanced and good by significantly improving the technology and performance of motorcycles and by drawing inspiration from Japanese companies.

In 1987, Triumph released its first engine and the following year, John Bloor began to work on building a new 10-acre plant in the UK.

Triumph’s first really good models were in the 90s, after putting nearly $100 million into the company.

But despite the great success Triumph initially had, a fire accident occurred and burned almost the entire main factory in which it produces motorcycles. As a result, Triumph motorcycle sopped production for a while but managed to recover and even bought a new factory in Thailand.

Today, Triumph Motorcycles are recognized worldwide and marketed in all countries. Also, Triumph is ranked among the best companies in the market that offer the best motorcycle technologies and models you can find.

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What kind of riders/riding type is suitable for Triumph motorcycle?

The truth may surprise you that Triumph motorcycles can suit all types of riding. Also, all types of riders have lots of different motorcycles types to choose from: racing motorcycles, long rides, short rides, adventure, transport, and more.

In my opinion, though Triumph motorcycles can fit all types of riding, I personally would recommend Triumph for riders who want to ride on the road and especially city riding. Triumph Motorcycles, in my opinion, are best for road riding and are super comfortable and fun and you will enjoy them. Triumph motorcycles are suitable for different riding purposes such as racing, adventures, and more. Other motorcycle companies like Honda and Yamaha offer great motorcycles for these purposes.

Where does Triumph sell its motorcycle models?

Triumph sells its motorcycle models all over the world but majorly in countries where they are produced such as the United Kingdom, United States, France, and Brazil.

Besides, in the UK, Triumph’s market is very large; about 15 percent of the total market of Triumph is sold there while 85 percent are exported.

 In all of Europe, Triumph’s sales are 56% of all sales while Bloor admitted that 39% of Triumph motorcycles is mainly in the United States, China, and Brazil. In 2019, while Triumph managed to sell about 62,000 motorcycles.

Top 10 best Triumph motorcycles

Motorcycle model Price
Triumph Street Scrambler $10,700
Triumph Street Triple $9,400
Triumph Street Twin $8,700
TIGER 900 $12,500
SCRAMBLER 1200 $14,000
ROCKET 3 $21,900
Bonneville Speedmaster $13,150
BOBBER TFC $17,500
TIGER 1200 RANGE $16,500

Related questions

Where in the world are Triumph Motorcycles Manufactured? Triumph manufactures its motorcycles at several UK factories in Hinckley, Brazil, Thailand, and Chonburi, while the four largest factories in Thailand and the UK are the largest and most important.

What is Triumph’s Most Beautiful Motorcycle? The most beautiful motorcycle Triumph has put out is, to many, the Triumph Thruxton TFC which looks amazing and considered one of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world.

From which country Triumph is considered? Triumph is considered a British company founded in 1983 by John Bloor.


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